Jan 30, 2011


Ladies: Welcome to February the Month of Romance and Love. It is also our 47th Tea Cup Tuesday! I am a die hard Romantic, so February was made just for me. I love every thing about it. I love the days leading up to Valentine's Day, then the day it's self. Every Valentine's Day one holds a very unique place in my heart and mind. My memories always include my children, my family and now my Grandchildren, as well as that special someone God has given us. It is as if, God, made this month to reminds us of what is important. Who do we love and how are we showing our love to them? Are we remembering our parents, who taught us all about love? Our siblings who showed us "tough love" at times? Of course, the Greatest Love ever given to us, Jesus! We have so much to be grateful for. We do not ever have to be alone as long as we have HIM and our family. February is time to Celebrate Love and the Giver of Love!

With this in mind, I am sharing some of my favorite Valentine Tea Cups with you this week. In fact, I will be sharing tea cups that remind me of Valentines Day all month long. The very first cup I am going to share with you is a cup given to me by one of my dearest friend. It is a vintage Spode. Even though the colors may not be exactly Valentine Reds and Pinks, the cup was given in love. That is what this month is all about. Take a close look at the cup. It looks like the cup has a basket weave to it. It is just stunning! Thank you dear friend!

I cannot do Valentines Cups without showing you this Limoges. It just speaks of Romance to me. It is one of those large Limoges that I have told you about before. Most likely it was used for coffee. I just love it. It is the palest of pinks and that handle, wow!

The next tea cup I want to share with you is this amazing Pointons, Stoke on Trent. The mark dates to the 1870's or 80's. I have been told that it is worth around $240, I paid $8. I did not know at the time it's value, I just saw the beauty. It has the most pale pink color with a creamest white body. What makes this cup so amazing is the gold and silver hand decorated flowers. You can feel them above the cup. Like heavy, moriage, made of gold and silver. I have never seen anything like this on a English cup. Just look at that handle!

My next cup is one I found recently at an Estate Sale for $3.00. I just love the rich red color and the gold inside. The cup is a Charlton. Can you see why I am so crazy about it? It is a blood red color.

The last pink rose cup is Bavarian. What says "I love you" more than a Rose? It has a beautiful lace dessert plate. The trio is amazing, as you can see. You know what to do with "Mr Linky". Of course, please visit my dear friend, Terri, who always has something wonderful to show you.

Before I say good-bye, I have a very special pray request. Noah's mother is pregnant! Please pray that this little child will hold on to life. She has had three miscarriages so we are really trusting God for a miracle! I know He is able!

Spread His love! Hugs, Martha

Jan 27, 2011


Hi Ladies: Wow! Did we have a Tea Party or what? I think Tuesday's party was the largest one yet! Boy, did we see some beautiful cups. It always amazes me that there are so many beautiful cups I have not seen before and I am always looking. It was great fun. I am part of a Tea Cup Exchange this week. I have sent mine on it's way. I am a bit nervous about it. I hope she likes it. This is my first. What if she hates it? I told her if she hated it, she could send it back and I will try again. I really loved the cup myself, so here I sit with my fingers crossed waiting for the verdict.

Thursday is the day I go to the thrift store and today, I hit the Mother Lode! I found this beautiful, white rod iron bench that sits three. I was so excited. When I got it home, my house was empty so I ask a man walking his dog, if he would get it out of the car for me. Poor guy, didn't know what to say, so he helped me. It was so heavy, but we did it together, and I met another neighbor! I love rod iron pieces for the outside of the yard. They look so romantic, however, they are always so expensive, this one was a steal.

I went with my friend to the thrift store and we both were lucky enough to find some very wonderful things. Here are pictures some of the things that I got today. Can you believe it? I purchased a few pieces of Belleek that I am going to put up on Ebay, as well. If you are a Belleek fan, and see something you like, let me know. I will make you an offer you can't refuse!

Did you notice that cute pink depression glass, divided plate? It is on a silver carrier. Isn't just too cute? I washed them all and tomorrow I will find a special place for them to call home. I just had to show you all the lout! I feel like a kid in a candy store!

Oh yes, I almost forgot, we have a winner for the Tea Cup, giveaway! Noah picked it out of a hat (ok, bowl). He loves contests, because afterwards, Grandma gives him a Truffle (his favorite)! Congratulations, to Sandi, from http://sandimyyellowdoor.blogspot.com/. She has a wonderful blog of which I am a faithful follower. Sandi hosts a Tea Party on Tuesday too! If you do not know Sandi, please visit, I promise, you will not be disappointed. Please email me with your address Sandi! Thank you all for being such wonderful friends and followers and helping me celebrate the beginning of year 3 of blogging!

