Nov 29, 2010


Hello my Tea Cup Friends! Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 38! Can you believe it, it is Christmas Time? I have spent the last 4 days taking off the Thanksgiving decorations and pulling out the Christmas things. I am just not ready to show off many tea cups yet, but I am going to give it my best shot. I promise next week, I will have my home fully decorated and all tea cups front and center!

This first tea cup it a Nikko, it looks like a Spode, but it is not. The name of the pattern is NIKKO HAPPY HOLIDAYS. I love cups with Christmas trees on them. Don't you just love the handle on the cup? So cute!

Did I ever tell you I collect vintage Christmas pins? Well I do, and this month you will get to see some of my very large collection. Did you notice I said large? (It's a weakness, I need prayer!)

Cup number two is a Spode Christmas Tree Cup, from England. I love this vintage tea cup and again, with a Christmas tree design. I love the twig design on the inside of the cup. (Smart woman that I am, always known for my brilliance, I did not take a picture of the inside twig design, oops!)

Cup number 3 is a Royal Patrician, English tea cup. The poinsettias are an orange color. Very different, don't you think?

I just have to show you the present that came in the mail today. It is from Constanza of She sent me this amazing package, just out of the blue. For no reason, really! It came in the suit case the doll is sitting on, with the vintage doll, a vintage pearl pin, a handmade mini-book, the shoe (She knew I collected shoes!) some beautiful cards, and pill box and the sweetest note. Constanza said she just read my blog and knew exactly what to give me. It made me cry. I felt so loved. It still makes me want to cry when I think about it. She loves the Tea Cup Party and all the wonderful Christian Ladies who follow it! Can you just believe it?! If I had picked these things out myself, they could not have been more perfect! Thank you sweet, Constanza.

I plan to join the two Christmas Parties on my side bar on December 6th, so I do have to get my act together! The top picture is of a mustache cup that reads "Merry Christmas", from Germany. The Angel in front is vintage, all her parts move, too cute. You know what to do with Mr. Linky, ladies. I can't wait to see what you are going to show us. Don't forget to visit Terri, she always has amazing cups. I have not seen one of her cups that I did not covet! (I know I need to repent.) Lots of love to you all. Martha

Nov 22, 2010


Hello my tea cup loving friends! I am hoping everything is well with you. I wrote this whole long post for you today and deleted all by mistake. Oh well, maybe I was just too windy and saved you all. This is our last Tea Cup post for November. Next Tuesday we will be all about Christmas. I am going to show you some Teapots you have not seen, before they get put away. It is a little sad for me to put all these beauties away until next year. What will next year bring for us? What will change? How will I change? I am kind of glad this year is almost gone, it was not the best I ever had. I was depressed until September. I am grateful, for the joy He has now given me. I am so grateful that you ladies hung in there with me. Why you did, I will never know, but thank you for your faithfulness!

This post will only have one tea cup for me to share. It is this tea cup trio by Royal Kent, Staffordshire, England. I love the beautiful fall colors.

The next picture is of two California Pottery Teapots. Have I every told you I collect pottery? Well, I do love the look of vintage pottery. I have quite a large collection. Surprised? Let's not talk about it!

I am including a couple of pictures of vintage yellow ware. The first bowl is Watts wear and was in our home all though my childhood. My mother gave it to me a few years back. I just love it, because it reminds me of my Mom. The second one I forgot to look at the name before I put it up, sorry. I know they have nothing to do with tea cups, (sorry Terri) but I just wanted to share a couple of bowls from my collection.

Last, but not least is a Sadler Teapot. This teapot was given to me by my Mother-in-law, Twila. I have told you about her before. She was the best. Everything will all get put away until next year, when we celebrate God's blessings again on Thanksgiving. Next year, I will unwrap all the beautiful tea cups I have shown you the past month and be so surprised by their beauty all over again. That is the good thing about getting older. Everything is "new every morning".

You know what to do with Mr. Linky. Please don't forget to visit Terri, I am sure she has some amazing things to share with us.

