Aug 31, 2009


Monday morning:
Just a quick note to let you know how we are doing. My home so far is ok. My house is two blocks away from the base of the mountains. However, the mountains behind us are not on fire, Praise the Lord. If they start to go, I do not know what will happen. I can only see across the street, no further than that. No longer can see the mountains on either side. You cannot breathe well outside at all. I do not know how my friends homes are because they are not allowed back up the street. Both my sisters are in the path of this fire. All we can do is trust in the Lord with all our hearts. Thank you for all your prayers and emails of concern. I do check my computer. Mount Wilson is what is in danger of burning and if that goes, so does the communication for the Fire Dept and some of the Police. Please continue to pray for us, and the lives of the families who have already lost love ones. I cannot believe my son wants to be a Firefighter, it is frightening. Thank you so much for letting me know you are there and praying. It is comforting to me. It feeling like I have a family I have never met surrounding me with love. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Monday afternoon: Wind cleared the sky. I have been trying to take pictures of the same place so you can see the progress. We are still OK. I had Noah today and we were forced from our usual spot because of smoke. It was scary. We had to leave in a matter of minutes. Thanks for your prayers.

Aug 29, 2009


Remember I told you our beloved mountains are on fire? I spent most of my Saturday helping people in my church, including our Pastor evacuate their homes. We received a call from the Fire Department to get our important papers ready. Talk about unnerving. Take a peek at the first pictures I took and now look at these. I took a picture of my husband, hosing down our home. Please pray for us, we are in the Hands of God! Thanks, Martha

Aug 27, 2009


This is my first Pink Saturday and I am happy to be a part of this group. Believe it or not, I just figured out what Pink Saturday was recently. As soon as I learned, I said to myself, "Self this is right up your alley! You love pink, you must do this thing!" For once in my life, I listened to myself and it was good! LOL!


Here is a picture of the hills above my home. It is so sad to see the hills burn. They are really very beautiful. My home is surrounded on either side by mountains, part of what I love about my little town. It looks like a place you come and visit on your vacation. I get to live here. This evening as I was watering and watching the smoke just over the oak across the street, I am reminded that we are all in God's hands. All we can do is trust Him!

Aug 26, 2009


So, not true! When find treasures, I usually get home and put them away. I get so excited I have to find a place immediately. It is also a way to avoid, hubby comments about why we need such and such, if you know what I mean. Later on, I remember, "Oh, I should blog about this piece!" So, here are some my very recent purchases. The sugar and creamer are a Art Deco, black set. I think I am going to sell them, I just did not find a good fit. Not sure, yet, but if you see them on Ebay, you will know why. They are perfect, I can't decide. One of the pitcher is Fitz and Floyd. The cost was $4. They will be great for Thanksgiving. The bling is not bad either.

In case you have not seen the news today, our beloved Foothills are on fire. Why is it that all the nuts, come out in the heat? So far we are pretty far away and are ok. My daughter is closer to the big fire. The air is awful. She really did not need a fire, but what can we do? Blessings to you!

Aug 25, 2009


Who says you can not make life long friends on blogs? I received many emails from dear friends about my day, yesterday. Your words were so kind, I am truly grateful. What began as a blog to myself, has grown friendships. Thank you.

Isn't my new blog beautiful? Debbi at Pretty Blogs by CGT Designs did it for me. She is so sweet and kind. She listens, even when I do not have a clue what I am talking about. If you ever want a new look, Debbi is your gal. She has helped me with things that others may think are easy, never a complain, just sweet. I wanted a fall look and she did it perfect!

I told you a few days ago that I was going to show you a few items I picked up this weekend. Here they are. They were all dirt cheap, just how I like them. That candlewick punch bowl with platter was only $12. It would have been just a sin to pass it up! I also added a button for this new magazine, Flea Market Style. They have a blog with a lot of good information for "yard sale aficionados". Take a peek, it is new and should be very good.

Aug 24, 2009


That is how I feel today. My sweet daughter, Vanessa, Noah's mother is no longer pregnant. It seems her body just grew a sack without a baby. It is so weird how you can fall in love with someone you have never held. That must be a God thing. I wish I could take this pain from her. Please say a little prayer for her and her husband as they walk through these next 72 hours. I am grateful that it happen now and not later in the pregnancy. Thank God, He can heal hearts and bodies.

