Jul 30, 2010


Hello Ladies! Another weekend, another Pink Saturday. I have never been able to go through all the blogs that post for Pink Saturday, have you? It is so wonderful to know that there are so many of us Pinkies out there. One week, I am going to give it my best shot and visit everyone.

This week I am sharing some of my Fenton collection. I hope you enjoy them. I love how dainty Fenton is. I want to thank Beverly for hosting this fun event each week.

Last Saturday, I had breakfast with some of my family. Remember a couple of months ago, I asked you to pray for my Father-In-Law, Al? He had two heart attacks in one week. Well, look at him now. Praise the Lord, he is doing so well. Al is the only father I have now. My own father has gone to be with the Lord and Al has been there for me ever since. I could not love him more or ask for anyone better. God knew what He was doing, when He gave me Al as a Father-In-Law! Do you remember Sarah, the niece that was going to get married? I showed you all the beautiful wedding dresses she tried on. Next month is Bobby and Sarah's big day. The two looked so happy. The other gal in the picture below, is my beloved sister-in-law, Maureen. that I talk about all the time. I am the one that looks short in the middle. I am really quite tall, it is the angle LOL! We had a great visit, a wonderful way to enjoy a weekend.

Have a fun weekend. Don't forget about Tea Cup Tuesday. The last picture is of a project I am currently working on. It is a vintage key ring. I am selling them on Ebay. I think they are turning out very cute. Wish me luck! Blessings to you, Martha

Jul 26, 2010


Hi Ladies! I have very special tea cups to show you this week. This is our 21st Tea Cup Tuesday. "A Love Affair to Remember!" That's is all I can say about the very first tea cup that started this collection. It was given to my by a very dear friend. It has gone through earthquakes, kitchen remodeling and husband and is still as lovely as the day it was given to me. It is this beautiful cream and blue trio made in Bavaria. This trio was given to me about 28 years ago on my birthday. I was young and dumb and did not know a thing about tea cups or that I would one day amass such a large collection. Notice the pedestal shape and the ornate angular handle. It was love at first sight!

Exactly one year later, I received the second cup, from the same friend. It is a Haviland, Limoges. Demitasse cup. A fluted and molded cup and saucer with a handle shaped like a ribbon. It has beautiful floral and gilt decorations. Can you see why I just love Limoges? No body does it better! So my love affair with tea cups began!

Cup number 3 is also a Haviland, Limoges. Demitasse as well. It is a round cup with a looped handle in a beautiful teal color. This was one of the first cups that I added to my collection. My collection began to take off from here.

Last, but not least in any way, is this blue Lusterware from Bavaria. Most Lusterware was made in Japan, so this one is unique. It is a shallow cup with a slightly angular handle. It was an Estate sale purchase. I hope to show you some of my Mustache cups next week, so I wanted this week's cups to be very dainty.

This last picture is of a beautiful gift sent to me by a dear blogger friend, Susie. The art work is original. I have been looking for a frame for the pink one. She is a great artist, http://itch2stitchdotcom.blogspot.com/. If you get a chance, please visit her and tell her I said "Hi!". She does amazing work.

The tea pot is an Aynsley. I think it is beautiful! Well, ladies, you know what to do with Mr. Linky. Join early or late, just join and spread the word. Don't forget to visit my dear friend Terri http://artfulaffirmations.blogspot.com/, my partner in this party. I could not do it without her! Send her a special blessing when you visit! Lots of hugs and love, Martha

Jul 23, 2010


Hello Pinkies! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I want to thank you for all your comments about my broken tea cups. I have a good news, many of you have offered to take them off my hands so they went quickly. In fact, I got more requests than I had the tea cups to give. So sometime next week, they will be arriving at various homes around the world. I feel better that they have a happy home. Very important for all tea cups involved! (I guess healing for me will have to wait just a little bit longer!)

Did I ever tell you I collect lady figures and statues? The little one by the gold tray is relatively new. She is a Florence. I have several Florence figurines. I think I did a post on them over a year ago. I just love how they make anything look so pretty.

