Oct 31, 2009


Hi, Happy weekend everyone! Welcome to a scary Pink Saturday! This post will be quick, this morning. I have Noah! Here are some cute Pink Saturday pictures, as well as a picture of my son Kyle and me a few years ago. We were the ghosts of Mrs. Jack and her son! Close your eyes if it is too scary for you! LOL! Have a great day!.

Today is this last day to leave a comment for the give away! Noah will be picking tomorrow! Good luck! Please be safe! Blessings, Martha

Oct 29, 2009


Better late than never! I was going to post this Monday morning. Show you all the fun things I purchased this past weekend while I watched Noah, however, life got in the way! I normally watch Noah 2 days a week and thrilled to get that. This week, still thrilled, I have watched him every day! His other Grandma had visitors so he was at my home all week. He is so much fun, I do adore him. However, he is 18 months and 31 pounds. He still likes to be held and cuddled, which is wonderful, but this old lady is tried! I have done no housework, no yard work, mimumal laundry, and no cooking at all. Every bone in by body is in pain! So, please forgive me for being late.

I have taken the weekend pictures, plus a gift my sister-in-law, Maureen, gave me yesterday. The Lady Head Vase was my gift. I just love it! I did get two gifts but the other one is going up on Pink Saturday! The items I have pictured, were purchased at various, boutiques, rummage sales and thrift stores on Saturday. Hope you enjoy them.

I also received an award from my dear friend, Bunny, at http://bunnymissbrenner.blogspot.com/. Bunny is the most honest person, I have ever met and her blog will have you laughing so hard! She is a must read! As soon as my faithful friend, can help me, it will be up for all to see!

Don't forget give away at the end of the month. Oops, in a couple of days! Just leave a comment! Blessings to all! Martha

Oct 25, 2009


A day in the life. . . I was up at 5:00 am Saturday, morning. Noah was coming over for the day. Mom and Dad had a Church Rummage Sale. So off we went for a little breakfast together, just me and my Noah. We came home for a quick nap following breakfast, because we had to be in a Parade at Descanso Gardens at 9:30 am. I live minutes away from the wonderful garden. Often take my walks there. The costume parade was followed by a train ride (we got to sit next to the conductor) and a walk around the gardens. Noah almost fell into a pond, he wanted to go swimming. He did fall on every patch of soft flowers he could find. A Christmas boutique was also available for our shopping pleasure, so we were pleased! Lunch time came and went quickly, we had rice as part of our lunch, so an extra tip was necessary after our visit!

The Rummage Sale came next. It was hot and Noah wanted to see all the stands. Mom and Dad were still very busy. I did manage to purchase some real fun items at the boutique they had there, too, although, priority was Noah. (Pictures to follow tomorrow.) After the Rummage Sale ended I followed Noah and his parent to the thrift shop to donate what was not sold and to buy a little something for Grandma. (A girl just can't help herself, sometimes!) Back to Grandma's at 3:30 pm to get ready for Noah's first costume party! He was the cutest Micky Mouse. Finally, all my children were off, both large and small. Relaxing at last, no wait, I have to leave in an hour to have dinner with my hubby, if we were going to make the Hollywood Bowl on time.

Quickly changed, and drove off to Mimi's in Los Feliz. Good time, good food, must leave though, if we are going to catch the bus to the Bowl. Off we go, two happy people, no bus. Cancelled. OK, plan B, drive to the Bowl, fight traffic and find a parking place, that did not required your first born as a down payment. Finally, 10 minutes before showtime, for a mere $20, we found our piece of land in a stacking parking lot! What luck, we were late, so we had to park on the outside. Which means, no ones leaves, until we do! Managed the crowds to the tunnels and then to our seats.

It was a wonderful night of Barry Manilow. I am a big fan of both the Bowl and Manilow, so I had a great time. I usually get seasons tickets for the bowl and often, hubby lets me go with a friend, when he is not quite up to the physical part of attending. This night we were together and all was well with the world!

Finally, got home at 11:45 pm, only to be too tried to sleep! So we talked for two hours before were closed our eyes! A very long day, but each part was wonderful and I am so thankful for every part of it!

