May 28, 2012


Hello Ladies: Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 115! Hoping you had a great Memorial Day Weekend. Mine was very busy. We had a soldier come home from Afghanistan this week, so there was a big celebration. He is only 18 and has already seen war. It makes my heart so sad that this has happen, yet I praise God for young men like him who have made this great country free. I am proud of him and of all the great men who serve so willingly and give their lives that we may be free. My heart goes out to all the Mother's who have lost sons and daughters. I honor you and them today!
This first picture is a heart that Noah leaves on my dresser. He reminds me every time he visits that his heart is always with me. The first time he said that to me I tried so hard not to cry. As Mother's and Grandmother's our children are always in our hearts, no matter where they are. I wish mine could always be with me. Crazy huh? That's how I feel! Look how much Sophia has grown!
Anyway, I am in a good mood and ready for Tea. I will be sharing Chintz today. I know both Terri and I are late today, sorry. This first is a wonderful tea pot! It is a beautiful, antique, Lord Nelson, Chintz, stackable tea pot. Pattern name is "Rose Time." It was given to me by a missionary. I have had it for years.
This first cup is also a Lord Nelson, also very old. I just love the how the pattern is so vivid.
Cup number two is a Royal Standard. The flowers are a burgundy and violet. This cup is also vintage.
Here is Mr. Linky for this week. From now on I will remove the linky on Sunday, it is causing some problems with my blogger. Sorry! We have a winner for my give away Journeyin' Lady. She is a new follower, who loves California Pottery, so this will be perfect for her. Please email me with your address.
These a few of fun things I picked up at an Estate Sale this weekend. The first one is the necklace. I just love it! Everything was under $10, I love that even more.
Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Martha

May 21, 2012


Hello Ladies: Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 114. I hope you have had a wonderful week. Mine was busy, my Grandbaby, Sophia had a bad cold last week and it seems she is finally be getting over it.
On Sunday my dear Mother, (Sophia's name sake), celebrated her 80th Birthday. The whole family gathered to celebrate, to eat and go swimming. My Mother, who is usually not very good at receiving gifts, was so happy. She always thinks we should spend the money on ourselves and not waste it on a gift for her. (According to her, she does not need anything!) She was showered with gifts and praises and she was so good. She accepted everything with gladness. We never heard, "that too expensive, you need to use this money for the kids". She was able to spend the day with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She was in her glory with her children.
I think that is where I got my love for family and children, from my Mama. She always thought that the most important role we can have, is as a parent to our kids. As long as our family is together, all is well in the world, and we can handle anything. What a blessing it was to be able to surrounded Mom with her family. Everyone was so delighted to be able to honor her. Even Sophia, who is not very user friendly, was specially kind to her Great-grandma Lola.
The only one who did not make it was my son, Kyle. His Grandfather shares the same birthday with my Mother, so we were divided. He got to spend time with Grandma last week, he honored his Grandfather on Sunday. What is so funny is my Father and my Mother-in-Law, also shared the same birthday. They both have gone to be with the Lord. They loved the family gathering. I remember my father saying, the one thing he was going to miss when he was gone was his family! I am so sure they are both watching us from Heaven.
My heart is full this week with family. It was almost to hard to think about tea cups, but I did. All the Tea Cups I am sharing this week are pink. I have added to my collection of cameos and portrait pins. Did I ever tell you I collect portrait pins and brooches? Well, I do they are one of my favorite collections. This first cup is a Royal Standard of England, pattern name "Rose of Sharon". The Rose of Sharon is one of the many names that the Lord uses for Himself. Of course, He would want to use a rose to refer Himself too. Roses are stunning! The Portrait Brooch that is pictured with it is hand painted, Limoges. It is framed in 22 KT gold. I was lucky enough to find it at a thrift store for $5.99. Both the cup and the brooch are amazing.
Cup No. 2 is a Royal Albert, England. Pattern name "American Beauty" Love the rose here too. The pin in a vintage, hand painted Limoges. Hope you enjoy it!
This last cup is a Royal Chelsea tea cup. I love the gold leaf design on this cup. The cameo is real and is done in sterling silver. Just beautiful.
Here is this week's Mr. Linky. Terri is feeling better and going to try to post this week. Don't forget to visit her. This is the last week for our give away. Please take a look at the first post for this month for all the details. Don't forget to let me know what you have done.
Thank you so much for allowing me to share my family with you. They are a part of me, without them, I am nothing. Lots of hugs, Martha

