Aug 31, 2010

I am late, I am late, I am late!

Hello Ladies: So sorry I am late! Hope you had a great week. Are you ready for another fun Tea Cup Tuesday Party? It is number 26! I sure am ready! I had a hard week. The personal decisions got harder and I found out I have diabetes. Now I have to poke holes in my body to test my blood every day. I am scheduled for classes later this week. The doctor heard a heart murmur so, it going to get looked at today. I am having some problems with my vision, which started this whole mess! Talk about a little stressful! Good grief, Charlie Brown! I need to get it together!

So, the first tea cup I am going to share with you is this week's favorite. It is orange and gold. I am not a orange person, but lately I have been drawn to that color. It is Noritake China, with a broken loop handle. It has a scalloped top, all very heavily gold leaf. It has a pedestal base and is just beautiful.

The second tea cup I am going to share is a Stoke & Trent! It is a very light china with a pale pink inside and a white and silver and gold out side. It is a bucket shape with a square, French handle with thumb rest. It looks like the design was hand done, with heavy gold and silver flowers. A very different kind of cup.

Cup No. three is a Royal Worchester, demitasse cup. I wish you could see it close up it is 3-D. You can feel all the leaves branches and flowers. It has a simple loop handle that is shaped in a green branch. It is just a simple Bute shaped cup. It can hold it's own with the best of them.

I know I usually show four cups, but since I am running so late, I will stop at three. Please forgive the high noon start. I just have so many things going on, I feel like my head is going bust! I just could not miss the party, however.

I know that Terri has started on time and the party is well on it's way. Thank you for stopping by. You know what to do with Mr. Linky. On the top of this post I have a picture of my give away. I will have Noah draw the name on my birthday, September 23. Please let me know if you want in! Thanks for praying for me. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

Aug 20, 2010


Hello my fellow Pinkies! Hope you are all doing very well! I am still on tilt, so please keep praying. I believe this will be over soon. Please pray for favor for me. I also would like you to pray for my son, Kyle. What I decide effects him more than anyone. These major decisions are tough.

Thank God for Pink Saturday! I just had to post today. To do the things I love, helps me cope. Tomorrow, I have Noah, even better. God is good to me!

I want to thank Beverly for hosting this wonderful day and for featuring me last week. It as a thrill for me. I found this cute little jar at the thrift store, I just had to get it. I was only $.49, I could it not go home with me. The box with the rose is one I showed you a few months ago. I hope you do not mind. I promise not to show you re-runs, just as soon as my trauma is over!

This cute little vignette sets in my kitchen over my antique ice box. I love the pink and greens together. I have to get my act together, it is almost September and the house needs to change colors!

I love this pair of kissing girl and boy. So cute. Last but not least, I have been working on more key chains to put on Ebay! I think they came out cute! Have a wonderful weekend, fellow Pinkies! I will see you Tuesday, for Tea Cup Tuesday, and I promise I will be so much better! Blessings, Martha

Aug 16, 2010


Hi Ladies: Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 24! I am so glad you could join with us. I am a little over the top today, because I have so many things going on. My brain feels fried. I know if I could begin this post, by the time I am finished, I would begin to feel better. Talking about good things always clears my head. At the top of this post is a Sader Teapot. I have had this teapot forever and as you can see it is well loved. I love the cute little roses all over it.

Cup number 1 and my favorite for this week is a hand number Stanley. I love the large roses and the broken loop handle. It has a deeply scalloped, waisted, footed cup and a gold trim. The outside of the cup is a very pale pink. Just beautiful.

Cup number 2 is a Royal Albert, "Blossom Time". It features cherry trees with vivid colors. It is eight-lobed, footed cup, and has a loop handle with a thumb rest. I have the dessert dish for this set. I just forgot to get it when I photographed. Like I said, my brain is fried. It is a common cup, that many of you have. The price for this common cup is $60. It is nice that even common cups can demand a good price. If you ever see one for less, buy it. It is a good investment.

Cup number 3 is a Coalport. It is called "June time". This beautiful trio has a lovely swirled, scalloped and loop handle. The saucer also have the beautiful swirl design. The colors are very bright and look like summer to me.

Last, but not least is cup number 4. It is made by Hankook, in England. It is white and has a round, swirled scalloped cup with a simple gold loop handle. I do not believe this cup is vintage. It is beautiful just the same.

My dear friend Terri at wants to do something special next week. So please stop by and visit her blog for the details. You know what to do with Mr Linky. Very easy just, fill in the blanks!

I would appreciate your prayers for me this week. I am making life changing decisions and I want the Lord's wisdom and guidance. I am also feeling afraid about the whole thing so, please pray for this fried brain. Thank you in advance for your faithfulness to me. Have a wonderful tea time.

