Feb 27, 2010


Hi Ladies: It is the weekend, yeah! Pink Saturday, life is good. It is raining and the mud is flowing. I am feeling very grateful, I am not in Chile this morning and my new roof is working well. I am so afraid of Earthquakes and I live in Earthquake country. Hope you are all having a good time doing what you love to do. I am still working on the bathroom, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope all will be done by the end of next week. On Thursday, Noah and I went to the thrift store and he found a hat. He usually loves to pick broken toys that I have to talk him out of for something that is useful. I just had to take a picture of him with the hat on. He looked so cute. He wore it the whole day.

Friday, my husband and I went to an Estate sale and I just scored! I usually don't pick up as many things when he is with me because, well you know why.
"What are you going to use that for? Or, do you really need another one of those? What is that?" You know the drill. However, in his defense, he was quite happy with all I purchased and had no complaints. I did not take his temperature so I am not sure that happened! You won't catch me complaining.

The pictures are of all the treasures I found. I think my favorite is the pink box with the rose on top of it. I collect them you know. I have quite a few. I will have to have a post of just them one day. I also have picked up a few more items at the thrift store this with week, I just forgot to take the pictures. I will take the pictures later on this week and show you.

Did you see the button for the "Tea Cup Tuesday"? Cute isn't it? Now all I have to do is figure out how to make a list of any one that wants to play and link it so when you press it, you go to their blog. I hope that makes sense. I have trouble just writing about it, let alone doing it. I many have to ask a friend or two to help me. Keep this in mind, if you want to play. I will figure it out! I hope to blog a little more this coming week. Life just happen to me. Blessings to all! Martha

Feb 20, 2010


Hi Ladies: Hope you are all having a great Sunday. Our last week of February, did this month just fly by or is it me? I will be starting to take down my Valentine's Day things. I hate that, I love all the hearts and pinks and love messages. It just makes you feel good inside. I do green in March, not sure why, (St. Patrick's Day?) I just like each month to have color, so March is green. I do like to leave a little pink around so decorations are really green and pink. Even as I write this it feels a little weird. I am over the top. Maybe therapy is not so far off. Blogging really makes you take a good look at yourself. I don't think of myself as self-absorbed, but as I read my post, I am beginning to question a few things. Do you ever wondered what your grandchildren will think of you as they read your blog when they grow up? Pray for me would you?

It is cold around here and still raining off and on. So far my new roof is working well, thank God! We are not done with the rain or the mud slides yet. We have been in drought mode for so long, so the change is good. At least that is what I tell myself, when I am having trouble moving around because of the dampness.
Master bath is still undergoing remodeling. It is such a mess. It is very weird to have a handyman walking in and out of my bedroom to get to the bath. I like my home to look in order when people visit. It throws me all off when things are messy. Everything that was in the bathroom is now in my bedroom. I am spring cleaning at the same time and wishing it was Spring. I am giving a lot of items to the Goodwill, which is a good thing. Even, Noah, complained Saturday. He did not like that I moved his rocking chair and let me know about it. He quickly moved it where it belonged. Then he said in almost a yell, "I want apple juice!". It felt like he really was saying "I need a drink!" It made me laugh so hard.

Noah can say up to 6 words in a sentence and he is not even 2 yet. Is he a genius or what? The hard thing, for me, is to figure out what characters he is talking about. They have names like Yo Gabba Gabba! (It is a cartoon, who would have thought?) What happen to Mighty Mouse? We had to go get some yogurt with sprinkles. Life is always better with a little sprinkles!

Anyway, did I ever tell you I collect figurines? I think I did. I have quite a few. Since I do not have any "March" decorating done, I thought I would show you a few of my figurines. I have some in every color except orange, they are so pretty and girly. I love girly things, they seem to make life just a little softer. It is the middle of the night and I am having trouble sleeping due to pain. So if this post sounds like I am not very focused, please cut me some slack.

I picked up this yellow plate, I think it is Majolica. I really like it. This could be the beginning of a new love for me (therapy)! If you happen to know if that is what the plate is, please let me know. Thanks!

I received this wonderful gift from my dear friend, Gwen. She sent me some pink pearls (top of page). Gwen always knows when to send me some "love". I do wear most of my jewelry, I just like to see them out. That is why I decorate with them. They come out by color, of course! When you are neurotic it crosses all lines. Please stop by and say hello to my dear friend Gwen at http://acharminghome.blogspot.com/. Tell her I sent you.

