Apr 27, 2015


Hello Ladies! Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 268!  Hope your week was good. Southern California was on "storm watch".  It sprinkled for about 2 hours, once again, we made it through the storm.  The ladies meeting  I told you about, was also this weekend  and everyone enjoyed the fun crafts they created.  Here is a sample of what we made. 

Now it is time to quickly prepare for Mother's Day.  Hoping to come up with a good idea for a Mom gift.  I have a wonderful Mom, but she is so hard to gift.  I have rarely hit the bulleye with her.  I keep trying. It is a long standing joke with our family.  I have to remember to leave the receipt.  

Before I start sharing my tea cups, I want you to see how much my cameo collection has grown.  (Our secret, please!)

I have some very fun tea cups to share with you this week.  I do hope you will enjoy seeing more pink tea cups this week.  I am starting this week with a Lefton.  It is all hand painted both inside and out.  Stunning don't  you think?

Cup No 2 is a Taylor and Kent!  It too has that "Wow" factor!

The last cup just reads Bone China 32 KTG hand painted.   Very cute!

Next week I plan to welcome to our home my SIL.  She will be having Chemo Therapy Treatments, close to my home so she will be in our guest room. Please keep her in your prayers.  My Grandchildren were off hiking with the Cub Scouts this weekend.  A big first for our family.  

I will post our winner of the tea cup next week.  Please check the post two weeks back for more information.  

Thank you for your faithfulness to this tea party.  Blessings, Martha

Apr 20, 2015


Hello Ladies!  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 267! Hope you had a wonderful week. The weather across the country has been awful and I am so sorry.  We had a couple of Earthquakes and still no rain. We might get some sprinkles at the end of the week, we hope!  I continue to feel good, for that I am so grateful to God.  I am back to trying to downsize my endless decorations.  I try to do a little every day so I won't get over whelmed.  God has been very good to me.  I have a large storage unit and my goal is to eliminate that and no longer need to have one.  (Please note, I am not a hoarder.  I just have those tendencies!)   I really have to focus, to get everything done, I get so distracted.    As I get older I have realized just how distracted I can become.  It is not pretty!

I am going to continue to share more pink tea cups this week. I think I could share pink all year long and not finish showing you all of them, (that is how bad I am!) Ok, change subject.  Here is the first cup I am sharing.  It is a vintage Lefton.  I must admit, Lefton is quickly becoming one of my top three favorites to collect. (No, change that, I have stopped collecting, now I remember.)  Who can blame me?  This cup is stunning!

My second cup is a Shelley.  How can you not love Shelley's?  Even the very simply designs are amazing! Look at the ruffles on this one.

The last cup for today is also a Lefton.  It is perfect. 

I have been feeling so well, I even had the Grandchildren this weekend.  Life is good! 

Thank you for your faithful following of this blog.  Please continue to pray for Terri and her son.  They are not doing well.  Here is hoping the link works.  I miss Terri, she alway did them for me. Still having a give-away, it is the first cup on the post. Please check last week's post for details. 

 Hugs, Martha

Apr 13, 2015


Hi Ladies and welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 266! Hope you had a wonderful week. My was on the quiet side, and I felt good.  It has been months since I have felt normal.  I don't know what happened to me, but I am better, Praise the Lord!  You don't realize how sick you have been until you start to feel better.  I was even up to watching Sophia this week, which always makes my heart smile.

I am getting ready for a large church event where I will teach ladies how to make cookie boxes, should be fun.  Sandi will not be having her tea party this week, due to a death in her family.  Please keep her in your prayers. 

I will be sharing pink tea cups this week.  I am going to try and share some you may not have ever seen.  My first cup is this amazing Royal Chelsea.  Love all the gold leaves on this tea cup.  It almost looks like a Aynsley. 

My next cup is a Foley from England.  I love drinking tea and having those roses to look at. 

This next one is called "American Rose" by Royal Albert.   How can anything beat a pink rose?

As promised I have a "Give Away" this month, it is this unsigned, vintage, demitasse cup.  I will be adding a treasure or two each week until the give away, May 4th!  All you have to do is be a regular follower of this blog.  You will get an extra chance at winning for following me on my Pretty Vintage Things Facebook and every time you comment.  Just let me know what you have done.  Good luck!  

Thank you for always being such faithful followers of this little blog.  Have a wonderful week.     Here is this week's link.   Hugs, Martha

Apr 6, 2015


Hello dear friends and welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 266!  Hope you had a wonderful Easter with your loved ones.  Our weekend was full and mine, near perfect except for one thing, my Sciatica was out.  Most of the week I had to use a walker to move, but today things seem to be better.  I do hope you will forgive a short post today.  Sitting can present a problem for me and don't want to irritate something that has finally begun to heal. 

I am sharing a Franz Teapot and Tea Cup today.  It is an amazing piece.  The china is very fine. I owned the spoon to this set as well, but broke it while hand drying it.   Oh, it hurt!  Tried to replace spoon however,  the cost was $45.00.  So, I said to myself, "Self, you have lots of other spoons."   I did not pay that for the entire set!

I am going to try to get my act together for another give away, next week.  Keep an eye out for it.  Hope you are having a wonderful week.   Here a few pictures of "fake smiles for the camera."  The Grandchildren were just too busy to take a picture.  They had so much fun.  Since Grandma was in her "happy place" they decided to do the egg coloring on my antique oak table.  Thank God for pain killers. Look forward to visiting you!  Hugs, Martha

Apr 5, 2015




I will be posting late Monday night for Tea Cup Tuesday.  See you then!