The top picture is a tea towel holder I had up for a while. It too is saying goodbye! This Thanksgiving, know that I thank God for you, always. Martha

Nov 19, 2010


Hello my Pinkie friends! Has everyone hit the panic button? Thanksgiving is less than a week away! So much to do, so little time. I have a big group coming this Thanksgiving. I love it, all the fussing and setting a pretty table! Sharing the best I have, for the people I love, is my gift to them. I want everyone to feel special and know that it was all done just because they are special to me. It does mean a lot of extra work, but it is all worth it. That day, when all guests have left, I put up my Christmas Tree. I am so behind this year, I have not even purchased one gift yet. I have to get my act together.

I was very sick the last few days with a migraine. It took me off my feet for almost a full 5 days. So, I said all that to say, you are getting re-runs for Pink Saturday. I am sorry, I am sure I showed these items to you before. Maybe, if I am lucky you forgot! It happens to me all the time!

We only have one more week to look at Thanksgiving things, then "The most wonderful time of the year!" begins. I know that some of you ladies may have already started to decorate for Christmas. I am looking forward to see what Tea Cup Tuesday will hold for us. Will we still see Thanksgiving colors or will Christmas begin?

We all have so much to thank God for. God has been so good to us. I want to thank God for all of you in my life. You have made it so much richer! Blessings, Martha

Nov 14, 2010


Hello Ladies! Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 37! Wow, time flies when you are having fun. I am going to do something totally different for this week's TT. I am inviting you into my kitchen. I never do that, and I really like my kitchen. I always take my pictures in the same place every time. I have a cute, little French style kitchen. (I know, I am Mexican, but I just love a vintage French kitchens.) Many of you have asked me, where in the world do I keep all this junk? (You ask much sweeter.) Well, I display my tea cups everywhere. I have different china cabinets for the different colors. When I am using a color, like browns for this month, they are displayed all over the house, including the kitchen. So that is what you are going to see today. How I have displayed my cups and teapots for this month in my kitchen.

Did I ever tell you I collect cottages? (Anything cottage actually.) I just remembered I have these two cute cottage tea pots I will have to show them to you next week. Where was I? Oh yes, cottages. I love them in pictures, plates, tea cups and teapots, knick knacks. You name it, I probably have a collection of them somewhere in this house. I don't like to dwell on what I have too much, I start getting concerned about myself. So, let's move on. Here is a pictures of a plate, teapot and tea cup on my granite. Just so you know, people compliment me on my home all the time, so I have not reached "hourderville" yet! (I am making excuses for myself, oh no!) Moving on quickly, the teapot is English, the plate is by Johnson Bros. "Olde English Countryside" and the tea cup is by Myott & Sons, England. I love when the brown, fall colors are displayed!

This next little vignette is my turkey platter that you have seen before. It is by Sheffield Universal Potteries. The beautiful teapot is by Sadler. The piece I love best here is the copper portrait plate. You know now much I love portrait anything. I was so excited when I found this plate a few years ago. I know it is to cook with. Since I am not much of a cook, I cannot tell you it's use. For me, it is just beautiful and that is all it needs to be!

This next little vignette features a teapot that was given to me by my mother-in-law, Twila, who is now with Jesus. I loved her so much and I miss her so much. She gave it to me years ago because I was always admiring it. The teapot only reads "USA". The little cottage, I believe is a butter dish, but I am not sure. It is reads "Made in England". It is so cute! The rose plate next to it is full with crazing and is American pottery. I just love the vintage look the crazing adds to it.

Did I ever mention to you, I collect Hens? I love them in the kitchen. They look so cute and add to the vintage look in my kitchen. This next set is by Johnson Brothers and is it called "Harvest". I don't know why I purchased the whole place setting, maybe it was cheap, I don't remember. Aren't the colors on this wonderful? I have had it forever! The depression glass hens just add the perfect touch.

