Jan 27, 2014


Hello ladies and welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 202!  I notice a lot of my friends joined the "Grow Your Blog" party this weekend.  There are an amazing amount of new bloggers  out there.  A lot of the new ladies are quilters.  It will be fun to keep up with some of your amazing designs.  I used to quilt at one time so long ago, but this "old gray mare's eyes" are not what they use to be.  Now, I just enjoy the beauty of these blankets.  My sister is the quilter in the family.  Quick up dates on my tests.  I am going to live!  Just need to take magnesium, my body is lacking it.  To be honest, the heart issues stopped one week after starting on the pills.  I am thankful for your prayers.  My Sophia is still very sick.  Please keep praying for her and her Mama, she needs rest too!

It was fun posting twice last week, I really want to keep doing that. I would like  to share more collections and crafts. I do have a very bad migraine today, so if I am not typing in English you will know why. This week, I am going to start sharing some pink tea cups.  It is time to change things around my home to pinks (next week).  I have so many tea cups in pink, I am going to try to get some kind of a system so you can see them all and I don't repeat myself.  I forget which ones I have shared and which ones you have never seen.  I am a piece of work, wish me luck!  

Cup No.1 is this lovely vintage Lefton cup. It was given to me by my best friend.  It was her Mama's.  Love the pedestal base.  It is so funny, I can remember any gift, anyone has ever given me and for what, but birth dates, nothing.  Drives my children crazy. I am into confessing bad habits today, must be the head ache!

Look at this lovely Taylor & Kent from England.  This cup is amazing close up. My pictures do not do it justice. 

The last cup for this week is a Shelley from England.  These cups are always amazing.  I was looking on Ebay at Shelley tea cups, (I did not buy any) and they had a Shelly tea cup for $5,000.  I have never seen one that expensive. It was stunning, of course. How could you possibly explain that expense?

We have a winner of the tea cup.  Drum roll please . . . The winner is Kathryn Ross at http://www.thewritersreverie.com/.  Congratulations, Kathryn, send me an email with your mailing information and your cup will be on it's way!  Kathryn is an amazing lady.  Stop by and see her, you will not be disappointed.

Have to show you this fun picture of Noah.  Dad text me and said Noah had found his first chest hair and was celebrating.  It turn out to be a ink stain, but just look at that face! Ah, to be a child again!  Don't forget to visit Terri, she always has some stunning cup we have never seen before to share.  

Sending hugs your way!   Martha

Jan 24, 2014


2 Bags Full
Today, I am joining the "Grow Your Blog" Party!  I was a part of this party last year and just had lots of fun meeting new friends.  For the ladies that regularly follow my blog, you know that I am a collector of "things".  As long as it is pretty, has roses or is pink, I collect it.  All of us collect something.   I don't know why, we just do!  It may not be something that is considered a major "collectible," but if it tickles our fancy, we collect it. 

I have been in the "collecting business" for years now.  What I have notice is that it is not limited to one age group or just women. A wide variety of different people are involved in this wonderful past time.  Today, I am  sharing some lady figurines that I have been adding to my collections regularly.  Adding as many pieces to my china cabinet has become one of  my never ending desires.  Even though I have personally declared this year my year of "minimizing" I can always make room for one more.  Anyone who loves the likes of Royal Doulton, Coalport or  Lladro, knows how stunning these pieces can be. My newest love is the vintage Cordey Porcelain Lady Busts.  Lady figurines like Lefton, Josef and Dresden take our breath away.  So I say "collect on ladies."

Every Tuesday my friend Terri and I also share our love of tea cups, we call it Tea Cup Tuesday. Feel free to join us on any given Tuesday, we are always here to have a cup of tea with you and share our love of tea cups and family.   Please feel free to take my button. Look forward to visiting as many of you as I can. 

