Jan 28, 2010


Hi Ladies: Where did our week go? I have been busy getting a roofer and cleaning and decorating my home for February. If you stay in one place too long here, you will get a pink bow tried to your head and rhinestone jewelry will get hung you.

Today, through, I have been stiff and lazy. Must be a weather change again. They should just hire me on the weather station. I am a living weather woman. In the good news, bad new department, Noah is going to start pre-school next month, two days a week. I will still get to have him the same number of days. It just seems unreal that he will begin school. My little boy is growing up! Say a little prayer for ME! Hard to see your grandbabies grow up.

Don't forget, I have the give away in a few days. Noah and I are getting ready for the big day by having yogurt, his favorite, with lots of strawberries. It is hard work, but someone has to do it!

I am also working on a "Tea Cup Tuesday" with my friend Terri at http://artfulaffirmations.blogspot.com/. Terri is a sweet, talented woman and we are trying to figure out a way that we can all share our love of tea cups. What better way than "Tea Cup Tuesday"? We will probably start next month. We just have to figure out how to do it, because neither one of us is very computer savvy. It will be fun looking at everyone cups, don't you think?

Last but not least, I receive an award today from Bunny at http://bunnymissbrenner.blogspot.com/. If you do not know Bunny, you have go visit. This wonderful lady is bold and brave and everything I am not. I always tell her I want to grow up to be just like her. A dear lady, you just have to get to know. Thank you, Bunny! (The song is for you.)
Most important, thanks to Saras at http://loveleightreasures.blogspot.com/, who always places my things on my blog, because I do not know how! I am not sure how I got so lucky to have met and become friends with such wonderful ladies, I do know I am blessed to have you.

The pictures you see are of some of the changes that have been happening around my home. Thanks for the visit and the kind thoughts. Blessings, Martha

Jan 25, 2010


Hi Ladies! I write a post on how I think I am going crazy and you defend me! You are so nice! So, because of you, I will skip the "little yellow pill". Thank you for the love you have shown me. It is my time of need and you are right there. Thank you so much.

I have to tell you what I did yesterday. I was on my way to take my Noah to his mother's, when I notice on my block there was, what looked like a vintage secretary on the curb with a "free" sign on it. I had Noah in the car so I could not stop. Besides, who puts a vintage secretary out on the curb? So, I had lunch with my daughter, went shopping for about 2 hours and came back.
Well, there it was, still on the curb, still with the big free sign on it.

So I said to myself, "Self, get out of the car and check this out. It probably is a piece of junk, but you will not sleep unless you look." Being the obedient person that I am, I stopped. There before my eyes was a turn of the century, Tiger Oak, Secretary, in excellent condition. All that was missing was the glass on the door and a piece of mirror. Easy fix!

I was so excited. Now my dilemma. It is 6 houses away. I am alone. Can't leave it, because someone might take it. So brilliant me thinks, Plan A - "I can just zig-zag it home!" It would not zig or zag, too heavy.
Plan B - "I can just put this in the back of my CRV. Just lean it in, no problem!" Took the car seat out and the stroller and the toys, plus the two bins that I had just purchased and somehow put them in the front seat! "I can do this thing!", I said to myself. Yes, once again, I am talking to myself.

I tried to push it toward the back of the car. Nothing, the thing is solid, it would not move. "Take the drawers out Martha! Everyone knows that drawers make a piece heavier." So now the drawers and 4 selves are in the front seat. I barely had room for me. I was on a mission! Tried again, nothing!

A neighbor, who has a bad arm sees me and stops to help me. Two heavy for the both of us. The thing does not move. Neighbor says he will go home and get a screwdriver. Maybe we can take it apart, off he goes.

Then I see a truck with three men coming my way. They were painters. Painters are nice right? Flagged them down and they stopped. I asked them if they could put it in the back of their truck. It is only 6 house away. They said yes! They empted their truck of supplies and filled it with my Secretary. (I did not see the painting supplies in the back.) Now it has arrived in front of my house. I could not asked them to take it in the house. They are strangers. Nice is nice, but God gave me a brain!

