Mar 27, 2011


Hello Ladies: I hope this post finds you well and ready to play with our tea cups! As I mentioned last week, I will be having a TV network here in my home on Thursday. They will be taking pictures of my home and collections. I have so much dusting to do. When they gives me permission, I will tell you more. Pray for me, I am over the top. I have had everyone, who could dust over to help me. Since this is going to take place in my entire house, it has kept me busy. I am going to show you just a couple of places where a few of my tea cups are being stored for the filming. I know, I told you before, I thought I had about 300, I am guessing I was a little low with that figure. Here is a picture of my dearest friend, Deby. She came over at a moments notice to dust. No one could ask for a better friend.

I am so over the top right now. To put the cherry on the cake, my web site will be ready by next week. All I will have to do is post the items I want for sale on it. The gal that designed it for me is so nice and so patient with me. The name of the web site will be "Pretty Vintage Things" by Martha's Favorites! The site is beautiful and you will have to go visit just to see her work.

At the same time we are running a Easter Tea Cup Swap. My dear friend Terri has been doing all the work. I just never would have got this all done without her. If you would like to take part. Let me know and I will forward your information over to her. Terri is the angel that is carrying me right now. Please grab the button for your blog. Today marks Tea Cup Tuesday No. 55!

What you are seeing today is a sample of my tea cups. Next week I will show you a sample of my tea pots. I have a lot more than I thought. Again, it is not the Hoarders Show, so rest your pretty little head. It is a show about collectors like me! This is not how my home normally looks! I feel like I have to give you all these disclaimers!

So, I do not have a special cup to show you today, just a lot of them. Here is "Mr Linky". You know what to do with it. Thank you so much for standing with me in this exciting time. Please email me, if you want to be a part of the Easter Tea Cup
Exchange. The top pictures is just something normal in an abnormal post! Blessings, ladies! Martha

Mar 19, 2011


Hello Ladies: Thought I would give you a quick look at all the fun things I purchased this weekend at an Estate Sale. The items I am about to show you cost me $33.24. You know when you just hit the Mother Lode! That's what happen on Friday morning.

I had been invited to an Estate Sale in Glendale, so my friend and I traveled all of 5 minutes to this amazing home. The lady that lived there, loved the exact same things I love. It was so hard not to buy everything in sight. However, as luck would have it, I was broke, so I really had to pick and choose. These were my picks.

You see that great Canister Set. It is Lefton, the pattern name is Americana Rose. I have wanted this set forever. However, it was too expensive for me. The Tea pot alone, is worth $100. I am going to sell it because, I already have one. Interested, let me know? I also have the sugar and creamer. I did not own the pitcher however. Remember is was all part of the $33.24.

Do you notice that beautiful hand mirror? Did I ever tell you I collect hand mirrors? Well, I do and this one has this great Art Nouveau lady on it. It is really so pretty. Much better than the pictures.

The two French hens were $2.50 each, I could not pass them up. They are both quite large.

There are a pair of tea cups I will show you closer on a Tuesday. One of them is a set by Mudd Pie. I love the look of Mudd Pie, it has a fairy tale look that is hard to resist.

Of course the sterling silver tray and the cranberry glass is amazing. I also got some milk glass hands that are just stunning. Did I tell about the sterling silver spoons? It was so fun. I guess I am glad, I was broke because it could have been real bad. I loved everything she had. Anyway, just had to share the "loot"!

The lady was not giving discounts on items until Sunday, but for some reason, when I asked she said yes. I was the only one she gave a discount to. God was on my side for sure. I am posting this at mid-night. I am not too excited! Looking forward to see you on Tea Cup Tuesday! Hugs, Martha

Mar 14, 2011


Hello Tea Lovers! Welcome once again to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 53! A fun day when we get to share all our pretty tea things. I know that some of you may have noticed that I did not visit everyone last week. I was so sick last week, all I could do was think! Dangerous, I know. I just needed my Mama, but I did not dare to have her over because I did not want to get her sick. So, I am sorry for not visiting all of you last week. I will do better this week, I promise.

This week's post is going to be very different. I am only going to show you only two tea cups, today. I do have one or two more, but I wanted to show you some other tea items that came to mind while I was busy being sick. Did I ever tell you that I collect California Pottery, to be honest vintage pottery in general? Well, I do! Although my collection is not as extensive as my China collection. It can hold it's own. In fact, I decided (remember, I was thinking) I was going to thin out my rather large collection of pottery bowls I own. Up on Ebay they will go! The two pitchers above are something I use during teas for water. They are Hall's. Love the pastel colors and the Art Deco style.

This first cup is by Poppy Trail. It is called "Lotus". This is one of three everyday sets I use. Sometimes, you are just in the mood for Pink! I love the color and the design of this cup.

Cup No. 2 is Fiesta ware. Usually, my sister will come by and take whatever Fiesta I have so this is an ever changing collection. Love the Art Deco design on this one.

I have a rather large collection of vintage pottery teapots. (Thinking puts you in a confession mood.) This first one is a Bauer, speckled tea pot. Love the pink.

These next two are a Fiesta, tea pot and coffee pot. I had several different colors, but my sister, oh well. I will see how long these two last.

This next tea pot was a gift from my Mama in 1972. It has more to the set, but I just wanted to show you the tea pot. It is a favorite because she gave it to me.
The teapot at the top of the post is an "Unsigned Beauty". Amazing for pottery, don't you think? Well, I hope you enjoyed these different tea items this week. I know that Terri and I always enjoy the day. Terri is so wonderful, please visit her.

I know I have talked too much, sorry! You know what to do with Mr. Linky. Enjoy your Tea Cup Tuesday in blogland. Have a beautiful week and remember you are loved. Hugs, Martha

Mar 7, 2011


Hello my tea cup loving friends! Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 52. As usual, Terri and I are excited about another week to share our love of all things tea. Hope your week was wonderful. Last Saturday we were celebrating snow, this past Saturday it was 80 degrees in our fine town. That is what I love about Southern California, you never know what to expect.

I will continue to share my pink and green cups this month. As I said before, I have a lot of green cups so you might see them on into next month as well. Before I start, did I ever tell you I collect sterling silver? Well, I do. I love to use it all the time. Besides the usual flatware, I love silver baskets, especially those with vintage glass centers. Today at the thrift store I found this Sterling Silver Tea Cup & Saucer Display Stand Holder. I did not own one and this one was only $1.99. It was very tarnished, but well worth the cleaning it needed. It is so beautiful. The necklace in this picture is a rose quartz. I gave it to my mother-in-law years ago. My father-in-law, let me have it back when she went to be with Jesus.

The cups on this holder are Royal Albert's "Blossom Time". I know this is a common pattern, I just love the colors. Love it so much I have two. I usually don't by two of the same cups. Not even sure why I purchased two of these. I will probably sell one on Ebay. Tara sent me the following site about the history of this plate. It was very interesting .

The next cup is also a double set. It is a Coalport, pattern name "Junetime". Love the swirls that make up this cup. Notice the scallop saucer. The dessert plate is not scalloped.

My next cup is Mitterteich of Bavaria, Germany. Love the legs and the Art Deco design it has.

As promised last week, I am showing you more Shamrock designs. This set is another Belleek. I love the basket weave design it has. I have had these forever, my husband, Kelly, purchased the tea pot for me maybe 20 years ago. The rest I purchased here and there. Somehow, I always remember who gave me a gift, anything else I just plain forget. Anyway, this tea pot is special to me. Fond memories!

Well, I better stop for today. You know what to do with Mr. Linky. Please make sure that your post have something to do with tea cups. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha