Oct 27, 2014


Hello Ladies and welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 244! Hope you have had a wonderful week and that you and your little ones or big ones, as the case maybe, are Halloween ready.  Mine have gone though many costumes changes and have finally decided on one or two for the big day.  Parties have begun for both the big kids and the little kids.  I love all the festivities of Halloween.  My first daughter was born during this season so she always gives us a reason to celebrate her wonderful and accomplished life!  Happy Birthday my love.

I need to make this post very short and sweet because my son has been ill, as you know.  Everything stops when someone is sick around here, especially, if you are a man.  So I am only going to share one cup and ask you for your continued prayers.  Terri's son has also been struggling this week so please remember him as well.

Have to share pictures of my babies!

Sending lots of love your way!  Martha

Oct 20, 2014


Hi Ladies and welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 243!  Hope you had a wonderful week.  My week has had it's ups and downs but for the most part it was good.  Sophia started Pre-school and we were all not sure how it was going to go, but she loved it!  Not one single tear was shed, except maybe by Mom. She was saying good-bye in the parking lot!  I must say, no one in our family has ever had a child that did that! This is a picture of her first day at Pre-school. 

I have been trying so hard to get things organized and trying to give away some of this extra stuff.  I gave my daughter a huge bag of items to decorate her home for Halloween.  I still have too much.  Then, there was that little incident of last week's sale.  Since there were items purchased for various seasons, thing got just a little complicated. Today, I am sharing some of the fun items I purchased.  (You thought I would forget, didn't you?) Well, all the pictures you will see today are part of that huge sale.

The tea cups I am sharing today are also, part of that bounty.  The first cup is Bavarian.  Love the beautiful roses on this cup.  It cost me $1, how could I not get it? 

Cup number two is a Paragon.  I love the blues and the yellows in this cup. Who can resist a Paragon for $2?

This next cup I think is German.  I am not sure why I am so attracted to this style cup.  It is chunky and so perfect and only $1!

This next item is a Pumpkin Carriage.  The tree inside was also part of this sale.  The tree is really for Valentine's Day, but I thought it looks so cute in the Carriage, so the hearts are hidden for now.  

I also picked up a few birds.  Did I ever tell you I collect birds?  It's a problem, I know.    

This is just a sample of what I picked up at that sale.  Pray for me,  I could not help it.  Everything was so cute. I will show you more next week.  The items were not  as cute as my grandchildren.

Please continue to pray for Terri and her son, as well as my son.  Thank you so much for joining the party this week.  It is always a blessing.  MARTHA


Oct 13, 2014


Hello Ladies!  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 242! Our weather is finally cooling down a little bit.  It is hard to think about Fall when we are still 90 degrees in Los Angeles.  We are rationing water so the yards are barely staying alive.  My week was very busy, but I  did managed to squeeze in two very fun things. First, I was at a Scrapbook Convention (yes they have their own convention's) and secondly, I went to the best estate sale ever, by accident.  Love it when that happens.  The lady that lived there owned a local boutique.  All her items were very cute and on the French Country side.  I have a CRV and the back was almost full.  The most I paid for anything was $5.00, $1.00 or $2.00 was the average price.  Tell me, how could I pass that up?  Impossible, right? So, I guess, I have backslided a little from "my less is best idea."  I couldn't help it,  really.  My weeks have been so stressful for so long. I caved, it's true, I was weak.  I couldn't help it.  Thought I might have felt regret, when I got home, but I didn't. Have mercy!  I will try to show you some of the loot next week.  Still have not finished unpacking.

I am sharing two cups this week.  The first one is this cute little girl cup that was made in Germany.  I love how she is surrounded by red flowers. 

My next cup is a Rosenthal Elfenbein tea cup.  Pattern name Konfetti.  It is so cute, looks like it is right out of the 1950's. 

Also sharing some pictures of my Halloween porch.  It is not scary because of Sophia, but it does the trick.  The children love it.  Noah is still changing who he wants to be for Halloween. Now, he wants me to make him Dracula. He wants fangs with blood.  He is pretty "chicken little" so it can't be scary.  That is my next job. 

Please continue to pray for my son and well as Terri and her son.  I can't wait until she comes back to join us.  Have a wonderful week. 

Sending hugs your way!  Martha

Oct 6, 2014


Hello Ladies!  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 241!  Some great news to report, my son-in-law is mending well after back surgery.  My Son, is beginning to feel so much better. Grandson's problem is gone. My deep signing from stress has left.  God is good.  I just may be back to the land of the living again! Yeah! I also had a long talk with our dear  friend, Terri, this weekend.  She continues to get stronger and hopes to be back before end of the year.   I want to thank you for praying for our family and for sending me your prayer requests.  That is what the Body of Christ is here for to help one other.  Our little tea party has turned into quite a family. 

I am sharing very pretty brown tea cups today.  We usually don't think of brown tea cups as pretty, but I am sure these will change you mind.  The first one is this Wales China, Made in Japan.  A very rich colors in browns and gold. It features gold trim that has been hand painted.  

This second one is R W, Hand Painted, Made in German, US Zone.  Love all the hand gold leafing on this cup, as well as the pretty scene on the saucer.   

The last cup is the pheasant cup by K M. Gould Co. of California. It too, has rich fall colors. All three cups I have shared are demitasse. 

I had the most amazing surprise this week.  Kitty, sent me this wonderful care package.  It included a jar of her home made jam and and delightful tea.  I was so happy she sent that to me.  It arrived on a very hard day and  it felt like, God had sent me a present, through her.  She is the sweet lady.  Her blog always makes me hungry! Thank you Kitty, again.  Perfect timing!

Our family was at Disneyland today, still celebrating Sophia's third birthday.  She has been a party animal all weekend long and now into Monday!  It was lots of fun but exhausting!

Have a great week!  Sending hugs your way.  Martha