Jan 20, 2014


Hello ladies:  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday, No. 201!  Hope you have had a wonderful week.  I have still not heard the final results of the heart tests I took last week.  I guess, no new is good news.  The grandchildren have been very sick, especially Sophia. Please keep her in your prayers.  My fireman has been sent out of town to fight fires, California needs it to rain.  I guess you can say, life has been a little stressful.  Can you believe we are more than half way through the month of January?  I have been working on my yard.  It is hard to know what to do, because our days have been 85 degrees around here.  Plants are confused. Rose trimming is going on regardless. I hope we will not be skipping winter this year. 

After the shock of sending my son off to fight fires in the middle of winter, I have started to craft.  I am working on a scrapbook for Noah and I am looking for a craft to do with ladies in the church whose skills very, a lot.  If you have any ideas, please email me.  This is a once a year event I do for about 40 plus ladies.  Love that I am starting to see some Valentine crafts on your blogs, as well.  Life just seems to move too fast these days. 

Have some fun tea cups to share with you today. They are not the ones I have been looking for, however, I don't think you have ever seen these before.  I have some beautiful clear Fostoria tea cups that I was wanting to share, but can't remember where I stored them.  Remember, I changed everything around this past summer, because of the remodel?  Everything went into different places and I have just forgotten where I have placed them.  The good thing is I have found cups I totally forgot I had. I am a piece of work! You must think I live in one of those Hoarder Houses.  I probably have hoarder tendencies (not admitting to anything), but really you can walk in my house, I promise. I just have too many collections to keep track of.  I am getting better, really. 

Today I am sharing pink depression glass.  I did not realize I had such a variety of designs.  These two cups are quite simple.  I don't know who made them.  I do know they are not Elegant Glass.  Each are very simple and different, perfect for a Spring day. 

This last cup is a Haviland Limoges.  Also a simple design, but can Limoges ever be simple?  Those that have followed this blog for anytime, know they are my all time favorite manufacturer.  I use Limoges whenever I can.  My everyday dishes are Limoges. 

Don't forget I am having a give away.  You can read what you need to do in order to win this cup on last week's post.   It seems I will run out of month before I can share all the January decor with you.  Here is a picture of Kyle and Sophia, you can tell she is sick.  She just wanted Uncle to hold her.  

Have a great week. Sending blessings your way!  Martha 

Jan 13, 2014


Hello Ladies:  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 200! Can you believe that? Wow!  So sorry about last week,  I missed posting, something I rarely do.  My calendar just got too busy.  I did manage to remove all the Christmas decor.  It looks so empty without it.  I miss it, but I am glad it is all put away.  I also have been dealing with a health issue relating to my heart  and last week involved a lot of visits to doctors office.   I would appreciate your prayers for me when you think about it.  I should know more this week about what exactly I have.  I do have a peace that I am in the Palm of the Lord's hand. 

 January marks six years that I have been blogging.  Six years of blogging, I can hardly believe that.  A few of you have been with me since I started.  You are amazing.  I am having a give away to celebrate the event.  I will choose a winner the last Tuesday of the month.    I will have Sophia pick a name.  Noah can read very well now so he is out.   I do love blogging more now then when I started.  This is the cup you will win at the end of the month. All you have to do is be a follower and let me know.  I will add extra chances for liking me on Facebook, or leaving me a comment on www.prettyvintagethings.com.  Just let me know what you have done in the comments.  You will get three extra chances just by adding my badge to your blog. I will be adding more to the give away next week.  

I am sharing an Aynsley tea set today.  It really belongs to my daughter, Vanessa.  It was purchased for a wedding shower tea I gave her so many years ago.  I love how beautiful this is.  Look at the amazing handles.  You just can't beat an Aynsley. 

For those of you who would like to increase your followers, on January 25th, Vicki, at 2 bags Full will be hosting a blog party just for that purpose.  Just click on the badge on my side bar if you want more information.  Here a three pictures of my grandchildren doing what they love to do.  I think they get that from Grandma, that is my favorite thing to do too!  Notice how perfect the Princess Maya looks at the end of the blog. 

Have a wonderful week.  Blessings, Martha