The moral of the story? There is always time for collecting! LOL! Blessings, Martha

Oct 23, 2009


Pink Saturday is the best! You get to go to other sites and peek into their homes. It is like always having your favorite magazine in front of you. You peek and you wish and you dream! What could be better? My knees are still a little weak, but improving. I did manage to get a few pictures for you. I also wanted to show you this cute little bolo tie, I have had forever. It fires caps and has a bull on the handle. I use it when anyone wants to be Cowboy for Halloween. It is going on Ebay today. I have to sell more than I keep and I could use the money for Christmas gifts. It is so cute, I just had to show it to you, before it goes out the door!

Don't forget, just a little over a week before the drawing. Just leave a comment and your name will go into a bowl and Noah will pick! Blessings, Martha

Oct 22, 2009


Have spent all week in bed, not so fun. I do believe my knee is getting better. Have heard from all my friends, all telling me what I already know. I even heard from Nancy and Rebecca, dear friends and my first followers. That was one real good thing that happen because of the accident! I do appreciate all your concern, scoldings and prayers. I am going to do good and not over do, until this heals completely.

There are three things that scare me to death 1. earthquakes, 2. fires, and 3. hitting my knees. I think I can deal with everything else. Those three things put the fear of God in me real quick. So I am going to obey!

I have not been on my feet at all, so I thought I would post some pictures of my bathroom that I had up almost a year ago. My collection of hand mirrors has increased a little since these were taken.

Don't forget to everytime you leave a comment, your name goes into the bowl for the give away. Noah will pick at the end of the month!

Blessings, Martha

Oct 20, 2009


Do you remember in my last post I was bragging about how good I felt? I told you I even worked in my yard, something I had not done in a long time. Well, when I worked on my yard I over did it a little bit. I transplanted 3 medium size trees! (I don't fool around when I do yard work!) My knees were a little sore, to be expected, nothing I could not live with.

I took Noah to a pumpkin patch, which he hated and was glad to wave good bye. What I did not tell you was during my weekend of running a muck, I purchased a desk. It is much smaller than the desk I have now. My brilliant thought was, I would be forced to file my papers away, in stead of just letting them pile up on one side of the desk. Good idea so far,right? What I did not notice was, this desk had the opening for the knees on the opposite side of the other one. Big mistake, on Monday morning, I was going to post before I started my day. As I hurried to start, I banged my knees on the drawers, real hard. It made me cry, of course, I am a cry baby. But onward Christian Solder right?

I watch Noah on Monday, so off I went to pick up my Sunshine. He and I went to breakfast. As I was getting up from the table to remove him from his chair, when something snapped in my knee! I tried not to scream because, my daughter was there and I did not want to upset her. So, like a fool, I pretended all was well. By the time I got home, my knee looked like it had doubled in size. Today, it is filled with water, again, and it is killing me. Which means, I will be stuck in bed until I can get it to work well again.

So that's what I have been up to! Some people never learn. I am so upset at myself! Anyway ladies, I did take some pictures before I went brain dead. Hope you like them. Don't forget to comment, every comment give you a chance for a shot at the give away! Blessings to you! Martha

Oct 16, 2009


There was no way I was going to give you re-runs again, it would have been a sin! However, ladies, I change everything around for each season. It is hard to find pink in October, November stuff. Lucky for me, I am a serial collector! (Who would have thought that would one day come in handy?) Did I tell you I collect pictures of roses? I bet I didn't! So, up for your viewing pleasure are the roses frames I still have up in my kitchen. That is a room I rarely show you, I don't know why, it's pretty!

I am feeling very well today. Thank you for your prayers. This weather has had me in bed a lot. Today, however, it was 97 degrees and I went shopping! Yeah! Hit the thrift store and a boutique, and also got my flu shot, too much fun! I even worked on the yard a little bit. Had not done that in a month due to the "Tin man" effect.

Will show you all my goodies later this week. I already took the pictures. Am I feeling together or what? I want to remind you to leave a comment to be part of my 100Th follower give away. You get entered each time you comment until October 31st!

I also wanted to mention a lady, Ceekay, from http://thinkinofhome.blogspot.com/. I visited her for the first time today. Please stop by her blog. She has cancer and they are looking for experimental treatments. Not good, she needs prayer. I don't know her, I don't have to. I know the Healer! Thanks for doing this for me, I know the Lord will bless you for your faithfulness!

Have to rest up now, I have Noah tomorrow! I need all my strength for his visit! Blessings, Martha