Mar 22, 2015


Hi Ladies!  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 264!  Can you believe it will be Easter in a couple of weeks? How can this be? Time to decorate for Easter.  I see that most of you already have your homes ready.  I like to decorate with pansies and in pinks, purples and green.  Love how the home looks getting ready for the celebration.  Spent part of the day arranging Easter family gatherings.  Almost as busy as Christmas for us. 

Today I will be sharing purple violets.  Starting with this vintage Radfords Bone China from England.   All three cups I will be sharing this week will have this great scalloped design. The edges look like they have been cut with special scrapbook scissors.  

The second cup is a Royal Albert, pattern name "Sweet Violets".  A beautiful cup, Royal Albert's do not disappoint.  

The last cup is also a Royal Albert, vintage, this one has a lovely gold edge, almost looks like it was spray painted. 

Spent my week almost everyday at the doctor's for my son, who is improving daily.  I thank God, daily for that.  Of course there is the ever so fun stuff of Income Taxes to prepare.  Finally got all my paper work together and off to the tax man.  Don't you just hate this time of the year?  Then comes the ever faithful Property Taxes!   Just had to show you how much the Wisteria has grown in one week. 

Noah and Sophia spent the night this weekend. Noah announced that my craft room had to be turned into his room, because he was just tired of sharing.  He needed his own space when he visited Grandma's.   I better get busy.  
Have a great week!  Hugs, Martha

Here are some parties I will be joining this week:

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Mar 16, 2015


Hello Dear Friends!  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 263!  It is share your Shamrocks Day here at Tea Cup Tuesday.  I do hope you have a little green to share with us.  My first Granddaughter, Princess Maya was born on St. Patrick's Day.  She seems to spend the whole week celebrating her birthday.  We were at Downtown Disney Sunday.  The place where we seem to always start all parties for her. This beauty is now 12 years old.  

This is the last week for sharing my green cups.  I will share my Shamrocks as I wish everyone a happy St. Patrick's Day.  My husband is half Irish!

I first want to start with this great Belleek Tea Pot.  It was a gift from my husband years ago. Belleek is so beautiful and fragile.  It feels like you can take it with one hand and just squeeze it and it will break.  Yet these pieces have been around for years.

The first cup I am sharing is a Shelley.  It is a demitasse.   I can't even remember when I purchased it, I have had it so long. 

This last cup is a Royal Dover, also a fun cup to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with!

Today I am also sharing some fun things that I found at an estate sale this weekend.  I got to add more Limoges plates to my collection and well as all the find other fun things to add to my collections.  

Have a wonderful week. My Westeria is beginning to bloom.  Looking forward to visiting everyone!


Mar 9, 2015


Hello Ladies!  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 262.  Hope you had a great week.  Good news on my end, I am feeling better and off of antibiotics for the first time since December! I am so happy, I was in my yard this weekend.  I know I have to take it easy, but I am so excited to feel healthy again.  Noah celebrated his 7th Birthday on Saturday.  He was so cute.  He told me he actually felt different now that he was 7!  When I gave his little body a hug, I could "feel" the difference with him.  He was up at 6 am, he was so excited.  

I still have a lot of green tea cups to share with you.  Next week we just have to share our Shamrock's!   I want to start with this Old Country Roses Trio, Peppermint Damask pattern.  I know you have seen this cup in the white and red, but it is just amazing in this peppermint color. I have been trying to purchase trio's when possible. It makes it so much easier for Tea Parties.

The next cup is a vintage Coalport.  Love the ripples on the cup and saucer edges.  

My last cup looks a little like the Coalport, except the Coalport is so much lighter.  It is a Crown Staffordshire from England.  They are so different in the quality of the china. 

I have so much to catch up on, here at home. Just so happy to have the energy to do it.  I am already seeing posts for Easter, in Bogland.  Thank you for joining the party this week.  Let's try and share our green cups next week!  

Sending hugs your way!  Martha
Parties I am joining:
Rose Chintz Cottage
A Return to Loveliness
Tuesday Cuppa Tea 
Friends Sharing Tea
Share Your Cup Thursday
Home Sweet Home

Mar 2, 2015


Hello Ladies: Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 261! Hope you are all well and ready for another week.  My week has been very stressful.  I have been waiting on results for myself, (Do I have a supper bug?), my sister-in-law is about to be staged for Cancer and my Mother has a spot on her liver we are waiting to hear about! God promises never to give us more than we can bear.  So, here I sit, trusting God for the women in my life.  There is such a "alone" feeling in waiting.  Don't you think?

I will be sharing green tea cups today.  I am trying to keep my self busy, while God has me on a "holding" pattern. This first cup is a Paragon.  It is more mint green than the picture reflect. Paragon cups are always amazing.  

Cup number 2 is a Regency.  Love the shape of the cup.  It is a very pale green.

The last cup is a green depression glass.  You will notice the portrait pin with this cup.  It is a recent find.  I love it. It looks so delicate to me.  It is very old. It is enameled and cost me $10. 

My home has begun to change with the colors of green, in hopes that Spring will come quickly for our Nation.  So many people are covered in snow.  We have had a little bit of rain here, which is nice for us.  On the top picture you will notice I added more plates to the wall.  Love the look!

Here are pictures of Noah with his Dad and Sophia with Uncle!  We are gathering to watch Sophia do here Ballet Recital today.  Life just goes on!  Thank you for joining my party.  As you have notice, I am trying to post earlier for you.  I appreciate each and every one of you wonderful, gifted ladies.   Sending hugs your way!  Martha