Nov 28, 2011


Hello dear friends: Sorry we are late, life got in the way! Hope this weekend was all you wanted it to be and more. My Thanksgiving was wonderful. Children were here with my prize possessions, the Grandchildren. What can be better? When everyone left to visit their Mother-In- Law's, I got ready to visit my Nephew home where the rest of my family was already there waiting. When a noise was heard in the kitchen. What would it be? Well, you may have guessed it, a water hose had broken. The copper pipe that sends water to the ice machine and water fountain in the refrigerator broke. It shot a straight stream of water onto the electrical outlet that the refrigerator was plugged into. Of course, I did not know how to shut off the water, why should I? The stream of water was so strong, it could not be sent into a bucket or pan. It was like a hose was let loose in my kitchen.

So I did what any normal woman would do under these stressful situations, I CRYED! As I was crying, I built a mountain of bath towels to stop the water from entering the living room, where oak floors are under the carpet. Meanwhile, my son is trying to turn off any valve he could find. Nothing worked, after about on hour of trying and calling, reaching no one that could come to my rescue, my son got on the Internet for help. I put on some rubber shoes and rubber gloves and unplugged the refrigerator, before we all got electrocuted. I was sweeping the water out of the kitchen as fast as I could. Then victory came, my son found the information he needed and in a minute it was all over. Thank God for the Internet! I was so lucky my son was still home. With all that water, we had no water damage. Because the whole thing lasted only about an hour and a half. I kept sweeping and crying the whole time, we were good! Of course, after it was over, we heard from everyone, on how to shut off the water! Bless there little hearts, better late than never. Plumber was over Friday and new easy shut off valves were installed!

Since my kitchen floor is so clean, I thought I would start this Tea Cup Tuesday No. 90 with my kitchen tea cups. I am in the process of decorating for Christmas. My house looks like it has been attacked by the Bin Monster. The kitchen however, is 90% done! This first cup is a Duchess, from England. Pattern name is "Winter". I love the colors on this cup!

This next cup is a Royal Patrician, from England. It has a great Orange, Red color Poinsettia. Very different colors. Also a favorite of mine!

This next cup is a Royal Standard. It is so rich and elegant! The colors are just rich. Another favorite of mine. (That's my problem, they are are my favorites!)

Do you remember the Italian cups I shared last week? They all sold, except for the Tea Pot set. That did not sell because, I just have not listed it yet! Thank you very much for your support. I even sold a salt and pepper set that I did not list, but someone saw it on my blog, loved it and offered $50 for it! You ladies are wonderful! I need Christmas money so thank you in advance for your purchases.

The corner cabinet, is in my kitchen. (It pays to have clean floors! You have never seen this piece.) It is filled with my Ruby Depression Glass, I have a serve for 40. It also holds some of my favorite Lefton, American. I will have to clean my floors more often. I have a real cute kitchen.

Here is Mr. Linky. We are running a little late this week. Please stop by and visit Terri. She has some amazing Christmas Trees she made. You just have to see them. That woman is incredible! Have a great week.

Blessings and lot of hugs, Martha

Nov 20, 2011


Hello Ladies: Are we all ready for this week? I am so behind, but I know it will all get done. We will be able to sit down and give thanks for all our blessings. I know that for a lot of us, this has been a hard year. However, I thank God for a wonderful family who is all in good health. The other things always work themselves out. This is our 89th Tea Cup Tuesday! We are still having fun sharing those small, beautiful tea cups, that help us get a little peace each day.

This week I am sharing a group of Italian, hand painted cups, I recently found in my closet! I am putting them all on my website, but not without sharing them. Remember I told you I could not remember where or when, I got some of these cups? Well, the Italian cups I do remember. I worked as a Principal for a private school for about 25 years. When you work at a school you do collect a lot of things. I had a secretary who visited Italy every summer. She would bring me a new cup each year, from every region. (I guess each region has it's own speciality.) That is were I got this rather large, Italian collection.

This first cup is a large blue, white and yellow coffee cup. It is signed by E. Lorretta. I think it is beautiful. The fact is, I just can't continue to keep so many tea cups. These Italian cups are considered, Art Pottery. It is hard to say good bye to this beauty.

This next cup is a Deruta, Primavera Pattern, hand painted and signed, Espresso Cup & Saucer. I love the teal handle with the hand rest on the cup. The shape of the cup is wonderful. An exceptional piece of Italian Art Pottery.

This third cup is a beautiful, Majolica, Arabesco, Espresso Cup & Saucer in the Red color. The pieces are hand painted in the town of Deruta in Umbria. The saucer features a bird characteristic of the Arabesco pattern which originates from a Persian calligraphic pattern during the 17th century. This is an amazing piece of Italian Art Pottery.

