Oct 29, 2012


Ladies, welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 138! I pray that you are all well and that the storm that is hitting the East Coast does not cause you too much hurt. It looks so bad on TV, I have to turn it off to give my mind a rest. I will pray daily for you that God has mercy. It almost seems wrong to do a post on Tea Cups when so many families are suffering, but I think too that it is almost better to do the things that are normal. I am praying this evening for all that have been hurt by this storm.

I have a confession to make. For the last 6 weeks or so I have been just a little off. (No jokes!) I told my daughter today, that I think I am finally feeling normal. I think that I have been under a lot of stress and did not even realize it. I usually love to decorate my home each month and this October, my home just did not seem normal, nothing looked right to me. So this week, I took all the Halloween things down, much to Noah's dismay, and put up November. Today I finished, except for the front porch (I don't want to world to know I have lost it, just you.) I feel so much better. I am not even sure why. I was a costume machine this month. Among my creations were Darth Vador, Princess Leia Organa, Jedi Luke Skywalker, The Hulk, and a Gypsi. I love to make people happy, but on top of that I made a Crown for Sophia and was in charge of a huge 90 Anniversary for our church! It was a formal luncheon. Oh, did I tell you I started to Homeschool this lovely young lady 3 days a week. She is the sweetest thing. You can see why I was having a melt down and did not even realize it, until it was over! I am so sorry. I feel like I just had been going through the motions to survive.


I have a some fun cups to share with you today. This first one is a vintage, Shelly. To me it does not even have to look of a Shelly, maybe that is why I like it so much. It is so different.

My next cup is a Johnson Brothers, The Friendly Village, The Ice House. Love this cup. It just screams Thanksgiving!

The last cup I am sharing is a demitassi, Hand Painted, Made in Japan cup! I think it is so cute!

Here is Mr. Linky for this week. As usual Terri has something fabulous to share with us, so pop over and say Hi. If you look on my side bar you will notice the new Shabby Lanes Magazine. I was asked again to contribute. I feel so honored. I am told you can find the magazine at Michael's now. If you are interested, just press the link or I can let you know how to get it. It has so much useful information. I will continue to pray for your safety this week.

Hugs, Martha

Oct 22, 2012


Hello Ladies: Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No 137! I know we are almost at Halloween and everyone's home is ready for that fun day. Our home is filled with excitement as well, but I am beginning to look forward to Thanksgiving. I think Thanksgiving is a perfect time to showcase your collections. It seems that it is the one time of the year when the past is always in style. I have begun to slowing make some changes in my home looking forward to Thanksgiving. So, with that in mind, today you will see some November cups.

This first cup is a Nippon. It is almost wafer thin and I have the matching dessert plate. I really prefer to purchase my tea cups with the dessert plate, simply because when I have tea parties, they are usually for very large groups and the matching plate makes it so much easier. This cup is hand painted and it is stunning. I am not a big Japan fan, but this cup is one of many exceptions.

My next cup is a Castleton China. This first demitasse cup has pattern name of "Sunnyvale". This is very high quality china with a wonderful floral print.

This last cup is a Haviland, Limoges. My all time favorite china company. The name of this pattern is Autumn. Just look at the wonderful handle on this beauty.

Here is Mr. Linky for this week. A special thank you to Terri for all she did to encourage me this past week. Terri, you are the best! My week was very full.

Hope you have a wonderful week. I feel like I did so much better on my visits last week. My plan to to comment on all visitors this week. Blessings to you all. Hugs, Martha

Oct 15, 2012


Hello Ladies! Here we are again, ready for Tea Cup Tuesday No. 136! Hope your week has been wonderful. I am looking forwarding to peeking into your homes and looking at those beautiful tea cups. Tea Cup Tuesday gives me a chance to look at your Autumn decorating. You ladies have some amazing homes! I have been busy making costumes for my family. So far I have one Darth Vater, a Princess Lia, a Jedi and I have just been asked to do one more. On top of that I am in charge of our 90th Anniversary at church. It is a big event that will happen this weekend. I get tired just thinking about it.

