Aug 11, 2009


I just discovered, or should I say remembered my house collection. I bring it out in August. It seems to fit in so well with all my "August" things. As I was taking these pictures, I hoped that God saw, that I tried to build my house on His Rock. I guess, that is the best time to trust in the Rock, Christ Jesus.

I have had these pretty little houses forever! The first one you see is my favorite, however, the others have their beauty as well. I have more but, I think these are my favorites. They are all made in England.

Just have to tell you what happened Monday with my Noah. I was putting him in his car seat and the car was hot. So, I rolled down the window as I completed the task of getting his things were they needed to be. I started the air condition so he could be cool, when I looked at him in the back seat and he had a bee on his lips. The bee was just walking around, deciding whether to go in the mouth or not. My Noah, looked over at me, as if to say "Gama mom, is this ok?" I quickly ran to the back seat and took it off his face. Because, Noah, did not know to be afraid the bee did not bite him. I was so afraid for him. He could have shallowed it. I showed him how to swish away a bee and he practiced for a few minutes, never knowing how close he came to some very serious discomfort. I tried not to cry!

We meet is mom at a Mexican restaurant, where Noah decided he liked green salsa with his chips. We had to tell him to use all this 8 teeth with the chips. The salsa did not bother him.

It is funny how your whole life can change in seconds! Wishing you a safe and blessed day!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am having difficulty leaving a comment...Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh there it goes! Hi Martha! I noticed you visited and left a great entry on my writing blog!!! Thanks! Please keep posted on my main blog where I am writing a play. The final act is up to all of you readers and whoever is interested can submit an entry! Keep posted...Anita

Anonymous said...

I love that perfume bottle, beautiful!

If you get a chance, come by my Blog for a visit. I did a post on the San Francisco Gift Show where my Pillows were featured.
Have a great day,

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Martha, thanks so much for your prayers and words of encouragement!

Tara said...

My little nephew is just learning to be wary of bees. He hasn't got stung yet thankfully. I'm sure the whole thing played out in slow motion for you, getting there as fast as possible and trying to figure out how to get it away safely. Thank goodness the little guy is okay. I just read that if you get stung to tape a penny in place over it for 10 minutes and it takes out the sing and swelling. Something about the copper in the penny counteracting the poison. I haven't had the opportunity to try it, knock on wood!

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