Aug 13, 2009


Traditions! What comes to mind immdiately is Christmas Eve. Our family is full of Christmas traditions that day. We gather together, Moms and Dads, children, grandchildren, In-laws on every side, girls friends, boy friends, family friends any one we can fit into the home we gather in.

In the past it was always my sister, Melinda's home. She always had the largest home. However, in the past few years our place of gathering has moved to my nephew's home, Justin. At this point, his is the largest home and can fit half of Los Angeles. We all sit at a very formal table, always leaving one chair empty for our guest of honor, Jesus. The chair is also reserved in honor of any member of the family who for what ever reason, could not be there. Many times because, God had taken them home that year! While we are enjoying everything from Tamales, Turkey, Honey Bake Ham to other fine dishes that everyone brings (each trying to out do the other in food treats), we get to see pictures of the year's special events of each family. It is each family's responsibility to have a CD with fun family events that happened during the year!

After filling ourselves with every dessert possible, we go in to the Great Room for some family singing and the story of the birth of Christ. The singing is so funny. No one in our family can sing themselves out of a paper bag, but that night we all are Michael Jackson, Van Morrison. the Beatles or who ever we want. Sometimes, depending on how together we are that year, we have little skits to entertain our selves or we go caroling.

That drama is followed by the gift feast. With so many people, it looks like a department store display. The gifts take up a quarter of the Great Room. We try to start out dignified, everyone taking turns, children first and all that. However, the big people (meaning my mother) have trouble waiting and it becomes a free for all. The joy that is there when we receive that perfect gift or Mother onces again, wants the receipt for her gift. (Why did you spend so much money on me?) She is a hoot! We all just feel the love. I would not change a thing ever! I love my family!


Tara said...

It sounds like your Christmases are wonderful. I like the whole leaving one chair empty idea, it's beautiful. Dinner sounds delicious too and I'm always up for singing, especially carols!

Tara said...

Martha, do you not know how to add your link to the Mclinky? Would you like me to try and add it for you? You would get more visitors to read about your beautiful Christmas traditions then. Let me know, I'll be on the computer for a while tonight!

Natasha Burns said...

I love your CHristmas traditions, and that idea of everyone bringing a cd of things that happened that year is a wonderful thing. It's a great way to remember, and to document everything in pictures!

Unknown said...

Hi, Martha! I am repaying the visit you made to my blog and I must tell you that I've enjoyed my stay here at your blog. What a lovely family you have. I am just delighted that we crossed paths and I'll be visiting often as well. Have a great day!

Marie said...

Hello Martha - What beautiful photos you've shared with us! I love Christmastime, it's my favorite season of the year. So much joy. Thank you for sharing the idea of leaving two chairs empty at the dinner table for Jesus and a loved one who has gone "home." I'm going to remember that for our table this holiday. I love your story about singing together and having a special Bible reading.

Thank you for joining the party!


Bunnym said...

Hello Martha,
It's wonderful to hear from you. You find me interesting and I think I'm boring as all I truly like the idea of tradions and I try to adhere to a few. My first date with my husband, almost 18 years ago was to a sushi bar and then to the Laguna Arts Festival, so every anniversary we go out and have some yummy sushi and make a day out of it in Laguna Beach....I Love California, especially not when the weather has been unseasonally mild. Come visit me again as we are finished with our remodel...Have a delightful weekend.


Unknown said...

Hi Martha!
I really enjoyed reading about your Christmas traditions and seeing the pictures of your beautiful family! And it's so special how you leave a chair empty for Jesus!

Your blog is so cute and I cracked up when I saw your header that says you're a serial collector...too funny!

Thanks for stopping by my's great meeting you!