Sharing tea cups today gives me the perfect reason to relax. My first tea cup is this wonderful, vintage Rosenthal, Elfenheln, Kronach-Germany Vickoria, pattern name, Konfetti. It is an amazing cup, looks very 1950. The cup is demitasse.

My second cup is also German. It is a Hermann Ohme Silesia Handpainted, cup and saucer. The gold design on this cup is just beautiful. I think the handle is just stunning.

My last cup is a Spode from England. The pattern name is Buttercup. It was given to me by my friend Sharon. It always reminds me of her. It has a basketweave right in the middle of the cup, plus the design continues on the handle. Just perfect!

Here is Mr. Linky for this week! Can't wait to see what Terri has in store for us.

Did I ever tell you I collect Carnival Glass? Well, you guessed it, I do! Here are a couple of pieces. I will show you a lot more next week. I also want to thank you for following me on Facebook and Pinerest! I am so hooked on Pinerest, I have to time myself or I could spend hours just drooling over the beautiful items. It is like getting your favorite magazine every day. If you have not discovered Pinerest, take a peek at mine. Just click the button and you will be in another place and time. Don't say I did not warn you! Have a wonderful week.

Blessings, Martha

Oct 8, 2012


Hello Ladies: Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 135! I hope you are all had a great week and are ready to start our week sharing our amazing tea cups. Sophia celebrated her first birthday this weekend. She was being very cordial to everyone. I think she loved being the center of attention. She was held mostly by her Daddy, so she was happy. Her Uncle Kyle, who if you ever watched "The Seinfeld Show", we are sure he has "The Kavorka". He can attract any woman or child with just his smile. He was lucky enough to hold her attention the longest during the party. Remember I told you I was making her a crown? It came out very cute. She loved it for all of 15 seconds. :) It never stayed on her long enough for me to get a picture. She looked very cute and the family was all happy that she was in our lives. This crown was very easy and fun to make. I have sold a few on my website. They are a little on the costly side, but well worth it. I have posted some pictures at the bottom of the post for your to see!

I have some fun cups to show you this week. I want to start with the Chintz gold and rose Paragon. This yellow cup is stunning and is one of my all time favorites. I love the gold pattern on the inside of this set.

This next cup is a Hammersley, from England. I love the perfect buttercups flowers on this beauty.

Last but not least is this Lefton. I just think this cup is perfect. Love the high pedestal and the very ornate handle. The roses are all handpainted. I have to tell you, tea taste better in this cup. When I drink from it, I know I am having a great cup of tea! Things like this just happen with beautiful cups! :)

Well here is our Mr. Linky for this week. Looking forward to taking a peek at all your beautiful treasures. If you decide to try and make a crown, email me, if you get stuck.

Hope you have a wonderful week! Blessings and lots of hugs, Martha

Oct 1, 2012


Hello Ladies: Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 134! I am working on getting this post up early this week. I have been so bad the last couple of weeks, I wanted to get my act together for this week's party. Thank God for Terri, she always has it together. Hope you have all had a wonderful week. It was 101 where I live today! Someone did not get the message that it is Autumn. I think the weather as well as I, just have been running late these last couple of weeks.

I have some fun cups to share with you this week. My first is this wonderful orange, Lusterware, cup with dessert plate. The cup was made in Japan. On the inside of the cup is a bright, white, Lusterware, just perfect for October. It is October already, what happen to this year? As you can see, I own the Tea pot as well as, the sugar & creamer.

My next cup is also made in Japan. This one has the great flower design. It is also Lusterware.

I am making this post short so I can be on time. Here is Mr. Linky for this week. Lady Terri is continuing to educate us on stamps and of course beautiful tea cups, so don't forget to visit her.

I have to show you this picture of my Sophia. She is going to be one this week. I have to take 30 pictures, before I can get one good one because she moves around so fast. I think I need a faster camera. I am working on a crown for her. I show you a picture when it is finished. I have never made one so small so I hope it works. Have a wonderful week dear friends.

Hugs, Martha