Sep 30, 2013


Hello Ladies:  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 185.   Just got back from a wonderful weekend in Palm Springs with all my children, grandchildren and mother.  It was so much fun. I so needed to rest to face my home.   I was hoping that all the work would be done when I got back, however, that was not to be. Looks like I have a few more days of living like this.  I am trying to keep my head in a good place, even though most of my living room is in the master bedroom.  Both my bathrooms and kitchen have no counter space. The sweet painter sanded without closing any doors, so you know the rest. I have at least 3 more days of this. All those white spots are nail holes, oops!

I hope you do not mind, but I am only sharing one cup today, that is all I can deal with.  I am sharing this hand painted Lefton, pedestal cup.  It is more amazing in person.  

I also have another free tea cup this week.  All you have to do is be the first one to ask me for it. It is the one pictured
at the top of this post.  It is a vintage Johnson Brothers, from England.  My youngest daughter, Vanessa,  came by the house today to do some "shopping" for free.  She took furniture and decorations and you can't tell anything left here.  This is not good.  I just might have a problem?!

 I read a blog today about having to change things around all the time.  I feel lucky that through this blog I have found friends who love to do the same thing.  I am so glad that I started this blog.  You ladies are amazing and always so encouraging to me. 

I will be joining lots of  parties this week.  It looks like I will have plenty of time, as I cannot do a thing about anything right now.   Please visit Terri, she always has such wonderful tea cups to share each week.    Here is this week's link.  Thank you for being so faithful to this party and me!  Can you believe we have been doing this for 185 weeks.  It has become a fun habit!  Have a wonderful week. Hugs and blessings,  Martha

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Sep 23, 2013


Hello Ladies:  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 184! In spite of what is going on, I do hope you are all well and ready to face a new week.  I am 3/4 of the way done with packing the living room and dining room.  I feel like I have got a lot done.  My home is in total havoc.  Most of my china is in my bedroom.  It is like a maze to get to the bed.  However,  the end of packing is in sight! Preparing for paint could start at the end of the week.  I hope to fix some of the little things that have been bugging me in there for a while.  The first thing I am going to do is add a new chandlier, you can never have enough of chandeliers in your home.  That should light up that dark spot in my living room, fixing a problem that has been going on for a while.   When it all gets put back together, I want it to look very different.  I am due for a change. My son, sweet, beloved, thoughtful, ever thinking about his Mother, decided to bring a new young lady to the house yesterday. Of course, because the house looks like it has be ransacked by a blind thief.  Walls filled with nails and holes.  It was a great first impression, if I do say so myself. 

Today is my birthday and my family is taking me to Palm Springs this weekend to celebrate.  My mother is even coming, it should be so much fun. Spending the weekend with all my grandchildren is like Heaven on Earth for me.  

I have discovered something that I did not know.  I always thought, that if I had one color tea cup and must have at least a dozen of similar color.  Well, guess what? Not so!  As I was putting away my black and white tea cups, I realized I only had 6 black and whites.  (I am slipping!) I am going to share these 4 cups with you today.  These are cups that I had out, and were easy to get a photo of.

Let's get started. I have another free item to share at the end of the blog.  Just for the asking.  Cup number one is a Royal Albert, SeƱorita.  You remember I picked this one up a few months back. I thought I would start with this lovely laced cup.  Stunning don't you think?

What do you think about this wonderful German, Bavarian tea cup?  Just look at the foot of the cup.  It is shaped like a crown. Love it!

Next cup is a Clarence, from England.  Love the shape of the cup. It looks so elegant.

Then of course we can't forget the Royal Standard tea cup from England. I love the matted finish on this stunning cup.

Here is the tea pot I am giving away just for the asking.  Let me know if you want it.  Have a wonderful week.  Here are some of the parties I am joining this week. 

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I hear Terri has a beautiful new cup to share with us today, can't wait!  Hugs, Martha

Sep 16, 2013


Hello Ladies: Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 183! The packing has begun for me. I am on my 6th bin and the one large china cabinet is half empty. I don't do well in a mess. I may be a serial collector, however, thing are usually in order, unless I am working on something. My hope is to have the living room empty by the end of the week. Not sure, if that will work, but that is the plan anyway. My grandson, Noah, has the croup today and yesterday, he was making phone calls to say his good-byes, telling everyone how much he loved them. It was so funny and sad at the same time. He gets his drama from his Mamma's side of the family and his low pain tolerance from this Daddy's side of the family. At least I know now, I get to keep his Lego collections. Too cute:) By the way, when the doctor told him he was going to be alright, he perked right up and asked for a popsicle.