May 14, 2012


Hello Ladies! It is time for Tea Cup Tuesday No. 113. It seems all of blogland party's on this day. Terri and I are so glad to be a part of the fun. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Mine was a Mother's Day weekend. I literally had every meal out since Friday night. I was lucky enough to spent time with all my Grandchildren, my three children, my Mother, my sisters and very close family friends. We were all honored as Mothers and showered with gifts. I must admit, I am a little tired today. I hope that your Mother's Day was just as delightful. Whether we have our Mothers with us, or whether they have gone to be with the Lord, they are still very worthy of honor. I have a Mother-In-Law who has gone home to be with the Lord. I always miss her on Mother's Day!
I hope you are ready to share your beautiful cups this week. I am excited to share this beautiful, vintage, Haviland, Limoges, France. It is a lovely teal color and features a wonderful pale rose design. This cup is a demitasse with a great shape.
Cup No. 2 is a Bavarian trio. It was the very first cup I ever received. It came from my dear friend, and I blame her today for the passion I have for tea cups. I have been trying to thin out my collection, only keeping the cups I adore and it is so hard. Look at the lovely handle on this cup, it is also scalloped like lace. Love it!
Cup No. 3 is a Coalport. The shape of this cup really adds to it's unique beauty. The colors around the edges are so vivid. I have had this for years and really can't remember when I purchased it. I am usually pretty good at remember where or who gave the cup to me. (Maybe I should start eliminated the ones I don't remember, that will at least help me not to feel so old.) It is so hard because, each cup I have, I picked because I love it.
The last cup I am sharing is a Royal Albert. So pretty!
I am also listing this vintage SADLER STAFFORDSHIRE TEA POT ENGLISH COUNTRY TUDOR HOUSE on the website today. You may not believe this, or I have over 100 tea pots. It's time! Please take a peek, it is so cute. Sending hugs to all, Martha

May 7, 2012


Hello Ladies: Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 112. Hope your week has all been good. My Noah is slowly getting better and he just may go back to Preschool this week. He is very weepy, otherwise, things are healing nicely. Thank you again for all your prayers.
This week I changed up my home to a teal and pink color. I will be sharing teal cups with you all month. I love the color teal, it is so Spring like. I think this is the first year I have ever decorated my home in Teal, I guess my collection must have grown. Still feeling like I am catching up with everyone. Hopefully, this is the end of illness here. Before I start sharing, I want to remind you that I am having a give away. You can check lasts week's post for information. This California Pottery Tea Cup is what I am giving away! It is to celebrate over 100 posts.
My first tea cup is a Colclough, English, Teal with Roses China Cup & Saucer. This beauty is decorated with 22 KT Gold Filigree. It is designed to look like Chintz, only in gold. Quite amazing!
Of course, you can't beat an Aynsley tea cup. Love the shape and the roses that decorate this beautiful cup. This cup is new to me this year.
The last cup is a Crown Staffordshire, England. This cup has the opposite design of the Colclough. The Teal is dark and the 22KT design is done lightly thoughout the cup. It is very rich looking. The same and yet so different.
Did I ever tell you I collect Fenton? Well, I do and most of the teal glass I pictured today is Fenton. I really just discovered what a large collection of this color Fenton I own. That is always fun to learn.
Here is Mr. Linky for this week. Always look forward to seeing what you will share each week. I promise I will do better at commenting this week. My life just got out of control for a few weeks. Don't forget to see what Terri is up to! She is always amazing to visit. Have a wonderful week, filled with blessings! Hugs, Martha

May 1, 2012


Hello Ladies: Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 111. Hope you are all doing well and have your tea cups ready for another fun week. I have been doing better, however, Noah's big surgery day is Wednesday. Please pray for him and the rest of us. I get teary eyed just thinking about him. My daughter, who had surgery over a week ago, is doing wonderful. Thank you for your prayers. One more to go! I will be watching Sophia that morning. Thank God she loves me know! She even hugs me! She will help me be sane that morning.
As I promised you last week, I am having a give away! It will end in the last Tuesday in May. Noah will do the honors! I am giving away a tea cup that is California Pottery. It is bright yellow, perfect for the coming Summer. To be included in this give away. You need to do one of the following, follow me on Facebook, sign my guest book on Pretty Vintage Things and of course, be a follower. Let me know in the comment what you have done. You will get your name in the hat for each thing you do. Enter as often as you like.
I know I am late again this week. I have still be exercising, (just call me a Jock) so I am going to have to change the time I write my blog. I come home so tired. I try to do better next week. The first tea cup I would like to share with you is an Aynsley. Love the handle and the simple outside design. You can spot an Aynsley right away. Love the way the scallops turn into hearts.
Cup No. 2 is a Royal Albert. The pattern name is "Rosedale". It looks like a Rosedale, is a perfect place to live. The red flowers are enameled.
My next cup is a Paragon. It is part of an Antique Series, pattern name "Georgian". I am not sure the pictures show the pleated edges of this pattern. It is very vintage looking, just beautiful.
This last cup is Foley Bone China. It always reminds me of Terri. It is just her style don't you think? A beautiful teal color with lots of gold gilding. The saucer is almost bowl shape. Love the handle.
Here is Mr. Linky for this week Thank you for your faithfulness. I love Tuesday in blogland, so much to see. Here is some vintage costume I will be listing this week! Have a wonderful time partying!
Hugs, Martha