I want to welcome the new ladies who have joined us. Terri and I are so grateful for your faithfulness to this Tuesday Party. Many of you have been with us since we started. Thank you, thank you! You are so good! You know what to do with "Mr. Linky". So, let's party! Blessings to all! Martha

Nov 12, 2010


Hello Pinkies! Another Pink Saturday is before us. I just have to show you what I won. This beautiful plate was made by Denise at She is so talented and I was lucky enough to win her give away! If you get a chance, stop by and visit, you will not be disappointed.

I know we have all started to get super busy. Thanksgiving is upon us and Christmas is just around the corner. Even though I love decorating the house for Christmas, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. My home is filled with family and friends and I have so much to be thankful for. Did I ever tell you I collect Turkey Platters! Well, you guessed it, I do. So, I am starting Pink Saturday with a favorite Turkey Platter. I love the colors of fall. It is so much fun putting out all the Thanksgiving things. I think that is why I change everything around my house each month (other than being neurotic), I love so many different colors. So, every month I get to decorate with my favorite color of the month.

Where is the pink you ask? I am getting to it. Here are some of the things I have added to my craft room. It is all pink, of course.

I am also including a picture (the blue stuff) of recent thrift store finds. I did remember I was going to show them to you. I am so grateful, God loves this crazy woman! Hope you are all well and have a "Pink Time"! Blessings, Martha

Nov 7, 2010


Hello Ladies! Happy Tea Cup Tuesday No. 36. I have to tell you something funny that happened. Remember when I asked for prayer for Noah, a few weeks back? Well, everything started with an upset stomach. I remember telling a friend, when Noah was nearby that, he has a little bug in his stomach and that he would feel better soon. We have just figured out, almost a month later, Noah thinks he has a real bug in his stomach. His poor Mom and Dad tonight have to figure out a way to get the "bug" out tonight, so he will no longer be upset. You see, he thinks about it ever so often and he begins to feel sick. Wouldn't you, if you thought you had a real bug in your stomach? I feel so bad for what I have done to my poor grandson. Did I learn my lesson today. Please pray that he will forget about it. Poor little guy, it must be awful. But, at least we have finally figured it out!

As I have I been thinking about this week's post, I was smiling because I am surprised at how many tea cups I own. That is pretty bad, I put them away at the end of the month and forget about them until next year. I have been taking bins out from my basement marked "Thanksgiving Decorations" and I have found so many fun November decorations. It is crazy, isn't it? I don't remember what I own, unless it is right in front of my face. I am going to have to do some serious selling on Ebay! I feel like the turkey who said "Have Mercy!"

I am still finding tea cups! It is like going shopping without spending money. I must admit, it is a lot of fun! I am moving on before I talk myself into therapy, again. This first tea cup is so beautiful. It is a hand painted cup that was Made in Japan. I have another one that is similar to this one, but this one is the best! It is a pedestal cup, all gold on the out side with the stunning roses, hand painted on the inside. It has a broken "D" shape handle and the saucer is also hand painted. This week's favorite for sure!

Cup Number 2 is a Royal Minster cup. It is a mixed swirled cup with a scalloped top. It has beautiful burgundy colored fruit. A very fun find. It just says Thanksgiving all over it!

Cup number 3 is a white demitasse cup from Denmark. It is very similar to the one I showed you last week. This one has a very different design at the bottom of the cup and the saucer. It too is marked hand painted. Notice the handle how dainty it is.

Last but not least, this rare Taylor & Kent cup. It has a scallop shape with a matching scallop saucer. It has a looped handle. The colors are very fall like. I have put up more Thanksgiving decorations. Isn't fun to change everything around. I must admit, my favorite decorations are Christmas ones. I can't wait to see those tea cups! Please don't tell anyone I can't remember what I have in storage. I don't want people to think, well you know. I just don't want them to think!

You know what to do with Mr. Linky. Please don't forget to visit Terri. I am sure she will have something amazing to show us from her recent trip. The tea pot is part of a Lusterware set I have.

Love the colors for Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful week. Please don't forget to pray for the little Noah and for his Grandmother's mouth! Blessings, Martha