Next week I will start to share some Christmas cups, so the other cups from this stash, you will have to look for on my website I want to tell you how thankful I am for my friends in Blogland. You are a blessing daily. I don't think I tell you enough. You laugh with me, some cry with me and most important you hear my heart. I thank God daily for the blessing He has given me, in you. Here is Mr. Linky. Please don't for get to visit our dear Terri, she is someone I am always grateful for!

Hugs, Martha

Nov 9, 2011


Hello Ladies: Happy Tea Cup Tuesday No. 88! It is confession time for me. I am almost embarrassed to share this with you, but here goes. I have a good size closet in my bedroom. Every once in a while I make the decision to empty it all out and rearrange one side of it. It is a good time to go thru clothes I have not worn in a year, maybe remove some shoes that I have not worn in a while, it is all a good thing right? (So far, A+ Martha!) I have a pretty big closet. So I sometimes put things in there thinking, when I get a minute, I will put this away where it belongs. I am so sure some of you do the same thing, right? Ok, so I am clearing out one side of the closet, when I find a rather large bin.

The bin I found was clear, large and quite heavy. I couldn't even think of what I stored in it because, I always, mark my bins. This one was unmarked. My first thought was some craft project that must have started and forgot about. However, you would not believe, (I don't believe) what I found. Do you remember when I told you I only had one Italian Made Tea cup? I lied! This bin with full of tea cups, many of them Italian, including a Tea Pot! I am talking about a 40 tea cups! Tea Cups I did not remember I had. As I unpacked them, some were familiar and some were a complete surprise. (Go ahead and say it!) Martha, you are a piece of work. Just look at this table!

I am an organizing freak! I apparently, just organized these tea cups out of my life for years, maybe! My poor children, when I die, it is going to take them a year to clear out this place and I AM NOT A HOARDER! Before you say anything, to my credit, I decided before I fell in love with them, I am going to put them on my website. I have too! (Ok, I might keep one or two, but that is it!) Everything else is going to be sold! I promise!

When Noah came into the house and saw them on the table, he said "Grandma are we having a tea party?" (He loves tea parties. He takes his with only apple juice.) As we sat drinking "tea," I showed him this tea cup. I wanted him to see the little bird handle. Noah looked at it and said "Grandma that is so very precious!" You have to love this boy! He is only 3 years old!

Another tea cup I found is this very cute demitasse cup. It is Made in Japan by the manufacturers that produced those Head Vases, Nasco. Very cute.

Last tea cup this week is the orange color. I really don't recognize the signature.

Did I ever tell you I collect turkeys? Well, you guessed it, I do! I will try and show you some of my collections during the month.

Here is Mr. Linky. Don't forget to visit Terri, not only will she have some amazing tea cups, but she is always ready to teach us something!

I promise I will show you all the tea cups before I sell them. Don't forget I give followers a discount when you purchase on my website. I hope you have a great week and enjoyed taking a peek at my "new" tea cup beauties! I am still in shock! What else could be in this house?

Hugs, Martha

Nov 6, 2011


Hello Ladies: Happy Tea Cup Tuesday No. 87! It has been raining off and on here in So. Cal. I do love it when it rains, you can see my plants almost smile with delight. I wish my body would do the same. The day before it rains I ache all over and the first day of rain, my whole body feels like lead. It is hard to move. The only place I am comfortable is in bed, under the blankets. These last few days have been like that for me. The most I can do is get up for a little bit, catch up on some of your blogs and go back to bed. It is so funny, if it rains two days in a row, the second day, my body is great. However, if it rains one day and not the next, I start all over again. I am weird, I know. Sure wish I knew why this happens to me. Any ideas?

Because of this weird body I did get a change to visit so many of you. I must say, you have amazing homes. I did not get to comment on a lot of posts because of how I am feeling, but trust me I visited. When I was younger I always wondered if the people in those beautiful homes looked different somehow. I have since learned, that I can visit you "beautiful people," through this wonderful medium called "Blogs." Not only are your homes beautiful, but you are beautiful and creative ladies inside and out. I feel so blessed to have so many of you as my friends. It is like having a pen pal, only better because it comes with pictures!

As you can tell, due to this body, I am very late with this post. I just could not miss it. So lets get started. Cup No. 1 is a favorite of mine. It is a very different Limoges. I love the wavy saucer. Limoges is always amazing.

This next cup is a Colclough, Made in England. This is a beautiful Chintz gold cup. The pictures really do not do it justice. Love the ring loop handle.

This next cup is a Royal Vale. I love the little flower prints all over. So delicate and beautiful.

I think is body is done for the day, so this post is going to be short. Here is Mr. Linky. Terri so kindly get this ready every week for us. Please don't forget to visit. She has promised us some new cups that I am sure will be breath taking.

Don't forget I give a discount on my website for followers! Have a great week. Blessings, Martha