Mar 26, 2012


Hello ladies! Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 106! Hope you all had a wonderful week. Thank you for your prayers, I am feeling so much better. Had a very busy week, the craft class went beautifully. Had a very large turn out which made it that much more fun. I still have not put everything back from the class. I was so exhausted, will have to start that processes today. Saw Princess Maya in her first play. She smiled from ear to ear the whole time she was on. I personally think she was the best actor in the program. That's all I am going to say about that!

I am so happy to announce that I have been published in the Shabby Lanes Shops Magazine for this quarter. You can purchase it at places like Joann's Fabrics or Micheal's. I think that all the book stores are carrying it now. My tea cups were featured and of course, this great Tea Cup Tuesday Party! I was so excited!

Have some fun cups to share with you this week. This first cup is one I recently purchased. Rarely buy tea cups these days, for various reasons you already know, but I could not resist this one. It is Foley Bone China, England. The pattern name is Century Rose. Found it at a thrift store in Pasadena. It was a thrift store that looked like an antique store, but with thrift store prices. The cup is so beautiful. Love the roses that cover the inside of the cup.

This next cup is not really a tea cup, but a bouillon cup. It is a Haviland, Limoges. As you know Limoges is my favor tea cup maker. Just look at the design on this. The saucer is almost shaped like a small bowl. One of my favorite cups to bring out in the Spring. The small flowers are enameled, stunning!

Cup No. 3 is this Stanley, from England. I love cups with extra large roses and this one feel like you can just put your nose against it and smell the flowers.

This next cup is Lusterware. I would guess it is Made in Japan, although unsigned. I collect portrait cups and just fell in love with this one a few years ago. It is not really a high quality cup, it's just beautiful to me. I picked this one up for $1.49 and I love it!

The last cup is a Stroke on Trent, Point One, from England. It is very delicate china with a heavy gold and silver leaf design. Just look at that handle, It really does not photograph as beautiful as it really is.

I am so glad you could join us again this week. Here is our Linky. Terri as usual has a beautiful cup to share with us. Please visit her, when you get a chanceI want to end with a picture of Sophia and Noah. She is sitting in a high chair, eating food already. What happens to time? I keep reminding myself to take in every moment I can with them, they grow up so quickly. When you are young and raising your children, you do not realize this. I try to tell Vanessa to take it all in while she can. Time just moves so fast. Have a wonderful week. Remember I give discounts to my followers are all the items I sell on my website Just send me a note.

Hugs, Martha

Mar 19, 2012


Hello Ladies! Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 105! As I start this post I write with a heavy heart. This week three of my friends have lost someone they loved dearly. One was a young pastor of mine who had a massive heart attack at age 55. It is hard to deal with that much grief. Mexicans believe death come in threes. That is what happen this week, weird huh? My heart is also heavy for two of my children. One is getting ready to go into surgery while this other is weighting out a life changing decision. No matter how old, they never stop being our children and I am still wishing I can just give them a kiss to make it all better. Also on my heart is my dear sister-in-law will also be heading for the operating table in a few weeks, for a very serious surgery. I ask for your prayers for us this week as we seek God's direction and the peace that only He can give us.

Easter is coming and next to Christmas, it is my favorite holiday. Christ and His Resurrection Power! I take comfort in that He will never leave me nor forsake me, regardless of what is going on around me. My Princess Maya was 9 years old this week. She will be making her acting debut in a community theatre this weekend. She is going to be in the WIZ! I am so proud of her. I will try to get as many pictures and I can to share with you next week.

I will be sharing some Easter Tea Cups with you this month for your viewing pleasure :) ! Did I ever tell you I collect Easter Rabbits? Well, you guessed it, I do! I am going to try to feature some the next few weeks. The very first cup I am sharing is this gorgeous Aynsley. It was giving to me by my sister-in-law and it is just one of my favorite cups. It has a daisy design which is her favorite flower. Amazing, don't you agree?

Cup No. 2 is this Queen China, English Chintz. The colors of this tea cup are very different, you don't see Chintz cups without roses or in greens and yellows to often. My Mother purchased the cup that for me, years ago.

Cup No. 3 is a Royal Chelsea, Made in England also. It just screams Easter! Love the colors on this one.
My home is always so filled with different colors these next three months. Spring to me just says only different pastel colors will do.

My last cup for this week is a Limoges. It is a Haviland, France my favorite. I don't have very many Limoges that are not in the pink colors so this one is rare for me. Love the delicate design that only Limoges can do. My every day dishes are Limoges the design of the dish is the same however, my dish set is in the classic all white. I have a service for 15 and every time I pick up a dish to use, it makes me feel so special. As a fun note, I picked up this rather large serve for $1.49 a piece about 5 years ago at the thrift store. God was smiling at me that day!

Here is Mr. Linky for this week. I can't wait to see what Terri has in store for us after her recent trip. I did not get around to visiting a lot of you last week because of what was going on here at home. I will make it all up to up this week I promise. I have been selected to teach a craft at a Women's Conference at our church. It is my very first. I will be making Tussie Mussies. I am so looking forward to it. Like I told you, I am addicted to Pinerest and I have found may fun example there. Wish me luck. I have a large group signed up to take my class. Pictures next week.