Plan C? - Getting secretary into house. I see the gardeners, they were finishing up my yard. I asked them, they say yes! Perfect! Secretary is now in living room. That is as far as I wanted the gardeners to go. (Remember, God gave me a brain.) However, I wanted the secretary in the bedroom, in the back of the house.
Plan D - Neighbor guys next door had just drove up! Yeah! So now the secretary is in the bedroom.
So excited, next problem, I don't like it in the bedroom. I need to show if off! I want it in the living room.

Plan E - Getting secretary back into living room. Just as the Lord would have it, my dear, beloved son, who owes me, gets home with 3 friends. You guessed it, is now back in the living room.

I re-arranged my whole living room and dining room to accommodate the piece. It looks stunning, getting glass and mirror ordered tomorrow. Pictures do not do it justice.

So, the moral of the story is . . . where there is a will, there's a way or don't talk to yourself so much Martha! Either moral is good!

Don't forget my give-way. Information is 2 posts down. Blessings, Martha

Jan 22, 2010


Hi: I feel like I am giving you a nickel tour of what I do around my home. Does anyone care what it looks like? Probably not, but that's OK. I love to blog and really enjoy hearing from you. So if you are reading this, this is my life. Anyone else think it is a little weird to have strangers who you will probably never meet, looking in your home? The strangest thing is, I don't think of you as strangers, but friends. Friends who care about me and I care about you.

I have been thinking to much, (dangerous, I know). I finally got out today. I have been a prisoner in my own home with all this rain. I do not like to drive in it, so I have been home. My son, the snowboarder, is finally home. Thank God! He thought he was going to get snowed in. Which he thought would be way cool. God help me!

While I was out today, I had the weirdest thing happen to me. Some of you may know, I have been having a difficult time, these past few months. I was in the parking lot of Vons, putting my groceries in the car, when a lady, out of no where, came over to my car and just stared at me. I am a little peculiar but, this was different. It was raining a little bit, and she just stood there, looking at me. She was no further than 2 feet away from me, I could have touch her. The lot was well lit. The weird thing about this was, she looked exactly like my mother-in-law, who I dearly loved and miss. She has been dead for almost 2 years. She smiled at me with such love in her eyes. It was like she was saying "Don't worry, Martha, everything is going to be all right!" I quickly put the bags I had in my hand in the car, so I could talk to her. When I turned around she was gone, just gone. It was only for a few seconds, she was just gone. My mother-in-law had a large chest, so did this lady, it was her. I know that can't happen. I still am not sure what happen to me. Have I been in this house to long? Do I just miss her so much, I needed her reassurance?

I am a Born Again, Christian, so was she. I know where my mother-in-law is at. So, maybe it is time for me to take that "little yellow pill". I just had to tell someone, so you are it. Please do not stop visiting my blog, because now I am crazy.
It happened, I promise!

Changing subject quickly. I have started to miss "pink" in my home, so my living room is in the process of getting decorated for February. Know you are really going to think I am crazy!

OK, hope all is well with you!

Only a few more days until the give away. (Safe subject!) Get all the 411 in the post below. I am posting this before I change my mind. Blessings, Martha

Jan 21, 2010


Hi Ladies! Well, I am debating, building a ark. How is it going with you? It has poured all week and the winds have been strong. The top cap of my roof has blown off, so that is scheduled to be fixed as soon as the rain lets up. I am hoping by next week. I have only had two small leaks so far. My husband has put a bandaide on it. We are hoping it holds up until the damage can get fixed. I do not know what was worse, worrying about the roof or my husband on the roof. He is not very staple on his legs. (He walks with a cane.) God really has me on a faith walk in more ways than one.

I have been very busy. My dear, sweet, beloved, son, Kyle ran over something on the freeway. His car is fairly new. He is not even sure what it was he hit, however, the whole transmission has to be replaced. I have been dealing with the insurance all week long. Kyle was fine, just a little upset, he is without a car for a while. He went snowboarding to relax. What a life!

