Nov 26, 2012


Hello Ladies! Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 142! I hope all my dear friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am still eating turkey. My Thanksgiving was delightful. When Noah came in he ran to the kitchen and said "Grandma, I am so excited about Thanksgiving Dinner. I just want to remind you, I don't like, turkey, mash potatoes, gravy, stuffing or green beans. Otherwise, I will take everything else!" He was so sweet and happy about his Thanksgiving Dinner at Grandma's. Grandma was in deep trouble. It is always a blessing to have all my children and grandchildren together. My son-in-law comes in and just helps out in the kitchen. It is wonderful.

I have started to decorate for Christmas. When I decorate, my home looks like a tornado hit it. I have bins everywhere and half of everything is Thanksgiving and the other half the beginning of Christmas. It takes me all week to finish decorating. I hate that about me. I put something up and then change it again until I have it just the way I like it. On Wednesday, I am in charge of "decking the halls" at church so, my week is full and it just started. I have to confess the pictures you will see today are of December, 2010. I am hoping you will not remember them or mind a re-run. I have not put out my Christmas cups yet and besides that, like I said, everything is a MESS!

So here is a peek, let's just pretend, I have my act together! This great cup is a Royal Grafton. It is a beautiful. Love the red rose center.

My second cup is a Royal Stafford. It looks a lot like the first one only this one has a real deep red color to it. They are both beautiful. I love bring out red cups at Christmas time. Here is Mr. Linky for this week. Have a wonderful time peeking at all the wonderful homes and tea cups our friends are sharing today. Terri, I am sure will have something wonderful to share.

Haave a wonderful week! Blessings, Martha

Nov 19, 2012


Hello Ladies: Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 141! Hope your week is going well. I know we are all busy getting ready for our Thanksgiving Dinner. We actually have two Thanksgiving Dinners to eat. First with our children for lunch and then they go off to their Mother-In-Laws homes and we go off to my Mother's. A very busy, and full day with lots of food and family. We start early and end late. I feel so blessed to be able to have family to share this special day with. The best part is that I love them all so much.

My week here has been awful! My car was in the shop for a large car repair, and on Sunday night we had a rain storm. I was home alone and the storm blow some breakers so I had to do out in the middle of the night and try to figure out which ones had tripped. Finally got it going, however, in the morning I realized that my tank less water heater had also blown a fuse or something. So I am waiting for the electrician to arrive Tuesday morning, so we can have hot water again. Talk about stressful. Not quite sure what went wrong, I just hope it is cheap to fix. Please pray that it is, I have Property Taxes due in a few weeks.

I have some pretty tea cups to show you today, starting with this Bavarian, all Gold tea cup set. It is so pretty and feels wonderful to drink out of.

This next cup, I sure you have guessed it, is a Paragon. It has this very subdued tan color and design. I love the roses on it.

I have been blessed to meet wonderful ladies, like Terri, who is so special to me. I wish you all the blessing God has for you. I want you to know how grateful and thankful I am to know each of you.
My hopes are that God will continue to grant you all the blessings He has for you.

Here is Mr. Linky for this week. Please visit as many ladies as you can. I know we are all very busy this week.

Lots of hugs, Martha

Nov 12, 2012


Hello Ladies: Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 140! I do hope you are all well and that things are beginning to get back to normal for most of you. I must confess, due to the Veteran's Holiday, I forgot it was time to post our Tea Cups. My children were over today, keeping me so entertained. Sophia has begun taking many bold steps. She is so tiny, it is so funny to watch her walk. We took a trip to Stats today with the kids. For those of you who do not know about Stats, it is a must see store here in Pasadena. They had the store decorated so amazingly. The kids just loved it and the fact that, free cookies were part of the bargain just sweeten the deal! You get to see so many ideas for Christmas decor all in one huge store. As always lots of fun, but I am tired this evening.

I have three large parties to plan before the second week of December is over, so I must get myself in full Christmas mode. Today's cups may be the last Thanksgiving cups you will see until next year. I am sharing with you only Haviland, Limoges cups this week. The first cup is an amazing Haviland, Limoges. It starts like a normal cup, but the wow part, comes with the saucer which is shaped like a flower. This is a stunning cup and an all time favorite of mine. You can see why!

This next cup is also a Haviland Limoges. It is a very large cup, maybe used for a coffee cup. I hope you can see the handle and the beautiful craftmanship that has gone into this cup. The cup, of course, has been hand painted like only Limoges can do it.

This last cup is a simple Limoges. No fancy anything, expect maybe the top of the handle almost looks like eyes are looking back at you. I think this vast difference in Limoges' styles are just one of the reasons why I love all Limoges cups. Each one is so amazing all on its' own.

Here is Mr. Linky for this week. I just heard from Terri and she has a planning to show you another beautiful cup this week. I love how she pictures her cups. She has such a great eye for pictures and cups for that matter. Terri is an amazing friend. Although we have never met, I love her so dearly, I feel like we are family. Please take the time to visit her today.

Here are a few more pictures of vignettes around my home. Looking forward to visiting everyone. I love looking at all your pretty things. May God bless our Veterans who serve our Country so bravely and their families, who give more than we will ever know. Hugs, Martha

Nov 5, 2012


Hi Ladies: Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 139! What a week this country has had. I want to thank everyone that let me know you are alright. I am so glad we have the worst behind us. Of course our prayers are still with you. I know so many have lost their homes and others are still without lights. I am going to save for a generator, it looks like that has helped so many. I live in Earthquake Country. I thought we might have a low turn out last week, but instead you came out strong. There is so much to say about just doing the things we normally do.

This first cup I am going to share with you is a Lefton. It is a beautiful hand painted, pedestal cup. Just take a peek at that handle.

I want to show you some fun very rare Lefton's from Japan wall plaques. One is Mother Goose and the other is a Witch. They are so pretty. I have them up on my website. Totally forgot I had these. Just had to share them before they sold. I am trying to thin things out for my children's sake.

My next tea cup is English Hammersley & Co. It features some beautiful buttercups throughout the middle of the cup. It too, has a small pedestal base. So cute!

The last cup for this week is this stunning Chintz Paragon. This cup is breathe taking.

Here is Mr. Linky for this week. Terri has a beautiful new cup to share with you. I love all the great cups you shared last week. Looking forward to what you are going to share today!

Praying for your safety and good health. May God Bless our Country and give us Wisdom to vote. Hugs, Martha