Feb 26, 2012


Hello Ladies: Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 102! For some weird reason, I keep deleting this post. It's not pretty getting old. Hope your week has gone well. I am still struggling with this Kidney problem, but otherwise, things are good. Sophia has decided she might just like me after all (at least the last 3 visits were good.)

Noah is coming over to have time alone with Grandma. He does not want to share me with his sister or his Mom and Dad. He wants "alone time" with Grandma. I think God also looks for alone time with us. I have to do more of both.

Noah has also picked a winner for this month's giveaway during his visit. It is Mom Wald Place. She has a wonderful blog filled with great collections. Please email me so I can send you your cup.

My house is in change mood. It is getting ready to greet March. However, I am still sharing more pink rose cups this week. I have so many and I often forget to share them. These first two cups are Chintz. I love Chintz anything. This first one is a Royal Standard, from England. The roses are a dark pink with lilac flowers in between.

Cup No. 2 is a St. George Chintz, also from England. This one is not vintage, but a new cup. Love the little thumb rest on this one.

Cup No. 3 is a very special vintage, Schumann, Arzberg, Pierced, Reticulated, Bavarian Tea Cup Trio. It is so beautiful. I love the pierced dessert plate.

My last tea cup is a Royal Kent, Made in Staffordshire, from England. The roses are so beautiful. This one too, is a trio.

Did I ever tell you I collect Lead Crystal, knife rests? I think they are so pretty, so they give lots of items a "rest" in my home. Only the Victorians could think of knife rests and make them so beautiful. They look lovely with my Cameo collection.

I want to share a little of my love for Cameos before I end this post. I forget about these beauties. They are simply something to behold.

Here is this week's Mr. Linky. Be sure to take time to visit Terri, she has some amazing tea cups to share with us.I am featuring this wonderful Antique Chintz Teapot for sale on my website. If you are interested in the beauty take a peek. It is lovely.

That top tea cup is a hand painted Lefton. It is so beautiful inside.
Have a wonderful week. Please pray for my family, we need a physical healing. Hugs, Martha

Feb 19, 2012


Hello Ladies: Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 101! I will still be sharing with you more pink cups this week. Noah has informed me that Valentine's Day is over and I need to redecorate. This is how he put it "Grandma, is it still Valentine's Day? No, let's change it people." The child is three! He sure keeps me on my toes. His Dad got on his case for calling me "People." I sure love that boy! Despite my orders, Valentine's decorations will stay up another week. I am sure I will hear about it. I have been feeling very crafty this week. (It is Pinterest, I am addicted.) One of the items I made was this wreath. It was made with vintage bling. I think it came out so cute. It is far prettier in person than these pictures show. If you are interested in how to make it, just email me and I will tell you how.

Before I start sharing my cups, I just had to share this great tea pot. I picked it up at a thrift store, a few years ago. I love the lips. It only comes out in February.

My first cup is this Schumann, Arzberg, Germany beauty. It is very ornate and reminds me of the Flintridge China I own.

My next cup is a Haviland Limoges. I have the complete dinner set, service for 12. I am giving this set to my Princess Maya, when she gets a home of her own.

Cup No. 3 is also part of a set. I know, I know, how many sets do I need? Anyway, it is a Johnson Brothers tea cup Made in England. Love the delicate rose design of this piece. Although, Johnson Brothers tend to craze very easily. The quality must not be high, but I love the set anyway.

Cup No. 4 is also part of a set. (Let's not talk about!) Love the shape and the roses on this one. It is Hankook China. It is a newer set. The leaves are hand painted in gold. Great set!

Did I ever tell you I collect vintage paper weights? Well I do, I especially love the ones with flowers on them. They are getting so much harder to find these days. I also collect Fenton, in every color. I love this dark pink dish. The red bowl at the top of this post is also Fenton, Buttons & Bows.

This is the last week you will have to enter the give away. Remember it is only for followers. Please see the first post for this month with the give away information.

Before I give you this week's linky I want to show you this "Useless Piece of Junk, I can't live without." I have a lot of things that fall into this category. I not even sure what it is. Maybe you can help? It is very pretty. It is two pieces put together. What do you think it is? I am going to put it in my shop this week, I think. I have had it forever. Believe it or not, I am thinning things out!

Here is Mr. Linky. You know what to do. I heard Terri has a beautiful new cup to share this week. Have a wonderful week. You are treasured by me! Hugs, Martha

Feb 12, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day Ladies! I hope your day is filled with love ones. Today we are celebrating Tea Cup Tuesday No. 100! We are still loving it as much as the very first day we started. This red rose tea pot and cup is a Lefton, American Rose. I have the set and it is stunning.

I don't know if you have heard, there is a lot of worry about what is going to happen to us on March 1st in Blogland. Will we all lose each other? I hope not. Why can't things be simple? I am adding a new way of following this blog in hopes of not falling off the face of Blogland. I would appreciate you adding your name to both of the links. We will see which one will work the best. If you have any information about this let, let me know. Have you discovered Pinterest? I am so hooked! Look on my side bar and check it out, if you have not been there. I warn you, it is addicting!

On to the cups, this first cup is a square Angel Cup. It was hand painted by Lori White. I received it as a gift from my church several years ago. Love the square shape and all the Angels that decorate even the spoon.

This next cup is a Theodore Haviland, Limoges, France demitasse cup. This cup has the most beautiful rose design on the edges.

The next cup is unsigned. It looks like someone just ruffled the edges on this dainty little cup. That cute card in the back was made by Terri. She has more talent in her little finger than anyone I know.

This last cup for this week is this stunning Paragon. It is part of the Antique Series and is called "Gainsborough." I love cups with couple scenes on them. This is part of a four series set. Each one in different colors. I just think they are amazing looking.

I have been working on this great little project for my Sophia. I have had such good comments about them that I have decided to add them to my website. I hope you like them. They are handmade shoes for infants. What I am going to try to do is make them each one of a kind. I am taking orders, so if you would like a pair, please let me know. We can discuss colors when ordering.

Remember I am having another give away. You can look at last week's post to view the rules. Here is the cup you can win!

Here is this week's Mr. Linky. You know what to do. We leave the linky up all week so, if you are busy on Valentine's Day, come by the next day. I hope you enjoyed the Spanish love songs, they are my favorites. May your week be filled with love! Hugs, Martha