Jul 30, 2009


I just realize as I am writing this blog that you will be reading the end first. One day, I am going to get the hang of this computer thing! Anyway, this is the last item I am going to write about, because this blog just got to emotional for me. The item is a gift from my daughter, Vanessa. She is so much like me that I sometimes think God just wanted us to be doubles. She probably does not like this idea very much. She tries hard to do things different from me, as any self respecting daughter should. We are just one! Whether she likes it or not! I was able to be with my grandson, Noah, every day of his life until just a few months ago. The attachment is great for me. The treasure she gave me, other than Noah of course, is a ring. Something she did not want, for reasons, I don't think would be good to mention. It was a reminder to her of a time I am sure she would like to forget. When I wear this ring, I am reminded that we always have times that are hard in our life, things we want to toss out and forget. It is during these times however, that God does His greatest work in us. She is some one that is beautiful on the outside and on the inside, where it counts. I love her so much!

Ok, here we go again! This next treasure is from my husband, Kelly. It is a tooth pick holder. (I know, you think I am lossing it!) Our son, Kyle, as a toddler use to hate going to sleep. We would do everything to get him to go to sleep, including, but not limited to, midnight freeway rides in the car. I would always tell him "the moon is sleeping" and some how, that would do it for him finally. One day, Kelly came home with this treasure. It sits in my fine china case with all my expensive things. It is the most treasured in that case! Thank you, Kelly! I have included a picture of my son who is about to be 20 years old in a couple of days. It seems like just yesterday, "when the moon was sleeping"!

I was going to do this in some sort of order. However, due to the fact that this is some how bring me to tears, I am just going to do them as I can handle it. Not even sure why this became so important to me, but it has. The next item I treasure, is this baby bottle. It belongs to my first grandbaby, who I never got to meet. God took her before she was born. My daughter, Monique gave my husband and I this bottle as a birth announcement. One day I will get to hold her. I don't even know if she was a girl. I just kind of always have thought so. Monique was so happy that day! Thank God, He gave us Maya. She makes up for it all!

My mother on the other hand, is quick to say "sell it". If she can get 25 cents for something in a yard sale, it is sold! It is hard to get memories from her, unless you just take them. That's what I did with this bowl. It is yellow ware and she always made tortillas with it, when we were young. The lady does not cook any more, she is retired! She gave it to me one day to sell on Ebay and I kept it! This is a childhood memory I would like to give to my grandchildren. It was hard to come by and is very precious to me!

I can not believe this party has literally brought me to tears! I am been thinking about it, since I found out, from my dear friend, Sares, that Marie at http://emmacallsmemama.com/2009/07/treasures-of-the-past/ was hosting a Heirloom Party! How fun, I said to myself!(I try not to say to much to myself, it doesn't look good, if you know what I mean?) I loved my first party so this one should be a blast! I have a lot of heirlooms to share. So,(here is where the crying started)I first thought of my Dad. He has gone to be with Jesus for a several years now. Dad liked to give me jewelry. I really don't remember if he gave it to my sister's. I just know, I always somehow got it as a gift from him. When I graduated from high school, (when dinosaurs ruled the earth)I got this ring. I know, it was not very expensive, we did not have a lot of money. He got it from Sears. However, when he gave it to me, he was so happy for me. I am his first born, he never got to go to school past the 3rd grade. I had done something that no one in his family had ever accomplished. Dad was so proud! He had the greatest smile! I am crying as I write. I just started this post, I still have more to share. I think I will come back when I get my act together. Needless to say, I loved and miss my Dad!

Jul 28, 2009


Did I ever tell you I collect costume jewelry? It seems like I just cannot get my fill. Now my cup over flows, and I need to sell some, to make room for more. It is just so hard to pick. So, wise old woman that I am, I just grabbed a hand full and decided this is it! Quite brave, if I do say so myself! So here is, what I grabbed and what, I hope will go on Ebay in the next week or so. I was into Egyptian jewelry, western jewelry, pearls, it seems my tastes vary a lot! The Christmas Girl, flower holder is from the thrift store, purchased yesterday. Isn't she cute? Does anyone else have the same trouble getting rid of things that I do? Please tell me I am not alone! Please!

Jul 27, 2009


Wow, I almost wish the party would not end, didn't you? So many beautiful, creative spaces! The things I saw, the places I went to! Amazing! It is hard to get back to normal, but we must. So, in desire to get back to normal, I went to the thrift store today. The truth is, I never go on Mondays, but I met my sister, mother and her children for lunch today. It was right next door to the thrift store, so, it would have been a sin not to go. Had lots of fun with my baby sister, Melinda, Ross and Rachel and my Mama. I just love to spend time with them. It was Melinda's birthday and she wanted a the Thriller CD. She was so happy to get it, they drove away with it playing full blast in their car! She is so much fun. I picked up a thing or three at the thrift store. I will take pictures later, maybe tomorrow. I did want to show you some of my perfume bottles. Did I tell you I collect perfume bottles?

Jul 24, 2009


It's Party Day! I had all kinds of plans to fix up my craft room so it looked pretty and I looked together! The best layed plans of mice and men! Anyway, I craft like the Tazmania Devil. I make a mess in every spot of the room. I am more creative that way. (That's my excuse and I am sticking to it!) So, here it is in all of it's glory. Things packed in every corner you can think of. The good, the bad and the ugly! Enjoy looking, have mercy and party on!

Jul 23, 2009


It seems like this week just flew by. We were just told this week that, we are on water rations. Only allowed to water 3 days a week. I have every energy efficient machine man makes and now I still have to ration. I have an English garden and a lawn. So, needless to say, I have been busy moving every plant I can into the shade. I am also looking into a new tree for the front lawn to help with shade. Major stress for a gardener. Did I tell you it has been hot? I have so much trouble in the heat. As it is I have my own personal summers, and now the heat! Bad combination.

My son Kyle and his life long friend, Kd, went to the beach today and her mom and I had a fun time shopping and crafting. I found a lot of fun things at the thrift store. I will take pictures tomorrow for you to see. We both worked on different projects in the craft room. I made another crown, what do you think?

Since I have not shown you a new picture of my Noah, here it is. He feeds his Monkey as he eats too! So cute! Did I tell you I collect buttons? The ones in this bowl are all glass. By the way, good news, it looks like Ebay has picked up so I can sell more things to get more things!? I need help!