Apr 25, 2011


Hello Tea Cup Lovers! Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 59! Today, many of us are sharing our Easter Tea Cup Swap! I have to thank Terri who worked so hard to put this together. I was so busy with a photo shoot, I just did not have the time to help. She did a wonderful job!

I was so excited to see my tea cup. I knew it would be pretty, I never expected something so beautiful. Not only did I get this beautiful tea cup, I also received so many wonderful hand made items. Here is a look at my Easter Basket!

Of course, you noticed the decorated Easter Basket! Just stunning, I am saving the basket in my craft room. I want it out so the world (my family) can see it. Now for the cup! I had coveted this cup from her blog. Not only did I not get punished for coveting, the cup is now mine!! Yeah! The cup is a KPM Royal Porzellan. It is a rusty rose color with cream and gold. Really the pictures do not do it justice.

If that wasn't enough, she made this amazing little book. Did you notice she even added "bling" to the gift?

It continues with handmade tea cup cards and beautiful laces on decorated tags! Easter cut-outs, just too cute! This woman is amazing!

Who was my partner you ask? Well, I am glad you asked. It was none other than the lovely and oh so talented Terri Heinz! Terri, I know I have thanked you privately more than once, I just want the ladies and gents to know what a wonderful lady and truly are! (You have noticed that we have Fabio as part of our party! We are so glad you joined us, Fabio!) Here is this week's Mr. Linky! I am excited to see what you have to share this last Tuesday of April.

This last picture is of a hand made card sent to me by my friend Dawn. Another amazing lady. Thank you Dawn! I am off to take down Easter decorations. Noah reminded me today "Easter is ober, Granma!" Have a wonderful week ladies! Blessings, Martha

Apr 18, 2011


Hello my tea cup loving friends! It is time for another Tea Cup Tuesday Party! Have any of you received your Easter Tea Baskets yet? I know mine is on it's way and I can't wait to show it to you! I am so excited, I feel like a little girl again at Easter, waiting to open her basket! Can't wait to see yours!

My week was pretty uneventful, worked a lot on the web site, maybe learned a little more about it. Still not ready to show you, but it looks good! All my children were over Saturday, to watch Grandma try to learn her web site as Brandon, my dear Son-in-Law patiently tried to help me. Emphases on patiently and tried!

As I told you last on my last post, Noah broke my camera. Now I am trying to learn my son's camera. It is much more advanced than mine. Just another thing I have to learn. It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. I did have a wonderful time with my children on Saturday. On Thursday I had a visit from a member of the family and it was so painful, I cried for two hours after he left. I knew I was going to get hurt, it just always surprises me somehow. My sister-in-law gave me the "Family" frame at the top of the page. Praise the Lord for wonderful family members!

Ok, let's talk tea cups! The first picture is of a tea pot and tea cup by Roy Kirkham, in England. The pattern is called "Redoute' Roses". It is a common pattern you see everywhere, but I just love the roses. I am not sure what blog I got the idea of putting pearls to look like a drink from, but I know it was one of you. I want to give you all the glory, so please let me know if it is you. (They say the memory is the first to go.) Not true, I know for a fact other things went first!

My next cup is from my favorite china house, Limoges. It is a demitasse. What can I say, I have never met a Limoges I did not love!

This cup is one of my favorites. It is a Paragon, Chintz. It is just breathe taking! I never talk to much about my vintage jewelry. It really is my first passion. I love this brooch. I use my vintage jewelry to decorate everything and never grow tired of their beauty.

My last cup is a Colclough, from England. It is a gold and white Chintz. Look at the stunning bracelet, it is a Julianna. I don't have many of her items, they are like Marian Haskell's, very expensive. This bracelet was purchased at a Goodwill for $4.00, did I score or what? Why is it as women we need to be surrounded by beauty? I like to open my drawers and cabinets and see the beauty even in places not normally looked at.

Just need to remind you of my give away it ends next week. You know what to do with Mr. Linky. Please keep your post's tea related. This is our 58th Tea Cup Tuesday! Terri and I want to thank you for your faithfulness!

Wishing you all the peace that can only be found in our Lord Jesus, as we celebrate His death and ressurection!

Apr 15, 2011


Hello Pinkies! I have not done a Pink Saturday in a long time. I think it is time to be "pink" again! I am still working hard trying to learn how to use my website. Tomorrow, my daughter Monique and her hubby are coming over to help me. Yeah! If they can't help me I don't know what I am going to do. I did tell you the website is very pretty. I just go to visit it and say, "How pretty! That's it, how pretty!"

Did I ever tell you I collect paperweights! Well, I do! I thought I would share some since, they were out recently for that TV program I can't talk about. I was asked to price them recently, I did not have a clue. I just purchased them because they were beautiful. Well, much to my surprise, my research found, they are quite expensive. Who would have thought?

I had Noah all week and today he broke my camera. It was an accident, but it happen just the same, because he disobeyed. Here is a picture of him saying "Sorry, Grandma!" He looks so cute, even though he is being told he has time out! I love that child. How can anyone be mad at that face?

Before I end this post I want to share a few Easter vignettes! Did I ever tell you I collect rabbits? Well, I do. Here are a few around the house. Don't forget my giveaway. Comment as often as you would like, take my button and become a follower. Just let me know what you have done.

Have a wonderful "Pink Saturday"! Hugs, Martha

Apr 10, 2011


Hello dear friends! I hope you had a wonderful week and a ready for another Tea Cup Tuesday. Terri and I love to host this fun event every Tuesday. This week also marked the end of our Easter Tea Cup Swap. I hope you are all getting your baskets ready to ship!

Before I share my cups I just want to let you know what I did this weekend. I was invited to "Paris in a Cup", by my friend Sharon who I met through our blogs. This amazing tea house knows how to do a High Tea with lots of glam! I was met at the door by Sharon, who knew me immediately. The event was so much fun, I felt so blessed to have gone. We listen to wonderful ladies who encouraged us in every aspect of business. They gave us answers to questions I did not even know I needed to ask. This sign was a door prize! I couldn't wait to hang it up over my kitchen door.

One of the speakers was, Jacqueline de Montravel. She is the Editorial Director to Romantic Homes, Cottages Bungalows & Victorian Homes. Romantic Homes my favorite magazine. Along with being the main speaker, she was there to promote her new book. I really wanted to buy the book, but I just paid my property taxes, and in California, that is a major bill. So I held it and just talked to the sweet lady. We got to talking about tea cups and she mentioned that, in August they were going to dedicate the magazine to people who love Tea cups. To make a long story short, she wants to come to my home to interview me and take pictures of my tea cups!!! I was standing there trying to be so calm, inside I am jumping up and down. Maybe she was just being nice, but today she emailed me!

I am not sure why I feel God has been blessing me, but I am so grateful for it all. As you can see by my pictures, the house is beginning to look normal again. The first cup I want to show you is one of my favorites. It is a Limoges, of course, it is so light and almost see through. I love the scalloped edges.

This next picture is of a Bunny Tea Pot. It is a Royal Albert. Just perfect for Easter!

The next tea cup is a Lennox. It is hand painted and numbered. It is a demitasse. It never had a saucer. It is so beautiful!

I am also sharing this two cup vintage, Sadler Tea pot. Love the violets and they are perfect for this time of year.

This last cup is a Haviland Limoges. It is not a trio, but I wanted to show you how easy you can mix and match Limoges. As you know, I favor Limoges. Can you see what I did while taking these pictures? I broke it. So sad, oh well. I will always remember how beautiful it was.

Last, but not least I have reached 602 followers. To celebrate, I want to give away a tea cup. This pretty green cup with the pedestal base is the prize. All you have to do is leave a comment, as often as you like, take my button for extra points and at the end of the month, Noah will pick your name out of a hat. Just let me know so I can had you the the hat. Thank you for your faithfulness!

Here is "Mr. Linky". Thank you for being a part of Tea Cup Tuesday No. 57! By the way, I still can not figure out my new website. It's still pretty! Hugs, Martha