Aug 25, 2014


Hello dear friends!  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 236! Really hope you are all doing well.  My week has still been a little on the stressful side.  Doesn't seem like the older your children get, the more you seem to worry about them? My Son is still dealing with the trauma of the last fire.  My daughter may have to deal with putting the family dog to sleep.  (Noah will take it the hardest, as will she.)  He has just not been able to get better, no matter what the Vet. tries.  Sophia had her ballet recital this weekend.  She did so well, standing there holding her grass skirt.  She was by far the best "stand there and don't move" dancer I have ever seen.   The whole family came out for her 2 minute stand.  We were so proud! We all went to lunch and had ice cream to celebrate. The cousins went to a drive-in movie later that night to continue the celebrations! Did your family ever put you in the trunk of a car, to go to the drive-in?  We did it all the time when I was young.

Well, I promised a give-away this week, just to celebrate our longevity.  It is a numbered Bavarian tea cup.  It is part Lusterware, with beautiful roses.   I do hope you like it. I don't think the picture does it justice. All you have to do is be a follower and leave a comment here. Extra chances if you follow Pretty Vintage Things on Facebook.  Just let me know.  I will have Sophia drawn on Sept 9th.  That gives you two weeks to play!  

As you know, I am still on a quest to "not" be featured on Hoarders.  I have continued to clean things out, this time it is in my kitchen.  I just started there and have already made my first trip to the thrift store.  (Three bags filled with pots and pans, thank you very much!)  However, as luck would have it, I did find a couple of tea cups while I just dropped things off.  (Really, I wasn't looking, well maybe a little!)  This first tea cup is one of those cups I found on my last "drop-off" trip.  (Remember, 3 bags full of things I gave a way.)  This tea cup does not have a signature.  It is wafer thin, in wonderful pastel pink and blue colors.  How could I resist? Really?

This next cup is also from that same trip.  It is amazing looking.  The signature reads "Sorelle."  Hand painted.  It has such vivid colors.  I couldn't help it.  Your right,  I need prayer. 

Have a wonderful week.  Please remember Terri and her son in your prayers, as well as our family.  It seems like each one is going through something hard, that only Jesus can fix.  Thank you for your faithfulness.  

Hugs, Martha

Aug 18, 2014


Hello dear friends and welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 235!  Can you believe we have been doing this for over 4 1/2 years?  We had a great turn out last week.  I will have a give away next week to celebrate.  My Grandson, Noah, started First Grade today.  He did so well, some of his friends cried.   I am so grateful for every minute I have had with him.  My Son came home yesterday, he is wiped out.  I pray that he stays in the city for a little while.  It was a tough fire and I am so glad he is home.  Please keep him in your prayers. 

I have been cleaning out closets this past week.  (Maybe, I have been a little nervous?) I had to make a few trips (seven if you want to know the truth) to the local thrift store.  As luck would have it, I scored a few new items.  I just could not resist.  The good news is, I gave away more than I brought home.  That is my new goal.  So far, so good. When you have to have outside storage for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations, you start thinking maybe, there is a little problem?  You think? I don't want my children to have to deal with all this stuff.  I have really been looking at everything I have with a whole new perspective.  Here are some of the items I picked up this week, while dropping things off.  (That doesn't even sound good.)  The lace is a bedspread.  It is so stunning.  Now, I just have to do something about the dog who sleeps on the bed.  Let's see, dog or bedspread?  I think the dog doesn't have chance.  I may have to use the bedspread only on special occasions.  Maybe I will only use the dog on special occasions? :) What to do? All the items I pictured today, except one, are from the thrift store trips this past week.  

This first tea cup is by Castleton China.  The pattern name is "Manor."  I had the opportunity to purchase a service for 12 with servicing pieces. However, I resist the temptation and only purchased the trio with the matching teapot.  I am a firm believer in having dinner service for at least 12.  You never know when you are going to need a large set for a special occasion.  I was so good.  I think it is just beautiful.