Have a wonderful day! Blessings, Martha

Feb 15, 2010


Hi Ladies: Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day, I know I did! The day was spent with family, plus the romantic dinner and movie! All was right with the world. I took a few pictures of Noah and Maya, we were at the Arboretum in Arcadia, CA. The plants there were breath taking. I joking told Maya I wanted to take a peacock feather from the bird. She thought I was serious and quickly gave me all the reasons for not even thinking about it. One of the reasons she gave was she did not want to see me in jail. She was so cute. I was scared of the peacocks, that is the last thing I would ever do. Boy, did she want to make sure her Grandma was did not break the rules. Too cute!

I took of few pictures of things in my bedroom. Did I ever tell you I collect blue glass? It can be Fenton, blue milk glass any Blue and White Transfer ware, Blue depression glass, if it is pretty, I just may collect it. I know, not good. Believe or not, I am trying to only pick things now that are very spectacular and selling off the others on Ebay. I call it trading up! It makes me feel better.

I meet a lady by the name of Carrie, today. Her blog is http://oakrisecottage.blogspot.com. she, too, is collector. It was so fun, she sent me a list of some of the things she collected and much to my surprise, except for about 4 items, we had similar collections. This is just one more fun part of blogging. I have always thought of myself as this weird woman with "hoarding tendencies". The only difference with between me and the TV show is my house is fun to look at and you can clearly walk around. (When you start see pictures of my house with no room to walk, please make that call for me!) Anyway, Carrie, sounds like she and I are going to be great friends. Stop by to visit her, when you get a chance. Tell her Martha sent you!

I am going to redo my master bath in the next few weeks. So you will probably be seeing pictures soon. I have one of those big Jacuzzis, the ones that can fit two and it is gray. The tile is also gray so I am going to have to get around that a bit because I am tired of the color. It is going to be messy for a while, but it will be worth it when I am done. Still trying to get my act together for "Tea Cup Tuesday". I haven't forgotten, so please keep it in mind. Wishing you the best God has for you this week. Remember to cast your cares on Him, because He cares for you! Lots of Hugs, Martha

PS: I hope you do not mind the song. It is call "Blue". It reminds me of my son, Kyle, when he was little. He liked it so much he was "blue" for Halloween one year. Everything was blue, even his hair! It brings back good memories for me. (Feel free to turn it down!) Love ya!

Feb 12, 2010


Hi Ladies: I bet you thought I forgot all about you? Not true, just doing some catch up around the house and helping our church get ready for a Valentines's Party. I am in charge of decorating the room and the tables. It is always so much fun to do. We had our main sanctuary burn down three years ago. All our decorations were stored in that building so, all was lost. In an effort to save money, little has been purchased to replace them. I am supplying all the decorations, tables cloths, center pieces, which as you may have guessed, is not a big problem for me. However, packing it all up and moving them to the church is time consuming. So there is my excuse and I sticking to it.

Did I ever tell you I collect Cameos? I love how romantic they look. So, what better month to decorate with some of them? Some of the cameos pictured are very real and expensive and others are not. I love them both, don't really care if they are real or not. Just thought I would tell you the ones pictured are a mix of both. They seem to be getting harder to find. You know how much I enjoy decorating with costume jewelry, so I thought I would give you some new ideas for your home.

At long last, the rain has stopped for a short time here. I will be able to have the roofers and the handyman over to make the much needed repairs after the last few, fun filled days. It was a mud bath around here, never seen anything like this. Many of you have asked about my home, it is fine, just a leaking roof, which will be repaired this week. Thank you so much for praying for me.

We all had a wonderful time at Mary Poppins! We sat fourth row, center! The best seats in the house. My Princess Maya just loved it. It was Maya's first grown-up play. She was so happy to have girls' night out. Since, Noah was born, he has stolen a bit of her thunder, so she was so pleased to be the center of everyone's attention. I brought her a T-shirt, that read "Practically perfect!". It was pink, with rhinestones all over it. It fit her perfect and she was so happy! Truly it was a night to remember!

Have a great Pink Saturday and a blessed week! Hugs, Martha