This PS I am displaying a few new treasures my mother and I recently found on one of our outings. The first is a new depression glass perfume bottle to match the big one I had. Did I ever tell you I collect perfume bottles? Well, I do. Most of my are small and dainty. I just fell in love with the large cut glass one and now I have a smaller one to match. One day, I will show you some of my smaller perfume bottles, if anyone is interested.

I also collect vanity boxes. I know, I never told you that! I recently picked up this one with 2 Southern Bells on the top. It has a lovely pink bottom. The colors are vivid. Also, on today's post is more of my many decorative plates. I have over two hundred of these plates each one different than the next. Plates were the second thing I started to collect and still do. I have collected plates since 1982. At one year, my husband, Kelly, was just trying to count the ones I had up a Christmas with Angels on them. He quit at 100+. I am a Serial Collector without a doubt! I just must be in confession mode!

Among the pictures today, is my little love bug, Noah! His daddy gave him a buzz. His daddy is a police officer so he has to have his hair cut short all the time. I was heart broken to see all his locks cut off. I am thankful that his hair grows back quickly. Have a wonderful week ladies! I am going to try to post more than twice a week, in case I don't, mark your calendars for Tea Cup Tuesday! It seems that the party just keeps growing. Terri and I are so glad you are enjoying it so much. Hugs and Kisses! Martha

Jul 18, 2010


Hello my fellow tea cup lovers! Welcome to our 20th Tea Cup Tuesday! I have been thinking about what tea cups to share with you this week. No, I am not running out, but I would like to show you something a little different. I think I have in this post, we will see. Except for one, all the tea cups featured are from Japan. All are Lusterware, except one, and except one, they have seen better days.

I have a confession to make. (You are reading the Confessions of a Serial Collector.) I don't like china with chips or nicks or faded anything. I know some of you are starting to shake, but it is true. If they have an imperfection, I throw it out! I really hate that about me. (It is something I will one day take up in therapy.) The cups you are about to see, except one, are not perfect. Why do I keep them you ask? Good question! I don't know. Maybe I am trying to prove I can. Maybe they will be thrown out after this post! I don't know. I like things perfect. I guess because life is not perfect. I don't know! Anyway, end of confession, let's get this party started!

Cup number one is my favorite this week. It is the only one not made in Japan. It is Winterlissg from Bavaria, Germany. I love the rich gold design and the pedestal cup. The handle is angular shape. It is just stunning. What is the flaw you ask? It is missing a saucer. This was at one time a trio, but the saucer died.
What to do? So, I keep it, because it is so pretty. It is so hard for me, it is not perfect. PRAY! I HAVE A PROBLEM! Don't laugh!

Cup number two is a blue Lusterware from Japan. It has a beautiful pedestal shape cup, with a reticulated saucer. It has a beautiful, ornate bean handle and a delicate rose design. What is the problem with this cup? It has a chip. I did it myself. Just breathe, Martha!

Cup number three is also a pedestal cup from Japan. Like the last one, it too is Lusterware. I love Lusterware. Do you know the problem with Lusterware? It wears off with time and too much use. That is what happen to this cup. You can see around the top the Luster has begun to wear off. I don't know if you can see it with the pictures, but it is a pretty pale pink in color. It has an angular loop handle. This cup is in the biggest danger of being throw out.

Ending on a good note. My last cup is perfect. It is a demitasse, pink Lusterware, pedestal cup. It has a wonderful ornate angular handle. The bottom of the pedestal looks like gold tassels. Very cute.

So, it is time to link up. Remember that we would like to see tea cups on this post. Some ladies have used Mr. Linky and don't have a thing up about tea cups. Things you can share:
Share a tea cup
Share the history (personal) of the tea cup
Share the maker and/or history of the tea cup
Share any history about tea cups
Share a story with tea cups in it
Share a poem with tea cups in it

The tea pot at the top of the post is from Home Goods. My house is decorated in yellow this month! Sorry for the long post, but confessions take time. Blessings, Martha

Jul 16, 2010


Hello my fellow Pinkies! Happy P.S! What is it about the thrill of the hunt? What causes perfectly normal women to travel across the country to go "junkin"? Is it something that is in the DNA? Are we all just a little OCD? In my family, my Mother loves to go to Estate Sales and thrift stores with me. We never did it when I was young. I started my journey in 1972, just out of need to furnish a house on very little money. Now, it is one of the things that give me the most pleasure. It is true, digging through other peoples junk is so much fun!