My post is going to be a little mix and match today. In the mist of packing and realizing I just have too much, I purchase a tea cup. (Don't say a word, I already know!) This was an R.S. Prussia and you know how expensive they can be. It was $6 and beautiful what would you have done? (Don't answer that!) Just look at how beautiful it is and it not even Pink! I am so smitten with this cup. It looks like grapes are growing all around it.

So, before you decide that I have totally lost it. I did a good thing. I have been storing only pink tea cups so far and I have decide to sell 6 of them. One out of each bin! (Here is where you give me points.) Here are three that I am going to put on my website. However, if you want them, let me know and I will make you a deal you can't refuse, $10 each. You have to let me know through my email or blog only. Here are the first three. Each one has a rose motif. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

This one is a Hankook.

It is followed by the Johnson Brothers cup.

The last one is the Franciscan.

The last pretty I am going to show you today is a Limoges Teapot, also purchased this week for $1.49. I couldn't help it. It was Limoges!

Have a wonderful week. Still trying to get the linky correct. Keep your fingers crossed for me. If it doesn't work, I wait for Terri, she can fix anything. She will work her magic. I am so lucky to have a good friend like Terri. So many of you have become good friends, thank you for that. Thank you for caring for me despite of myself. See you at tea! Hugs, Martha

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Sep 9, 2013


Hello Ladies!  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 182!   Remember I told you last week, my air conditioner broke down during our heat wave last week?  Well, I did get it fixed within 48 hours.  That was great for this woman, because I can really lose it in the heat. God was good, someone came during a holiday. All is well again on the earth and at home!  One little problem however, there was damage to my living room ceiling and walls. So they have to be painted.  What is the big deal you ask?  Well take a look, this is a picture of just one of my cabinets in that room.  I do not have good light today, to show you a picture of the entire cabinet.  However, here is a little glance at shelf or two.  I have two large china cabinets in the living room alone.  There is an arch connecting the living room from the dining room, so really both rooms need to get painted.  I have two more china cabinets filled to the brim in that room as well.  Just thinking about it, makes me want "my Mommie!"  I am giving myself a few days for the heat wave to go away before I start the project from "hell."  Pray for me, I need it; more importantly, my family needs to survive me.

Oh well, have some fun tea cups to share with you today.  I am also going to share some recent finds for your viewing pleasure :)  This first cup is a Johnson Brothers, Friendly Village, The Ice Box.  It is a common tea cup used in the fall. I love cups that tell stories.  It is made in England.

Cup No. 2 is an orange colored cup from Brazil.  In my efforts to thin things out, I will give this cup to the first person to ask for it. Just email me.  It will be one less cup I will have to pack away while the workers paint.

The next two cups are both from Japan.  I just love the one with the bird on the handle.  They are both demitasse cups. You can see my cameo collection under the cup. All this has to be packed away to paint.  I am in so much trouble.  (Don't think about it, Martha.)

Of course, this week I found just a few new pieces, I did say just a few. See the ballerina in front of the Limoges plate, at the top of the post?  Lately I have been drawn to very small figurines. (Why, Martha? Why?)  They are so cute.  Look at the little orange one that matches the larger one. How could I say No?

Also found this great vintage napkin holder.  Don't you just love her?  I think she would look great with vintage hankies.  Did I ever tell you I collect vintage hankies?  They too, are also stored in the living room. Ouch!

Ok, this is the last of it, for this week.  These are two, vintage, crystal perfume bottles, signed by the designer. I have this thing for perfume bottles, I guess you know.  The more I listen to myself, the more I am sure I need prayer.  All these little goodies cost me only $10.  I only buy things when they are super cheap.  I hope you give me points for that?  I  just thought of a great plan! You can all come over and help me next week!  We can have a work day! Great plan don't you think?  I'll feed you lunch! :)  Think about it!

Here is a picture of my two grandchildren.  They always make me feel better.

Thank you for listening to me today. I needed your ear and a place to just confess my collecting situation. Have a great week.  Here is the link and also a few parties I am joining this week.  Blessings!  Martha

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