Oh, and thanks for always remembering to visit me! See you on Tueday! Hugs! Martha

Jan 23, 2011


Hello Tea Cup Lovers! It is that special day in the week we celebrate our love for Tea Cups and Tea things in general. I must admit I have started to decorate for Valentine's Day. I have come to the realization that I am not a "white person" (no pun intended)! I can only take all white decorations for just so long and then color has to come back. Today was the day! Out with the white stuff and in with the color! Do not get me wrong, I love to look at homes that are decorated all in white. I really thought I would do that one day. I just can't, I need color around me. It makes me feel good. So the cups you will see today, will be put away until they are needed for a "tea party" or next January, which ever comes first.

Before I start with the all white cups, I want to show a cup I purchased this weekend. It is a Royal Stafford, from England. It is really beautiful. (I have a thing for black and white cups. Did I ever tell you that? Well, I do!) The black area is matted, while all the white is high gloss. That goes for the gold etched detail as well. I own a few Royal Stafford. They never disappoint!

This next cup starts the last of my white cups for this year. This gorgeous tea cup trio is an amazing piece. It was made in Germany and decorated by Herman Ohme, Silesia, Germany. It is really looks so much better in person. The thick gold trim is stunning.

Cup number 3 is the large hand painted, Limoges. As I have said recently, I am very into the handles lately and this one does not disappoint. I have a few of these larger Limoges and the size does not take away from the delicate, lace like look.

This next tea cup, I am not really even sure why I am showing it to you. I have covered it with this fun pearl lace collar. I really did not mean to do that. The cup is Rostyn China. It is a simple classic white cup with a gold trim. I think, I like it because it was so simple.

This last tea cup trio is a vintage, Limoges, trio. Thank you for join Terri and I for another week of sharing tea treasures! Please don't forget to visit Terri, she is amazing in so many ways. You will not be disappointed. You know what to do with Mr. Linky. Please remember this link is for tea cups and tea related items only.

This sugar and creamer set are Hummels. Too cute! (I just needed to add color!)

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the tea cups this week. I am off to watch Noah play Soccer. (He is two!) The top tea pot is sending you a kiss! Hugs, Martha

Jan 20, 2011


Hello Ladies: Hope this finds you well! I just needed to share with you what I did this Thursday. First of all, I don't know if I ever told you this about myself, but I tend to be on the fearful side. (Maybe, I have watched to many "Criminal Minds" shows.) I stay on my side of the city, don't like to go where I am not familiar, really not great at being out by myself at night. Just not someone you would call brave. (I am great with a group!) So what I was about to do, was way out of my comfort zone.

About a week or two, I received an email from a lady who had read my blog. She shared how my blog had touched her heart. (You know when someone has written you and you can just hear the tears?) That is what I felt, as I read her email. I felt compelled to meet this woman. I wanted to at least to give her a hug. I learned she lived just minutes away from me. What are the chances of that? So I wrote her back and I ASKED HER, if we could meet for lunch. Normally, I would never do that. However, I just felt such a need to get to know her. Please don't get me wrong, there are ladies, like (Bunny) for example, I can't wait to have lunch with one day. Although we have never met, these are ladies I have a history with. We have shared our hearts over months, as you know, you can make life long friends through your blog.

The lady I just invited to lunch, didn't even have her own blog. So I could not get to know her first. (No Peeping Blog, for me!) I am convinced, it was a God thing. (Only God could make me do something this brave!)

We meet at a restaurent! When I saw her arrive, I knew it was her. She came with her little girl, who is beautiful. She was just what I expected. A young lady full of hurt and full of joy all at the same time. We shared our lives, hurts and loves. I shared the power of forgiveness with her. Something I am not sure she was ready to hear, but our time together was good. We ended up at her home, if you could believe that!? I know that God has something more for us. I just need to be open. Lunch was truly a pleasure for me.

I did not tell my children what I was going to do today. I was sure they would have talked me out of it. I simply told my two dearest sisters in the Lord. I knew they would know what to do.

I am sharing this because, one, God needed to set me free of this fear and two, I believe God wants to set my new friend free. The third reason is give someone else the courage to do the same. I hope that if anyone is considering doing the same thing, you would consider the brave thing! We of course all need to use wisdom, but you know when it is God talking to you!

Since, I was running amuck all day, I am showing you some re-runs of my home. Hope you don't mind. I did manage to stop at the thrift stone and purchase 6 beautiful tea cups for $2.99. I show them to you on Tea Cup Tuesday. I just needed to share my day with you. Only, one more week for my give away. Please look at the post dated December 31st for all the details. Love you lots, Martha