Thank you for all your visits on Saturday. It was a special Pink Saturday for me. I still have not visited everyone yet. I will, love to talk with friends. Blessings, Martha

Aug 11, 2010


Hello Pinkies! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far! I am so excited to be a featured blog on Beverly's Pink Saturday. I feel like one of those fancy blogs (at least for today). I am smiling from ear to ear! I thought what I would do, is share a little bit of what I collect. My followers know I collect a little bit of everything. In this post you will see a "few of my favorite things."

One of my passions are tea cups and teapots. This first picture is of a Aynsley set. I call it the wedding set, because I purchased it for a Bridal Tea I had for my daughter. I wanted her tea set to be new, because she was started at new life. I wanted it white and of course pink! I love this set. It has two tea cups one for her and one for her husband. I served Tea for about 50 ladies that day, it was a blast. Everyone else got vintage cups.

Another passion of mine are "ladies". I collect ladies on lamps, statues (large and small), ladies on plates and vanity boxes. These are a few examples.

I mentioned Vanity Boxes. I just love them. One of my favorites are boxes with roses. I love roses on anything, but on Vanity Boxes, they take my breathe away.

Roses are a passion of mine. I love them on anything as well. I love hand painted roses on plates on paintings and on china. My favorite china is Limoges. I have several sets of pink Limoges. A girl can never have enough Limoges is my rule.

I could go on, but then you will wonder why I do not seek therapy now! I am not a hoarder, just a Serial Collector on the edge! Blessings, Martha

Aug 8, 2010


Hello Tea Cup Ladies! Hope you are all doing wonderfully. I have some different cups to show you this week. Three trios, all Depression Glass. In fact all three trios are a sets of at least six with dinner plates too! One never knows when an emergency could arise and you need pink dishes. It could happen to anyone! All of these dishes will mix and match very well. So I can easily serve at least 18 people in a pinch. You can't say, I am not prepared for a Pink Emergency! I am embarrassed to say, I am prepared for quite a few "color" emergencies! (I know, therapy!)

Before I show you those trios, I will start with a Limoges! It is a Theodore Haviland, from France to be exact! The manufacturer that makes my heart do flip flops. This cup has a faded look to it, as if they wanted it to look old when they started. It is so dainty. It is a low, London Shape cup with a loop handle brushed with gold. The old rose design is on both the outside and the inside of the cup. Both sides are also brushed in gold. This cup is this week's favorite, of course! This cup is part of a dinner set. I should have showed you the trio, but I was lazy. They are stacked in with my other Limoges sets, in case I have a "pink rose" emergency. It could happen! One must be prepared. Don't laugh!

Now for the trios. All these beautiful depression glass sets have a name. I can never remember them so I am just going to call them Pink 1, Pink 2 and Pink 3. They are all just a little different. Pink set number one has a pretty Adelaide shape cup with a simple loop handle. Every piece is a pretty round shape.

Pink Set No. 2 is Hex shaped. It has a beautiful flower border on all edges of each piece. This cup has a round shape with a square French handle. As you can see, all the sets can easily work together.

The last one, Pink No. 3 has these pretty little V Shape cuts on all the edges of each piece, including the tea cup handle. It is a round shape with a pedestal bottom. The square French handle has the little V Shape cuts all over the handle.
I know these are a little hard to see, but I wanted to let you see a different style of tea cups.

Guess what? I am going to be featured on Beverly's Pink Saturday Blog next week. I am a little nervious because I am not sure if other ladies will like anything I post. You ladies, are my friends so, you already know the silly me and like me regardless. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you. I love Pink Saturday and to be featured is just so exciting. Beverly has one of those maga blogs. I feel honored.

You know what to do with Mr. Linky. Please don't forget to visit Terri at She is back from her vacation. I missed her. I know I usually show you a tea pot at the top of my post, but I wanted to show you a jam jar. In case you have not guessed it, I collect them!
Have a great week! Blessings, Martha

Today is my son, Kyle's 21st birthday! Isn't he the most handsome man! I am so proud of him. I love you, son. Mom

Aug 7, 2010


Hello Pinkies! I bet you thought I forgot all about you today. No way, I have just been so busy. Had both of the Grandchildren yesterday and today, I also started a Shop Hop. It is a scrapbooking party. My friend Deby and I visited 4 shops today and took part in the festivities. Each store has a movie theme, with make and takes and giveways. We had so much fun, but I am worn out! We only have 35 to go! I have been doing a lot of scrapbooking, because I want to make scrapbooks for Christmas gifts. The best part of visiting all these stores, is all the pretty paper. I know I told you I collect paper. It never fails, each new store, means new paper.

I was thinking I would show you more of my Fenton Collection, but decided to give you a little peek of a other collection I have. Did I ever tell you I collect hands? Well I do, these are just a few. They are so fun to collect. I hope you enjoy the peek.

I hope you are having a great weekend. Don't forget about Tea Cup Tuesday, please spread the word. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha