Jun 28, 2009


Don't you just love the weekends? The garage sales, the estate sales the thrift stores, it can't get any more fun than that! Spent some time with my mama, she loves the same thing. So, could estate sales be in your DNA? I am going to show you some of my treasures (just some) more to come later, of what I found in my treasure hunting this weekend. I wanted to also begin to show you some of my teapot collection. I think I have about 50. The little house one is a find this weekend. Although you have probably seen some like this one before in your hunting,, The one I found, came with tray for the teapot, a salt and pepper shaker and a jam jar with a tiny glass spoon, that also sit on a tray. So, so cute! The teapots I pictured are some of my blue and red ones. My house is currently ready for the 4th of July and is decorated in red, white & blue. I also wanted to let see a small portion of my shoe collection. Yes, I confess I also collect shoes. I just love, any thing vintage and dainty. I can't help myself. I need help! I think? In my defense, and I do need defense, I am open to trading up any thing!

Jun 25, 2009


Remember the rod iron table and chairs with the bench I purchased last week? Well, I finally had the chance to work on my porch. So here is a first look! It will probably change a couple more times before I finally decide. Please let me know what you think? I also have included more of the iron and rose collection I have. I really do not know what that is called, just know I love it. If you know what it is called, please let me know, it must have a name. Lastly, I have a picture of my husband working on my dish washer. I don't know why I love to see him work around the house, I just do! Hum?

Jun 22, 2009


My son, Kyle, paid for our family dinner on Father's Day! Kyle is 19 years old. This was the very first time he has ever done that. It brought tears to our eyes! He is growing up. I needed to remember this so I took a picture! Who would have thought?

Did I mention I love to collect wire shelves with roses? Well, among my collections, are these wire things. I have several, I thought I would put them in my craft room. They are so pretty. Pictures do not do them justice. Still working hard trying to make this room easy to work in and fun. I want to start sharing some of my collections. I think sharing will help me eliminate some. Maybe?

I can't forget to show you a couple of pictures of Noah. It's Monday, my day for Noah! He was eating strawberries! Even the pictures make me want to kiss that boy's face!

Jun 21, 2009


This day's post is dedicated to all the men in my life I love so very much! Let me introduce you to them!

This is my son Kyle, father-in-law Al, my husband, Kelly.

This is my son-in-law Kevin and my Noah! Kevin is Noah's dad!

This is a picture of my Son-in-law, Brandon. For some reason I could not find one of my Maya with her father together, so the first picture is my first granddaughter, Maya!

These pictures are of my Brother in law, Uncle "D", Brother-in-Law, Randy and again of Kevin.

This picture is of my tender nephew, Tim and his girl friend. The next is of Justin, my sweet and gracious God son and nephew. I adore these two young men, I am guilty of never saying that enough!

Last, but not at all least in my youngest nephew Ross, with his sister Rachel and of course, my Noah!
I am truly blessed to have all these men in my life to love. They are so good to me and I can not thank God enough for them. I pray the Lord blesses them richly this coming year! Happy Father's Day to you!

Jun 20, 2009


I know we needed the rain and I am glad for it, however, raining in Los Angeles just does not seem right to me. I had a outside work day planned for my yard and instead, I had to clean my kitchen. Not as much fun for sure. I did manage to go to one estate sale. I picked up this beautiful cup. It looks German, but it is unmarked so I am not sure. I know, that was just what I needed, one more teacup. I have so many. Did I tell you I collect teacups, I also collect cottage pictures, cottage figurines, cottage plates, cottage teapots and Ladies in all shapes and sizes. I am really, really, really going to sell some of this stuff. My girls don't want any of it. I really messed up in my parenting didn't I? Oh, well isn't that lamp stunning?

Jun 19, 2009


Found an estate sale today! Yes! Hubby is not feeling good, son is off with girls, so I had my day to myself. I have been working in my yard alot lately. I have to do all the hard work before it becomes to hot for me to work. This morning a took a break to go to this sale and I found the a treasure, I did not know I always wanted! This is a heavy wrought iron table and 2 chairs as well as a bench. Did I score or what? I have to move everything around to make room on my porch. Isn't it the cutest? Wait until I have it all decorated. It will be so pretty on my porch. You will have to come and visit me. We will have a cup of tea!