My Mother gets so excited on Friday's, (that is our day together). My Mom's name is Lola! Together we go to Estate Sales and thrift stores looking for the one piece of junk, that we cannot live without. Today was not any different, we went off, high on hopes and short on cash. We get our news paper, our maps and the wipes out, looking for the big sale! It is so much fun, we even have fun getting lost!

As I was looking for items to post for this Pink Saturday, I was reminded of the items my Mother and I have purchased together. Mom, will call and wake me up to make sure I am ready, she is so cute. The items I have pictured today are some of the fun "pieces of junk, we can't live without", that I purchased with my Mom. Everything pictured was purchased at an Estate or a thrift store. I will stop for an Estate sale, no matter where I am going. I have even stopped on my way to a wedding, heels and all! I am sure, I am the only one out there that does that, LOL!

Have a wonderful weekend! Hoping that you get lots of treasures this weekend. Don't forget "Tea Cup Tuesday". Blessings, Martha

Jul 11, 2010


Hello Ladies: Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No.19! I have had a very busy week and missed Pink Saturday, something I rarely do. The week was quite full with family and dear friends. Before I get side tracked, would like to ask you to join me in praying for a dear friend, Linda, who is in Stage 4, Breast Cancer. We are believing for a miracle for her. She has three children all in their teens. She has so many tumors you can feel them all over her body. She is in need of a mircle. We all know that is what God does best! I also have decided to lose weight. I have failed so many times so I am believing for a miracle as well. Any and all suggestions are always welcomed! (I said it, so now I have to do it!)

Now on to the party! The tea pot at the top of the post is a Spode. It is so beauty, it reminds me of a Belleek. I get it mixed up every time. I have very special cups to show you this week. My first cup is this week's favorites! It belongs to my Mother's china set. This was a very big luxury for them. My father give this to her as a gift, Mom said it was on layaway for weeks. The set has gone from me to my daughter, Vanessa. It is a Homer Laughlin. The cup was one I kept just because it was my Mother's. Vanessa will get it later. It is a pale cream color with a pinkish hue. It has pretty pink and gray flowers with a silver trim. Very precious!

Cup number two is a Coalport, can shape. The pattern name is Ming Rose. It has a pretty loop handle with burgundy flowers as part of the design. I love the colors in this cup. I think next to pink, they are my favorite colors.

Cup number three is from my favorite manufacturer, Limoges, France. This can shape cup has beautiful pink roses with a gold band trim. It is big enough to be a soup cup, but I think it is a coffee cup. I use for that anyway. I like to use all my cups. This cup as a gold trim, loop handle. I do not think the pictures do it justice.

Last but not least is another Limoges, France cup. It is a Cabinet Cup with a retail value of $295. It is incredibly beautiful, with a soft pink inside and hand painted outside. It has a very ornate, broken loop handle in glided gold. What makes this cup so different is it's size. It is very large. Most Limoges are small and dainty. This is dainty, but not small. I remember when I got this I was so excited because I paid $6.99 and later found out it's value. As I have said in the past, I am never really sure anyone will like my taste, so when I find it in a book or magazine I get all excited because at least one other person liked it too.

Many of you have asked about my jewelry. It is all vintage costume. I did not make any of it. I have collected since 1968. If you think I have a lot of cups, they do not hold a candle to the amount of costume jewelry I have. In fact, it is my favorite thing to collect. I never give a gift without putting a piece of bling on it. I think if I did, my family would think I was sick or loosing it completely. (They may already think that and are just not saying anything!) I love the bling!

Well that it for this week. Don't forget to visit Terri, my partner in this party. She is such a dear, talented lady, please keep her in prayers as well. You know what to do with "Mr Linky". Please join us early or late, Terri and I would love to have you.

Thank you for making this such a fun event! I look forward to it every week. You are a blessing to me! Hugs, Martha