Aug 31, 2009


Monday morning:
Just a quick note to let you know how we are doing. My home so far is ok. My house is two blocks away from the base of the mountains. However, the mountains behind us are not on fire, Praise the Lord. If they start to go, I do not know what will happen. I can only see across the street, no further than that. No longer can see the mountains on either side. You cannot breathe well outside at all. I do not know how my friends homes are because they are not allowed back up the street. Both my sisters are in the path of this fire. All we can do is trust in the Lord with all our hearts. Thank you for all your prayers and emails of concern. I do check my computer. Mount Wilson is what is in danger of burning and if that goes, so does the communication for the Fire Dept and some of the Police. Please continue to pray for us, and the lives of the families who have already lost love ones. I cannot believe my son wants to be a Firefighter, it is frightening. Thank you so much for letting me know you are there and praying. It is comforting to me. It feeling like I have a family I have never met surrounding me with love. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Monday afternoon: Wind cleared the sky. I have been trying to take pictures of the same place so you can see the progress. We are still OK. I had Noah today and we were forced from our usual spot because of smoke. It was scary. We had to leave in a matter of minutes. Thanks for your prayers.


bettyann said...

Take care..we are all here praying for safe!!!!

Vicki said...

Hi, Martha,
Thanks for the update. They were talking about that mountain on NBC Nightly News tonight, and how important it was for communication for police, firefighters, etc. also local tv stations. I will continue to remember all of you. Sending prayers and hugs your way. Vicki

BittersweetPunkin said...

I will certainly keep you in my prayers!
Be safe,

Deb said...

OH MY GOSH! This is just terrible! I will definitely pray that everyone stays safe and that their homes are spared. My SIL is a cop for LAPD, but I haven't spoken to her about this yet. Need to call her.

blushing rose said...

Martha ~ TY for letting us know. I;ve keptyou all in prayer for protection & safety from this horrendous fire.

May you ALL be kept in the palm of His hands. Hugs of love, TTFN ~ Marydon

Deb said...

Hi, Hon! Just checking in to see if there are any updates on the fire!

I also wanted to let you know I have an award for you that you can pick up on my blog. No hurry though...I know there are more important things on your mind right now. Just come by when you can.