Remember, I told you I am working on my craft room and guess room at the same time? Well, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel with the craft room. These pictures are of that room. I have a roll top desk and another dresser that is still not ready for primetime pictures, but soon. I know it looks messy, but believe me it is organized. I tend to work on the messy side when I am creating, so that explans it. Doesn't it seem that I am always making excuses for myself? Another sign? God help me!

The taxes are all over my bedroom. I can only handle working on them a little at a time. The worse part is my Ebay. I know a lot of people who do not claim their Ebay money, but I do. It takes me forever to get it organized, because I just stuff it in a file all year. You would never guess I use to administate a school. Where did that woman go?

The funny thing is, I like all my drawers to be very organized. I hate to open a messy drawer. I am so weird. Well, I need to go back to my ark plans. The rain seems to be getting worse.

Don't forget, I am having a give away for my one year anniversary. To celebrate, I have planned this give away, that will end January 31, 2010. Since I am a book-a-holic, what would be better than another book? Rachel Ashwell is my favorite designer. This book, The Gift of Giving, I believe is her best! All you have to do is leave a comment, the more you leave the more chances you get. (I love getting to know you.) If you choose to follow, I will give you two extra points and last but not least, if you add my button to your blog, you get three chances. It is just that easy. Just let me know what you have done and Noah and I will do the rest!

Take care of yourselves. Remember you are loved! Martha

Jan 17, 2010


It is raining in Southern California! They are saying we are going to get rain in Biblical proportions. Watching the news can always give you such peace, NOT! Yesterday was rain free and I spent the day with Noah and Aunt Maureen. We all had a wonderful time. Noah actually told me "I know everything now, Gamma!" Pretty scary, especially since he is only 21 months. That is a lot of words all together! He was talking about driving. He thinks he can drive a real car. We are in deep trouble. He thinks Elmo is real and has to have him everywhere he goes. Elmo, however, can not talk too much or it freaks Noah out and he turns off the toy.

We had played so hard together yesterday, he fell asleep during lunch. He was so hungry that he was eating with both a fork and a spoon, at the same time.
When he was done, he just collapsed in his Mama's arms. I was so tired I wish I could have done the same thing with my mom.

So much for Grandma's bragging. I can't help it. I took some picture of white and black things I have up. The Pastor was joking today, in church, and said, if he ever had to move me, he would pray for the rapture that day! Just so you know, in my defence, my home is not like the hoarders you see on TV. I have it neatly in storage bin, in the basement. Everything is ready for the new month or season. One comes up and the other going back in storage. I am defending myself. Is that a sign? Oh no!

Change subject quickly, forget what you just read. Now, Ladies, do not forget my give away ladies. Information is on the post below. Have a great week. Do something special for someone! Blessings, Martha

Jan 15, 2010


It is Pink Saturday tomorrow and it is suppose to rain all day. It never rains in Southern California! We do need it, we are on water rations so we need all the help we can get. I have Noah tomorrow morning and planning to spend the rest of the day with my favorite sister in law, Maureen.

Today, I pruned my plum tree. It was hard, but I need to do it and feel very good about it. I also pruned 6 more roses. I am almost done with the front yard roses, yeah! I have my middle yard and back yard to go. I worked on my craft room and hung up the curtains that I made for the guess room and moved a desk. It was a good day. I am going to spend some time on my Ebay later. I do not do very much Etsy, I just can't get the hang of if. The different categories confuse me. So, I am sticking to Ebay this year.

I have a few pinks for our special day. I also have a picture of this funky lamp that I have put up on Ebay. I just want to know what you think?

Did you notice my new look? Debbie did it for me. I just love it. She is so good and sweet as pie. Please don't forget my give away.

I am having a give away for my one year anniversary. To celebrate, I have planned this give away, that will end January 31, 2010. Since I am a book-a-holic, what would be better than another book? Rachel Ashwell is my favorite designer. This book, The Gift of Giving, I believe is her best! All you have to do is leave a comment, the more you leave the more chances you get. (I love getting to know you.) If you choose to follow, I will give you two extra points and last but not least, if you add my button to your blog, you get three chances. It is just that easy. Just let me know what you have done and Noah and I will do the rest!

Thank you ladies for all your kind words. Have a great Pink Saturday! Remember you are special! Blessings, Martha