May 31, 2015


Hello Ladies and welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 273!   Hope  you have all been doing well this week and are ready to share your tea cups.  We have been having such a wonderful turn out lately.  Thanks so much.  I have been busy with a scrapbook for my niece that is graduating from high school in two weeks.  I am so behind on it.  I am working on my dining room table, I am very messy when I create.  The table has no room to eat on.  We have been out all weekend, but that will change at the beginning of the week. I will have to move everything.   School will be officially out here, on Wednesday.  My life is about to get very busy with the Grandchildren.  I love it, I just have to finish that scrapbook.  

Today I will be sharing more blue tea cups, starting with these wonderful, Blue Bubble, Depression Glass.  It was one of the very first dish set I collected.  I had a service for 25 that I recently gave to my nephew for a house warming gift.  Not sure what he thought about it, but every once in a while, at a family gathering they come out.  It had all it's matching serving dishes.  His wife will one day appreciate the dishes.  I love to give dish sets to family members.   I have already set aside dishes for my Princess Maya and Sophia.  The earrings are Julliana's. They are stunning.  I am selling them if you are interested!

The next cup I am sharing is a vintage Royal Dover.  It is really a coffee cup.   Love the flowers!

The last cup I am sharing today is a vintage Aynsley.  Need I say more?   

Here are a few vignettes around my home.  Have a wonderful week.  Thank you for your faithfulness to this little party.  I look forward to visiting everyone this week. Hugs, Martha
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May 24, 2015



Hello Ladies and welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 272!  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I have been putting up my "Red, White & Blue" as well as spending time with my children.  Having lots of fun with my yard.  We have had a cloudy last couple of weeks so that makes the yard work even more wonderful. My SIL has been very ill so it is hard to celebrate when someone you love is so sick. Chemo is so hard.  We have family members and dear friends who served or are serving in the Armed Forces and I honor them today. 

I will be sharing blue cups this week.  I don't have a lot of blue maybe a dozen or so, but each one is beautiful.  I am starting with this Coalport.  Love the handle of this beauty.

The next cup is the demitasse size of the same pattern.  I would love to have a complete dinner set of this.

My last cup is a hand blown and hand painted demitasse from Italy.   Love the dark blue color.  

I am also sharing some the changes in the decor I have begun to make.  

Thank you so much for following this party.  I appreciate every one of you.  Looking forward to seeing what you have been up to this week.  Hugs, Martha

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May 18, 2015


Hello my friends!  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 271! It is Monday and I am so tired today.  I have been in the yard most of the weekend so it is a good tired.  My back yard is getting an awning added, it is looking so pretty.  A little expensive, but it will be well worth it, when the summer heat waves come.  I am a yard lady. I feel the presence of God in the garden.  My sister in law has been very ill, please keep her in your prayers.   

Went to a yard sale this weekend that was amazing.  I will share next week things I purchased. Now it is time for the tea cups.  I will be sharing pink Chintz cups today. The first one is a Royal Standard, Made in England. Love the wave design.

The next cup is a Saint George, also made in England.  This one is a trio.  

The last cup is a Royal Stafford, pattern name "June Roses."  There is something so beautiful about Chintz cups.

Looking forward to visiting you this week. Thank you for being so faithful to this Tea Party.  This party is open to all.  Please feel free to share anything tea related items.  Have a wonderful week.  Here are some of the parties I am joining this week. Hugs, Martha

May 11, 2015


Hello Ladies:  I do hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day!  I celebrated all weekend, ending today with a trip the Disneyland with the grandchildren.  Remember, I told you how hard it was to gift my Mother?  For the very first time since I can remember, she liked my gift.  She did not ask for the receipt, she was just happy.  Who could have guessed?  A simple coin purse by Coach would make her so happy.  I still can't believe it. 

I had a wonderful time with the Grandchildren.  I was able to spend time with all three.  Heaven on Earth for me. 

Sharing two cups this week.  The first one is from Austria.  It is very fine china and looks like it was made during the Art Deco Era.  So pretty!

The last cup is from Germany.  It looks very regal.  Love all the gold trim.  

Thank you for joining my party each week.  I love to see all of your beautiful tea cups and homes each week.   Please pray for Terri, I have not heard from her.  Hugs, Martha

May 4, 2015


Hi Ladies:  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 269!  I want to take a moment to wish all the Grandparent's a happy day on Wednesday and well as give you an early happy Mother's Day!  It is a blessing to be both a Mother and a Grandmother.  God has given me a wonderful Mother to share the day with.  Even though she is very hard to buy for, she is easy to love.  

I want to announce my winner for the tea cup, Janice from  She is the sweetest lady and has been a faithful follower for a long time.  Janice, please email me with your address. Congratulations, I hope you enjoy the cup.  

I am sharing more pink cups today.  The first one is a Haviland, Limoges.  It is really considered a soup cup because of the two handles.  I really don't know anyone who uses soup cups anymore, do you?

The next cup is also a Limoges.  It is very simple and also a very old pattern.  I am a Limoges lover so all of the patterns are beautiful to me.  

The last cup is from Austria.  It almost has a Limoges look to it.  It is so lovely. 

As I told you last week, my Sister In Law, who has cancer,  will be moving in this week.  I think my life is about to change a lot.  My Grandchildren are already planning my summer.  Life is never dull.  Have a wonderful week.  Thank  you again for stopping by each week.  You are so very dear to me.  Hugs, Martha