Jul 6, 2015


Dear Ladies: Please forgive me, I am ill and can not do a Tea Party today. Hope to see you next week. Hugs, Martha

Jun 28, 2015


Welcome ladies to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 277!  It is always a pleasure to meet here each Tuesday with you, to share our tea cups and and families.  It is one of my favorite times of the week.  I was suppose to be in San Diego with the entire family this week, but a pinched nerve on my back has kept me in bed most of the week. Steroids seem to be helping with the pain, but the side effects of the these pills had their own fun problems.  I  am seeing a back specialist on Monday. Hopefully, he will have some other solution.  

I did not get to visit everyone one last week because sitting has been a large problem,  hope to do better this week.  By the time our next party comes along, the Fourth of July will have been upon us.  I wish you all a wonderful time with loved ones.  

Here are a few of the wonderful tea cups I would like to share. This cup is a Coalport!

One of my all time favorites is the amazing trio with hand painted ladies as part of the decor. 

The children sent me picture of the fun I was missing.  I am so grateful for them in my life and look forward to seeing them next week.  

This guy is my son, the Fireman, who you have been praying for.  He is doing so well. He is everyone's favorite Uncle!

Here are all three of my Grandchildren having the time of their lives!  Here are some of the parties I will be joining this week.  If I am missing one, please let me know.  I don't want one not to be mentioned.

Rose Chintz Cottage                           Friends Sharing Tea
A Return to Loveliness                        Home Sweet Home
Tea Cuppa Tuesday                            Share Your Cup Thursday
Bernadine's Tea Time                         Tea Time Tuesday

Have an amazing week.  Hugs, Martha

Jun 21, 2015


Hello Ladies!  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 276!  Hoping you all had a wonderful Father's Day! My Dad has gone home to be with the Lord, so many years ago. However, I can still remember his wonderful smile and how he always smelled like a cake.  He was a baker, the bread smell was always a part of our home.   Some days I miss him so much!

We celebrated at the Cook Home this week.  My husband is bless to still have his father alive and doing very well.  I took a picture of my son, my husband and my Father-in-Law with this new lens my son purchase for a trip he is taking.  Everyone was suppose to make a funny face.  Not everyone got the memo as you can see.  It was a very fun day, Grandpa is in his  late 80's and is still going strong. 

I am sharing only two cups this week.  They are both "Father" cups.  The pink is so very Victorian and is most likely a coffee mug.  

The gold cup is a Mustache Cup, always a favorite of mine.  They are both quite old, but have survived very well.  

I want to share some very good news.  I hear from Terri.  She and her son have begun to make some improvement.  It was so wonderful to hear from her. Please continue to keep her in your prayers, they are not out of the woods yet. We are however, grateful for any improvement, not matter how small.

As I have shared, my Grandchildren will be with me most of the summer. This was Noah's first baseball game, and Sophia is having tea with friends.  The last is a pictures of Maya and Sophia making a strawberry pizza. 
 I am  so excited to spend extra time with them.  They grow so fast.  Isn't weird that we never feel any older, except when a part of the body is not working as it should?  Which happens to me a lot. 

Here are a few parties I will be joining. I don't think Sandi is partying this week.  Hugs, Martha
Rose Chintz Cottage                           Friends Sharing Tea
A Return to Loveliness                        Home Sweet Home
Tea Cuppa Tuesday                            Share Your Cup Thursday
Bernadine's Tea Time                         Tea Time Tuesday