Feb 22, 2015


Hello dear friends! Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 260! Hope your week was good, I know a lot of you are stuck in snow and I am so sorry.  Los Angeles weather, does not change much, we go from sunny to sunnier.  I have been trying to take my Valentine decor off and change everything over to green.  I told you that I have been sick, since the week of Christmas.  I think I am having a relapse.  I am not sure what I am doing wrong.  I have had the longest sinus infection in history. 

Regardless of how I am feeling, I will be sharing some beautiful green tea cups this week.  My first cup is this Royal Worcester, Raised Blind, Earl Pattern, circa 1970.  It is one of my favorite green cups, because everything on it is raised. What do you think?  Stunning isn't it?

The second cup is a Mitterteich, Bavaria. Germany cup with three gold legs, just perfect! Notice the all gold leaf, inside of the cup. 

This last cup is a Z S & Co. Bavaria Rose, demitasse cup and saucer, antique.  I am not sure if the picture will do this one justice. All the cups I shared today are demitasse. 

Thank you for all the wonderful comments and for following this tea party for so long!
Sending hugs your way!  Martha

Feb 16, 2015


Hello dear ladies! Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No.259. Did you notice how beautiful the link looked last week?  I did it all by myself, thank you very much.  I am quite pleased with me.  It only took me almost 5 years to learn.  This week I am going to add the parties I join each week.  If you don't see them, something went wrong.  With a lot of luck, I should be able to party with everyone else and they will know about it!  Yeah!  

Do hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful and that you felt all the love. I am going to be sharing pink tea cups this week, because after all, we are still in February.   I always feel that I leave so many tea cups out, because of the large amount of pink cups I have, so I am going to try to do ones I can't remember sharing.  (Doesn't mean, I haven't, just that I don't remember!)  

This first one is an antique, pink, gold and white, German cup.  Look at the adorable legs on this cup.  I have a few of these in Mustache Cup, but these are just tea cups with legs,  So very beautiful, I can just imagine the Victorian Ladies having tea on a set like this.  Lovely!

The next cup is very much like the first, only not quite as dainty.  This one has rough edges, but I love it just the same. It is so very unique in shape and design.

The last cup is a Staffordshire tea cup.  A cup like we are very use to looking at.  It is a newer piece, unlike the top two.  The roses are what always gets me on this one.  

I just finished this costume for Sophia, she is going to be a fairy for a dance.  It is so much cuter on on the back.
I will not be able to visit until Wednesday because my sister in law is having surgery and I will be with her all day. I do promise to visit when I get home!

Have a wonderful week!  Here are a few of the Parties I am joining this week!

Feb 9, 2015


Hello dear ladies!  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 258!   You notice I did get a link up, however, it could have used some improvement.  So, let's see what happens this time.  I continue to improve physically daily, I thank you for your prayers.  I even had my grandchildren spend the night.   They woke up their Uncle Kyle very early to the Frozen's song, " Do you want to build a snowman?" They sang it nice and loud on the other side of his door until he woke up to play with them.  It was so cute, even at 6:30 am. 

We have entered Valentine's Day, week.  I love all the hearts and love notes.  Valentine's Day is a favorite holiday of mine each year.  I am sharing some of the many hearts I have displayed in my home this month of love.

My first cup this week is a Lefton.  Nothing says love like roses to me.  This was a gift and I just love it!

This next cup, also a Lefton is all handprinted and is just stunning.

The last cup is this amazing Aynsley with the pink rose center. 

Thank you so much for visiting me each week.  I love to see your lovely homes and of course the tea cups. 

Blessings, Martha

Feb 2, 2015


Hello Ladies!  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 257!  Hope you have all been well.  As many of you know, I have been sick since the day after Christmas.  Maybe this week, I will finally be on the road to recovery.  I have not had much energy to do much, which is depressing for me.  Don't to hate to look at things that need to be done and not have the energy to do it?  I have not even been able to have the strength for my Grandchildren.  I have had to cancel twice.  (You know I am sick when that happens.)   Went to church to get prayed for, so healing should be coming soon.  

Thanks for bearing with me about the link last week.  I think I finally know what the problem was. After I get the linky issue fixed I am going to work on adding the parties I follow on Tuesday.  One problem at a time, is all I can deal with right now.   

I am going to be sharing more black and white tea cups this week.  I think they are perfect for February.  February?  I missed all of January, just trying to stay alive :)    This is my first cup, for this week.  It is a  black and gold Mitterteich from Bavaria, Germany.  Look at the crown shape pedestal base.  It looks like it was cut with craft scissors.

This next cup is a Clarence, Made in England.  The shape of this cup is what makes it so cute. 

I also wanted to share some of my fun collection of half dolls.  I think they were made into pin cushions.  I just love how they look as is.  

Hope you have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha