May 31, 2010


Hello Ladies! Happy Tea Cup Tuesday! This week is number 14. Maybe the problem last week was it the number 13? I am hoping for better luck this week with "Mr. Linky". I can't tell you how upset I was that it did not work for me last week. I felt so dumb, everyone can work those computer links but me. Terri always does it for me. With Terri having to vacation in Paris and all the work that entails, well you can see my problem. Please pray for Terri, Paris can be . . . wonderful! Oh well, keep your fingers crossed!

The first cup I would like to share with you is the portrait trio. Portrait cups are my favorite kind of cups. (I say that a lot, don't I?) Well it is true, I love trio cups. This one I have had for several years. It does have mark, but no name. I have no clue as to the manufacturer. It is beautiful and that's what I care about. I prefer buying trios now. I did not do that when I first started collecting, but I try to do it now.

Cup number two is a heavy gilded, moriage cup, from Japan. At least I think that is where it is from, it is not marked. However, most moriage cups came from Japan. I love all the roses and the pretty blue and dark pink, almost red colors. It is so much prettier in person. I believe this was an estate find. Notice the bead work.

My third cup this week is a German cup, made in US Zone 3 It is a cream color with a blood red trim and gold leaving. Doesn't that dark blue rhinestone pin look great with it?

Last but not least, is the blue and white Coalport. You can't make a mistake with a Coalport, they are all so stunning. This is hand numbered and demitasse. Looks just great! The tea pot you see is a Windsor of England. I love the scenes and the whole color theme on this tea pot so I had to show you.

I did find a FRANZ tea pot and tea cup this weekend at an estate sale. I will show it to you next week. I have never owned one, always have admired them behind glass. Now I have one of my own and I am going to share. Wait until I tell you what I paid for it, you will be shocked! The tea pot on the top of this post is a Lefton, American Rose. This is my favorite tea pot.

You will be so proud of me! I did the linky without Terri's help! Yeah! I am so happy! I did it!

Have a wonderful week. Remember all you have to do is fill out "Mr. Linky" and he will do the rest. (All I have to do is make Mr. Linky work!) Before I forget, it has been suggested to me to have a one day party, featuring vintage costume jewelry. Would any one be interested in that? I could try to put one together. Blessings, Martha

May 24, 2010


Hello Ladies: Welcome to our 13th Tea Cup Tuesday! It has been a pleasure looking at all your wonderful cups. I have never seen such a variety of tea cups. Last week there were some I just drool over and still others, I quickly search Ebay to see if one can be found, without having to take a second mortgage out on my home. I am excited to see what you will show us this week.

I thought I would share a few of my Chintz cups this week. I do not own too many, I wish I did. This design is one of my favorites, maybe because they all have roses, I don't know. I just think everything tastes better on a Chintz tea cup. I remember one year my husband was re-doing our kitchen. Not being much of a handyman, he had made quite a mess in my kitchen and I had china all over the place, mostly on the floor. I thought I was going to have a nervous break drown. That morning, in the mist of utter chaos, I made a cup of coffee and poured it into a very expensive Chintz china cup. Somehow, everything seemed to be better, at least for that moment. I will never forget the feeling of peace and loveliness I felt at that moment. (I did have to close my eyes!) So, that is my cure for all my problems, cup of coffee in an expensive china cup. I always end it with a prayer! (That special cup, later broke.)

Anyway, my first cup is a pink and lilac trio by St. George of England. This is a vintage set and is hard to find. I can't remember when or how I got it, but I love it.

The second cup is a demitasse set by Royal Stafford called "June Roses". It is one of the very first cups I ever started to collect. I love the shape of the cup. There are roses everywhere on this beautiful bone china teacup and saucer, it is Made in England.

The third one is a Royal Standard from England. Royal Standard back stamp on bottom of this cup is the mark used in 1949. It is so pretty, this was a gift from my sister in law, Maureen. She has given me many cups over the years. It is one of my favorites.

The last tea cup is by BCM, Nelson Ware, England. It is an antique. I love the coffee cup shape to this demitasse set. The colors are so vivid. It is so full with flowers it almost looks like enamel ware, but it is bone china. Just beautiful, don't you think?

The last piece I want to show you is the mini Lord Nelson, Rose Stacking Tea Pot and Creamer & Sugar. I have saved the best for last! This set was a gift from a Missionary lady that knew I collected tea cups items. To my surprise it is valued at over $1,500. Ebay has them at starting at $1.300. I could never sell it however, I really loved this lady and she has since gone to be with the Lord she served all her life. I usually don't let you know how the value of my tea cups, but this one, just shocked me when I asked a dealer about it.

I had so much trouble posting the pictures on Blogger this week, because when they are small they all look a like. I am sorry, I usually give you more views than today, but I could not tell the difference (old age).

OK, PLAN "b". We may have to wait until Terri see this in Paris. She will fix it. We may have to party tomorrow too! Sorry!

So, that is my group for this week. I hope you will join us. It does not matter how late you start, we just want you to be party with us. Just fill out "Mr. Linky" and go visit! My friend Terri is roughing it in Paris. Please be sure to stop by and see her She is giving us a tour, it is almost like being there, but NOT! I asked her to stuff me in her suit case. I don't know why she never gave me an answer. Anyway have a great time visiting. Blessing to you all! Martha

May 22, 2010


Hello Fellow Pinkies!

Hope you have had a great week, mine has been wild! I took care of Noah every day. Something I never do, but his dad was out of town so I got to help. I know why God wanted women to have babies young! I am so tired. After watching Noah all day, I drove to visit my father-in-law, who had two heart attacks this week. The drive was a hour each way. We almost lost him. He is doing better, however, the damage to his heart can only be repaired by God, so please pray for him. His name is Al. He is still in ICU, but staple at least for now.

I did remember I promised to show you my collection of vintage pot holders. I love cute things for my kitchen. I am not a cook, but love to have all the "things" for cooking. Each one of these pot holders are handmade. Can you imagine talking the time to make these just to pick up something hot? Women are so delightful and creative. Don't you just love the dresses? Did you see the one that is in the shape of a jar? Too cute, and what about the blue boy's jumper? The blue prom dress is my favorite, I have it out now. I have so many collections, I just need to get in gear and show you.

This post is going to be short because, you guessed it, Noah's is coming! Don't forget Tuesday is our Tea Cup Day. I will have the link up sometime Monday. Have a wonderful, pink weekend! Blessings, Martha

May 17, 2010


Hello Ladies: It is Tea Cup Tuesday time, again. We had so much fun last week, I can't wait to see what you will share this week. I do have an update on my Identity Theft saga. The bank has returned my checking account money. It is a start and I am so happy about it. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. My Bronchitis is getting better and I received this beautiful gift from my husband yesterday. No reason, he was just thinking about me. It is a Mother and Child. Kelly has always knows what I love. Sometimes he can be the sweetest thing. He has his moments. So I had to show it to you. He has given me others in this set. The plates are heavy. I am not really sure that they are made of. I just love them. This one is extra special to me, because it was out of the blue no occasion at all. So not like him, he is not a spontaneous man. He thinks about every dime. So he did good! Thank you, Kelly!

The first tea cup I want to show you is relatively new to me. It is a Royal Worcester, Ferncroft pattern in teal. It is circa 1950, This trio is my favorite this week. I am showing you all kinds of colors today. I usually stick to a color theme, but these cups just jumped out at me today. On the Ferncroft you can feel the ferns popping out of the china. Very pretty! But then, they are tea cups and what's not to love?

The second cup is very Art Deco style. It is from Austria and it is call Juliette. It has such a great octagon shape and I just love the pale pink roses. Very dainty looking don't you think? This was an Estate find I only paid $8.00. A great find and very cute!

The third cup is a Staffordshire, Hand Decorated, the pattern name is "Elizabethan". The cup looks like it has been crimp. It is a "May", so I just had to show it. I sorry if the different colors bug you this week. I will try to do better next week.

My last tea cup is called a Mustache Cup. It is very old and German made. I have a few of these German made cups I will be showing in later Tea Cup Tuesdays. What makes them unique is the kind of texture they have in the design. It is almost as if the just added the flower as an after thought. However, this is the style, different, huh? Although this is not one of my favorites, in fact probably the ugliest cup I own. The other German cups I have are very pretty. I do think it is quite different and worth showing you.

So "Mr. Linky" is ready. All you have to do is fill in the blanks. It does the rest. It doesn't matter how late you join, just play. Last week it took me two days to see all the goodies! Don't forget to visit Terri at Terri is going to Paris, but she has promised to show us tea cups from that great city. A dream come true!
Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

May 14, 2010


Hello my fellow Pinkies! I know I have been missing in action. I was not even sure I would post for this Pink Saturday, however, it's Pink Saturday! A woman has to do, what she has to do! I have been very ill all week. I have a bad Bronchitis, which the doctor said could turn into pneumonia if I did not take care of it. So, I have been in bed all week. Even if I wanted to, I do not have the strength to even wash dishes. So, I have been catching up on my movies, day and night. The chest pain does not let me sleep well even at night. I just look around and see all the things I have to do and then go back to bed. Today is the longest I have been up all week (maybe one hour). I had some pictures in the camera to show you for Pink Saturday. I don't even remember if you have seen them or not. If you are anything like me, you would probably forgot and they would be new anyway!

I have a great collection I want to show you next week of vintage pot holders. I will do it I promise. In the mean time, here are some goodies to see. You have to look for the pink this week, but there is a little in everything today. The vintage hand mirrors are on the wall in one of my bathrooms. I just love how they look. Do you see that green vase on the mantle? My sister-in-law gave that to me, it is plastic! Even up close you cannot tell until you pick it up! I just love how it looks. I have not changed things over for May, so you know I am sick. Those of you who follow my blog know I change everything around each month. It just seems with the Identity Theft thing still going on and now I am sick. It doesn't look good for May. June is coming and I will get my act together by then.

I hope to have "Mr. Linky" on Monday for you for Tea Cup Tuesday. Wasn't that a fun day? We almost had 60 people! It took me 2 days to visit everyone. I can't wait until this Tuesday to see what you do. You ladies are amazing. I just found a blog You have to look at Jeanette's April 6, 2010 post. It will blow you away! I have never seen so many tea cups!

Have a wonderful week. Please say a little prayer for me. Lots of hugs, Martha