Monday, April 21, 2014


Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 214!  I pray that everyone had a wonderful Easter filled with friends and loved ones.  Life has slowed down for me just a touch.  I have finished Maya's, Elsa's dress (from Frozen) so now both Granddaughters are happy.  More importantly Grandma is happy to have them done.  I heard them both sign "Let it Go!" several times that day. Next big project is the Craft Class for the 40 ladies at church on Saturday.  I will be preparing for that all week long.  I will be teaching them how to do a rag wreath.  I am going to try and make a tutorial for it this week and I will of course share it with you.  I just had to show you one more Easter picture, before everything get put away. 

I have a few fun cups to share this week.  Some I don't think you have ever seen.  The first one is a Royal Stafford, "Rose Pansy, Forget Me Not" pattern.  Love the handle and the trim on this one.  You can see the hand painted details on this cup.

Cup No. 2 is a Crown Staffordshire, England.  Notice how much it looks like the first cup, but so very different.  

The last cup is a Duchess, from England.  A small single rose is the pattern on this one. 

It seems that we never get tried of looking at beautiful tea cups.  

Thank you for your  faithfulness to this party.  Terri and I always love to visit your homes each week.  Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

Monday, April 14, 2014


Hello Ladies:  Hope you had a wonderful week.  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 213!  As promised, I am sharing pictures of the tea party this weekend.  Everyone had a wonderful time and I feel very relieved to have finished this big project.  I also finish one of the Frozen, "Eliza" dresses.  Sophia's dress is done.  Maya's is almost done.  I am so glad it fit.  I did not have a pattern for these dress and I am not very good at working without one.  To be honest, if it wasn't that my Grandchildren asked me, I would have said "No".   You can find these dresses on Etsy for about $200, they are worth every penny!

As mentioned, the tea for for 48 ladies.  Each table was a different color tea cup with a total of 6 tables.  We served 5 sandwiches and 5 different pastries.  Everything was home made including the delicious sconces. I did not take pictures of the table with the food on them.  I was so busy that when I thought about the pictures, I just took them before I forgot.   It as a beautiful day and the weather was perfect.  

At the tea, we had a mock wedding and lots of games.  The ladies could not stop laughing.  It was great.  Next on my agenda, a craft class for about 40 ladies.  Will be easy compared to all that china.   Finishing Maya's dress is my top priority.   Here is Sophia in her dress.  

As we enter into Holy Week, my prayer is that we all can get closer to Jesus and feel His Resurrection Power for our individual lives. Hope you have a wonderful Easter.  I want to thank you for all your prayers for my son in law.  He is improving daily.  Can't wait to visit this week, you are sharing some amazing tea cups lately.  My dear friend Terri, will be posting a little late.  We all know she is worth the wait!  

Blessings,  Martha

Monday, April 7, 2014


Hello Ladies!  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 212!  Did you notice I was missing in action last week?  To be honest I was having my own personal melt-down from too much to do and not enough time.  That does not happen to me too often, but I was on tilt last week.  My son in law was having back surgery, I had the grandchildren over night, I was responsible for pricing all the items for the church rummage sale, plus everything else that has been on my plate this month.  Well, I just needed my Mama.  Thank God for Terri, she was completely in charge.  It is good to have friends.  I still have a lot to do but, I am handling it a little bit better.  I do have a bad cold so this post may be a little short.  I am back and looking forward to the party. 

This week I am getting ready for the tea party for 50 ladies I am having Saturday.  I have all the dishes, washed and ready.  I think that was the hard part.  Getting all the little details ready is next.  I will show you all the pictures next week.  It should be very pretty.  Our lives just get very complicated sometimes.  Wishing I was a little more together, but oh well, it is what it is!  The old gray mare, she ain't what she use to be! 

I am sharing more violets this week.  Did I ever tell you I collect Violets?  I love them on plates, jars, cups and vases.  They are perfect for Easter and they multiply like the bunnies. This cup is a Royal Albert.  It is just stunning.  Love the thumb rest. I have packed up a table all of violet cups for the tea.  I will show it to you next week. 

Since I am quickly running out of energy, I am only sharing two cups.  This last cup is a  Edger Gutherz; MZ Mortiz Zdekauer, Royal Austria China Tea Cup and Saucer.   It has this gorgeous green and rose garland design. The cup is very delicate and it just screams Easter!

We were at Downtown Disney this weekend with the grandchildren.  Always a lot of fun. Here is Noah with Sophia and of course, Princess Maya!

Looking forward to visiting this week.  Thanks for your emails of concern.  You are wonderful.  I am doing so much better.  I will see you for tea! Hugs, Martha

Monday, March 24, 2014


Hello Ladies!  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 210!  Easter is just around the corner, how is that possible?  What happens after you get to 60? Does life just goes on speed?  I am still in the mist of a remodel, a very slow process.  Maybe next month it will all be done. During the remodel, I see time, slow down!  Hope you are having a great week. I have begun to put Easter decor around me home. Love this time of year.  

Before I start, I want to give a short disclaimer to all you wonderful parties ladies, that I join every week.   Do you notice I hardly ever list those parties at the end of the post?  Well here is my reason.  You know I always have trouble with my link (like last week).  Without Terri's help, it just does not work.  (Like last week!)  I have always said Terri is the brains in the family.  It also seems that every time I make a list of all your lovely ladies parties, my post goes haywire.  It is like it take on a life of it's on and I don't know why.  So, in order for me to play,  I can only join the party on your home page. If this has kept you up at night, if you ever wondered why?  This is the answer,  I  always join your party but do not add the link at the end of the post,  to save my sanity.  I hope to one day be smart enough to work this out, but so far, my lights are on, but no one is home. Please do not get offend, I just can't figure it out.   Thank you, for being so faithful to this party.  

Now let's talk tea cups!  I am sharing some fun violets colors cups today.  Starting with with  this lovely Royal Albert, pattern name "Sweet Violets".  Beautiful.  

This next cup is a delicate, Leneige.  It is a demitasse cup that is wafer thin.  So very stunning, pictures do not do it just.

My last cup is a unsigned beautiful, violet cup.  I believe this a Made in Japan cup.  Not the highest quality, but lovely just the same.

My home decorations are starting to change to Easter.  Here are just a few glimpses of the transition.  Hope to show you the Elza dress next week.  We are having fittings this week.  

Of course I can't have a post without my Grandchildren.  Always a blessing to me. 

Have a wonderful week. Remember to be kind to yourself.  Hugs, Martha

Monday, March 17, 2014


Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 209! Hope you are having a fun and safe St. Patrick's Day.  We are in the celebrating mood.  We had an earthquake and everything is fine, reason enough for me, yeah!  God is good.  I bet you didn't think that Mexican's celebrated St. Patrick's Day, but with a husband name Kelly, how can you not?  My son has a party to go to and I will be sharing my Irish tea cups.  Today is also Princess Maya's birthday. Do we need anymore reasons?  She is on her first week long school field trip and having a blast.  Her Mama is just trying to make it through the night! This is a picture of them both. 

Before I start, I want to share the invitations I have made for the wedding shower I told you about.  It is shape like a bride dress and  on the back, the information is done in calligraphy.  I think they are very cute.  What do you think?

Now down to business of Irish tea cups.  This first one is a Shelley.  It is a demitasse, as delicate as you can find.  

The next cup is a Royal Dover. Also quite cute, but the Shelley has it beat!

Of course, the tea pot on  is a Belleek. It is amazing looking.  

 Have a wonderful week.  Remember to love yourselves!  Not sure if Terri is going to post today. She is celebrating her birthday!  Happy Day my sweet friend (another reason to celebrate)!   Sorry, no pictures on my link. Have to wait for Terri.  She is the brains in the family!  Hugs!

Irish blessings to you all, Martha