My next cup is also a Castleton. The pattern name is "Royal."  I owned the service for 12 for this set, but long since sold it.  I am terrified  to end up on "Hoarders."  I must be almost healed?

The next picture is of a porcelain box.  Did I ever tell you I collect boxes with flowers?  I do.  Let's not talk about it any more. 

Moving on to the bird planter. I love these and have quite a large collection.  Some I use for plants, others for storage.  They are great for organizing. 

Last, but not least are these Salt & Pepper shakers.  I make them into tassels.  They are perfect for gifts.  

Well, I have to go clean another closet, have mercy!  Please continue your prayers for Terri. She is slowly improving each day! Keep your fingers crossed about the link.  

Hugs, Martha

Aug 11, 2014


Hi Ladies!  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 234! Hope you have had a good week and that all is well. My week has been emotionally on the hard side. Heard from my son a couple of times.  He is at the big fire in Northern California.  He is so tired and hungry as well.  He had his birthday on the fire line. It is just time for him to come home. 

Do you remember the old commercial for Staples?  "It is the most wonderful time of the year."  They use to play it right before school starts. They always made me laugh.  So much truth in that little commercial. Our Maya started Junior High today and Noah will start First Grade next week.  Even little Sophia will be starting Preschool a couple of days a week.  As you get older you realize just how fast time goes by.   Our family had a wonderful time with the Grandchildren this summer, but it is time to get back to a normal schedule for all of us. 

I am sharing more yellow tea cups this week, starting with this Art Deco design by Meito China, Made in Japan.  It is a lovely hand painted cup with a white, lusterware finish on the inside and a pale yellow on the outside. 

The next cup is also hand painted.  It is just lovely, with purple flowers.  It has a mark, I do not recognize, maybe you will.  It is just beautiful. 

My last cup is a Colclough, with a gold chintz design on a cream color cup.  The gold is so vivid the pictures do not do it justice.  

Heard from Terri, she is still slowly improving.  Please continue to pray for her and her son. Thank you for your visits and faithfulness to this party each week.  

Sending hugs your way!  Martha

Aug 4, 2014


Hello Ladies!  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 233!   You are not going to believe this, it rained in Southern California!  The ground was wet for a little while, I was so excited.  It needs to rain a lot here, and every little bit helps.  I wish it would rain where my son is.  He is fighting the big fire near the California, Oregon border.  I do hope you are all doing well.  Summer is going to come to an end soon and my Grandchildren will be back in school.  I  have had the most wonderful summer with them ever.  

This weekend we were at an American Girl Tea Party.   Just the girls went, it was so much fun.  I wish I had invented that doll.  The place was full and it is huge.  There were
girls with more than one doll walking out of the door.   Each doll is over $100.  It is an amazing place. It has a hospital, beauty salon, various history sections, clothes to match the doll and little girl and the Cafe of course,  My granddaughters were no exception, they each have more than two dolls and plus clothes.  The price of the clothes is unbelievable.  Why couldn't I have invented that?  Tea was very cute, Sophia was unimpressed, but Maya was in her element.  Sophia just loved being with her cousin. 

I am sharing yellow tea cups today.  Starting with this lovely tea cup by Taylor & Kent.  It is has lovely mums and is just perfect for tea. 

The next cup is a Shelley.  Pattern name is "Heather." For some reason this cup does not look like a Shelley to me.  It is very cute.

Next I am sharing this amazing antique, stackable, Lord Nelson, teapot.  It as a gift to me from a missionary friend.  It is just so perfect.  I have never used it.  I don't want anything to happen to it.  That is usually not my style, I use everything, but this one is so special and hard to get.  I just can't bring myself to do it. 

Terri, has told me she is feeling improvement, for that we are grateful.  She has begun to do some the the things she loves. Thanks for your continued prayers.  We just might have her back for Tea Cup Tuesday very soon.  They are going to start the inside of my room addition this week, so I am going to be very  busy with that.  Have a great week.  Keep your fingers crossed about the Linky.  I was so frustrated with the Linky last week.  I think Noah could have done a better job.  Thanks for your faithfulness. Hugs, Martha