Aug 1, 2009


Wow, thank you for letting melt down! All your sweet remarks helped me through that blog party. I want to thank everyone who commented. You made me feel special. Blessings! I have some very exciting news I want to share with the world. My daughter Vanessa and her husband Kevin, are expecting a baby in April! Noah is going to have company. I think my heart just doubled in size. I am so excited!

I spent the whole day Saturday, (did not attend one sale anywhere) working on my yard. It is always the place where I feel the presence of God. I really needed that peace after that blog party. My son, Kyle, is having a party here Saturday, and I have to make room for large teenagers. If you remember, I had moved many plants that were in pots to the back because it is shady, so it got kind of full. We are on water rations. Now, I have to move those big pots again, to the lower yard. He is so excited about his party. I just have to make it nice and comfy for him. Kyle will be 20, where did the time go? I took a few pictures of the yard in transition. I plan to work again today on it. Hopefully, you will see the finished job in the next day or two.


Bunnym said...

Beautiful ring, beautiful children, beautiful memories and a very beautiful life. Love the bowl that your mother made tortillas in. I have the "comal" that my grandma used to make hers...and now I make mine with it. I too cherish the memories.


blushing rose said...

Oh, a baby! How exciting. Congrats! TTFN ~Marydon

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Have a fun party! Well, we missed each other again. I can't believe you missed me at the French Flea! The next one is in October, so I hope to see you there or in September at the Ventura Flea where I hope to be selling all my Idaho finds. We're bound to meet soon!

Tara said...

Another baby to spoil! What fun! The yard looks great, I can't wait to see it when it's done. Do we get to see pictures of the teen party? Or are you banned!

Natasha Burns said...

Congratulations on the new baby coming!
Oh wow you are on water rations too? We have been, here in Melbourne Australia, for a few years now, with this terrible drought. My friends in the north East of the US don't have such a problem but I guess that's not the case for all of you! I hope your garden survives! I sometimes take buckets of my washing machine's rinse water out if I can be bothered, otherwise I just don't water at all :(