Have a wonderful week. Hugs to all! Martha

Mar 12, 2012


Hello Tea Cup Lovers! Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday, No. 104! Well, we have had our time change here in the West Coast and we are ready for what Spring has to bring us. Noah celebrated his fourth birthday this week. He went to Disneyland, got to spend the night in a Suite, followed the next day by California Adventure. At school they had a Birthday Party for him and a Family Party was given on Saturday. So he is all birthday party out! He said it was the best birthday of his whole life. (He is only 4!) I pray that God will give him many more wonderful years to celebrate his birth. He is such a joy to my heart. We spend the day today, playing with all his new toys. He always has to have extras for Grandma. (Some one has to play the bad guy, and that is always me!) We had a delightful time together.

I have a lot of wonderful tea cups and tea pots to share with you today. I want to start with this stunning Shelley. It has a beautiful Cherry Blossoms design. I love it, nothing says Spring like the Cherry Blossoms. It has been my hearts desire to see these beautiful Cherry trees in full bloom in Washington DC. High on my Bucket List! In the mean time, I will have to be satisfied with the beautiful tea cups.

This next cup is by Royal Albert, "Blossom Time". Filled with vivid colors this cups says Springtime all over it!

Cup No three is also a Royal Albert, England. It is the beautiful Lily of the Valley, flowers in white and blue. It say Easter all over it. I wish I could grow Lily of the Valley flowers. I really should try, my garden will grow anything.

The last cup I will share this week is this Paragon. Paragon Tea Cups are fast becoming one of my favorites cups. This mint green with the rose in the center is a perfect example of the beauty of Paragon's. Beautiful!

Here is Mr. Linky for this week. Our wonderful Terri is back from her art retreat. Can't wait to see what she has to show us.

Did I ever tell you that I collect R.S. Prussia? The top plate is one from my collection. I will have to point out others in the future.

Hugs, Martha

Mar 5, 2012


Hello dear Ladies: Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 103. Hope you are well. God has been so good to me this past week. It seems like everything I prayed for He was so Faithful and answered me. You know one of my top concerns on my heart was the fact that my precious "Sophia" could not tolerate her Grandmother. It did not make any difference what I did, it was instant crying at just the sight of me. On Saturday however, we had a break though. I sat on my daughter's couch, laid her right next to me and we had a long tough talk. We got some things out on the table, cleared the air between us (well I did, she is 4 months), I repented of everything (I was not sure what I had done to bug her and did not want to leave any stone unturned.) We talked about my lack of kissing her toes when she came into the room, about my insensitive comment about her hair always needing a bow. (I was gruel!) We got the hard stuff out. Like making comments when she spit up on me. (I know, how could I? She has such cute spit.) I repented of the comment about how I thought her head was a little to big for her body. (I knew that must have hurt to the core!) I am a sick woman. Then, slowly she began to come around. First she allowed me the privilege to kiss her cute little toes, then to play with her hands and to even kiss her when I wanted too. Then it happened, a first for this 4 month old, she waved "hi" to me. Our healing was complete. It was just her and I alone for over one and a half hours. It is true confession is so good for the soul. Although she spoke no words, I knew she must have forgiven me, because, she smiled her perfect smile and then tried to eat my face! Life is how it should be again! :) The moral of the story, never offend "A Diva"! It was also good to promise her, she would inherit all my tea cups. (A Woman has to do what she has to do!)

Just had to share this great report, because you have know of my monthly struggles with her. I will start with this Month's tea cups. The change has started for my home and some green and some "Easter" items has begun to show up their cute faces. I have started with a few St. Patrick's Day cups. My son does have a little Irish in him, from his Dad's side. My first cup is Royal Dover from England. The cup is covered in clovers. Very pretty.

The next cup is a Shelley. The name is "A Dainty Shamrock". A beautiful cup that only Shelley could do. You can see a star in the saucer. The cup is a muted color green, just stunning.

Before I go on the my next cup, I want to share my Belleek Tea Pot. I own the entire set, however, the tea pot I think is the best part of it. One of my favorite tea pots that I own. It is amazing!

My next cup is this amazing Earl of Coventry "Blind Earl" Pattern. It is part of the Connoisseur Collection. Please look at this cup carefully. Everything is raised in a 3 dimensional look. I feels like you can just pick up the stem of leaves with your hand. This is one of my favorite cups. The sad thing is I don't even remember where or when I purchased it. I am usually so much better at that. This old grey mare, she ain't what she use to be!

The last cup I am sharing this month is a hand painted Bavaria, demitasse cup. Please look at the handle it painted in a stem color. Just a stunning dainty design. I love it.

As you may have heard our Terri is on an Art Vacation. She will not be sharing a cup this week.
we must carry on without her. Here is out Mr. Linky. It is ready for all the fun cups we get to see this week. In the mean time. Let's Party. God is good! Hugs, Martha