I added a couple of pictures of Noah. He always puts a smile on my face. He was at his favorite fountain, taking coins. I had to explain they were wishes and he needed to put them back. He had just as much fun doing that! You just have to love that face!

Aug 23, 2009

Look Everyone!!! Here's my Award. . .

At last, I finally bugged Tina so much that she posted my award picture for me. Tina is a new friend at She is a sweet, Christian lady, with a wonderful family. If you have a chance, stop by to visit her blog.

There are rules to get this award. I have to pass it to seven people and let you know 7 things about me. I may not be able to figure out how to link it to seven people, so I maybe already breaking the rules. I will try hard, but this little brain can only do so much, before it says: What are you smoking, Martha? Please forgive me, I am trying to learn as fast as I can.

Thing one about me: I hate to cook. Thing two: I love to watch Criminal Minds. Thing Three: I hate housework. I do it because I have to. Thing Four: I love yard work. I do it because I love it and I feel God's presence in the garden. Thing Five: I feel very inadequate in most areas of my life. Thing Six: I am a helicopter mom. I am working to fix that, but it is hard. Thing Seven: I am a nut for details, any details, I can drive people crazy! I like things just so. I know that is hard to believe, but alas it is true. When, I am creating something however, I work very messy. It looks like a hurricane hit until I am done.

OK, that's enough true confessions. I hope you still like me. Blessings, Martha

Aug 22, 2009


You would not believe how busy I have been these last few days! I went to ride the trains at Griffin Park with Noah yesterday. He was a little unsure of himself. His Mama let me sit with him and I could feel his heart pounding! He, of course, said he liked it. I loved being with him. It's not bad being with my little girl either!

I worked on the yard for 3 days, I do have a garden wedding to prepare for, maybe. Bride has not made definite plans, yet. I of course, can not wait for her to make up her mind. So, the yard is top priority right now. I also manage to go estate sale shopping with my Mother. We found all kinds of new treasures. I show you later what I got. Being with my Mother is always a blessing for me. She loves the "thrill of the hunt" as well, so we make a good pair.

Of course, the big news is the wedding. Went to IHOP with the future bride this morning as well as, with my favorite sister in law, Maureen. Maureen is more of a sister than a sister-in-law. We could almost pass for sisters, except she is tall, thin and blonde. I am short, fat and very brown! The three of us discussed the wedding plans, cried and laughed. It was truly hard to leave. The server kept coming over and asking if we needed anything else, hint, hint! Guess what? I get to go wedding dress shopping with her. Is that the best or what? Sara is just super sweet, I wish I was half as sweet as her. I would be a far better person.

I got a blog award this week, which was also a thrill. Sad part is I don't know how to get the picture of the award over without all the address stuff. So I can't show it to you. I am working on learning. I did learn how to "link". Am I almost a genius or what!?

I took some pictures of new "green" colors that are going up in my home. Still practicing picture taking outside. Sara, talked a lot about the color green so these pictures are in honor of the Bride. Please notice the first picture, it is my favorite vase. Maureen gave it to me as a gift several years ago. I think I forced her, if my memory serves me correctly. It is plastic, could you tell? It is prettier close up. Anyway, I did not think I had much to say. Guess I was wrong! Thanks for all your beautiful comments, you make me feel blessed!

Aug 18, 2009


Please let me know what you think. I go to your blogs and the pictures are beautiful. Take the pictures out side with natural light, I am told. So here they are, outside. I still do not think they are very good. Kind of hit and miss. I had a very busy day. There is a possibility that I might be hosting a garden wedding this winter. How fun, I know! However, I want every inch of my back yard covered in flowers. I have so much to do. My husband has not even ok'd it yet. So, the thought is, I just send him an invitation. He not big on noticing what I do around the house anyway. I could have it all set up and ready to go before he even trips on the first chair! This is a picture of the happy couple with Grandpa Al. Sara and Bobby are my husband's niece. Isn't she pretty? I told you all those tea cups and dinner sets where going to come in handy! I am ready to PARTY!

I live in Los Angeles and we just had an earthquake. I do not do good in earthquakes. This was very strong. I am sure we will have aftershocks. I hate that! I am trying not to be afraid. I hope it works!

I was reorganizing my craft room and wanted to show you some of the black jewelry I collect. Yes, I collect jewelry in different colors! It is so much easier. Whatever color you are wearing, you just look in that drawer to find just the right piece. See, I bet you never thought of it that way! Now, I have given you a new reason to collect more jewelry! Anything I can do for the cause!