Sep 30, 2009


I bet you thought I was going to give you the name of another collection. Got ya! What I was going to say was that I am handicapped. No, not in the brain, I don't think! I use to work at a church for a little bit, well, 25 years to be exact! I ended my career there, as the school principal and church administrator.

I really loved my job, the people especially. Oh, the children were the icing on the cake. One day we had a fire, and I could not find the custodian. Remembering I had sent him to the attic, I went up to look for him. The lights had gone off and to make a long story short. I fell, into the attic stairs. After that fall, because of weakness in the knees, I fell 3 more times. Needless to say, after 2 surgeries, I am still very weak in the legs, and shoulder and wrists and and and. I am usually, just fine in the summer months. Come the cold damp months, not so good. I said all that to say, my ministries came to an end.

I started to blog to find others with the same passions as myself. I wanted to share with you about my collections and my family. For a long time I talked to just one friend, Nancy. Since then, I met you!

I am privileged to have you as my friends. That you trust me enough to share your burdens with me. It is a pleasure to pray for you as need. Although I still want my blog to remain the same. I want you to know, I will stop it any time to request prayer for you. I believe God has called us to bare another's burdens.

With that off my chest, I want to let you know that Noah has picked a winner! He promises, he didn't peak! The winner is Rebecca at If you have never visited her site, you must. She is wonderful. Anyway, Rebecca you need to let me know your address, you have a book and bling coming your way!

Thank you for celebrating my 100th with me! As always, you have been a blessing.


Sep 28, 2009


Good evening ladies! Hope all is well in the world with you. I have begun to put my Halloween things up at long last! I had Noah today, so it was a late start. I brought up 6 large bins, emptied 2! Yeah! I have taken some very random pictures of what I have put out, it all may change tomorrow. I plan to work all day on it. (After a little shopping, of course!)

I want to thank you for your response to the prayer request. I heard from Mama today and she was so happy for the prayers. This is going to be a long haul for these two people, so I will, if you do not mind, keep reminding you to go to the Throne on their behalf.

To change the subject, I love wreaths and have them on most of my windows. This one is new. I really loved the fall colors. It is the one with the berries. I only put out pumpkins for Halloween, my husband is not big on the ghosts and goblins. I am not either to tell you the truth. Did I ever tell you I collect crocheted pot holder, in all shapes? I am partial to the dress type. The one in the picture is one of my favorites! Everything looks a little dark in the pictures, because I shot them so late in the day. However, I think you can get the jest of it.

Don't forget the give away is Wednesday! Your the best, blessings, Martha

Sep 26, 2009


I was going through my Pink Saturday comments today, when I came across a blog that made me stop, cold in my shoes. I met a lady name Melanie at As I read her blog, tears ran down my face, as I remembered a time when, my husband was diagnosed with 4Th stage cancer. We were told to get our life in order because he had less than 18 months to live. That was ten years ago and a bone marrow transplant later.

As hard as that is for a grow man to deal with, Melanie, has a young son, that is also in 4th Stage. They are smack in the middle of the process and waiting on God for His promise. I just could not go to bed tonight, without asking you to include Melanie and Andrew in your prayers. He is just a boy, with his whole life ahead of him. Please take the time to pray for him regularly. I know God answers prayers. He has and did for me. You can read all about her and your family at her blog. I do not know this family, but I know the heart, I know the pain. Thank you in advance for taking the time to bear one an other's burden.

On a lighter note, I am finally, going to put up my Halloween things. Here are a few pictures of what has come out of the first bin. Did I tell you I collect tole trays? The candle holder is a handpainted Limoges. I think it is so pretty.

Blessings to you my dear friends, Martha

I also, just met Heidi at She has asked for prayer for her cousin, Amy. Heidi is also someone I just meet who is also trusting in Jesus for an answer. I believe, that God is calling us to prayer ladies! He will see us all through! When we share our burdens, they do not seem as heavy. Blessings, Martha

Sep 25, 2009


Happy Pink Saturday to everyone! I sorry to say you are getting reruns today. I have still been a little under the weather. Just can't seem to get back in the grove again. I just need to take it easy for a day or two more.

I still need to put my Halloween things up. Maya called and wants a crown, so I have to get busy. She has made her request! She wants a silver crown. Noah is still under the weather too, but improving. I am definitely going to visit all of you this weekend. I guess I need to start by getting out of bed! LOL! Don't forget to visit Beverly, who host Pink Saturday, at Thanks so much, Beverly. Blessings to you, Martha

Sep 24, 2009


This tired woman, had a great birthday! I got to rest, my family all meet together for dinner and we all just loved each other. That is the best kind of birthday anyone can wish for. I got a few fun things, I want to show you. You know all those unless little things, we just can't live without! My kind of gifts. I want to thank you for all your birthday wishes. I was so surprised. You made me feel very happy! I feel like I have all these wonderful new friends, that no one else knows about. A real cool secret. Thank you so much!

Before I stop this short little post, want to tell you about this book I just got. You know that I collect figurines, especially ladies, I love the ladies! Well, I got this book called "The Florence, An Era of Elegance". I own several of this little ladies. This book prices and dates them. I love to know what year something was made. It makes me think of all the history behind each piece. Much to my surprise, many of my pieces are worth over $150 and more. If you have any pieces you would like me to price, send me a picture and I will look for it. Most of Florence's pieces were named. You would have thought? Life is good!

Blessings to you my friends, Martha

Don't forget, next Wednesday, Noah will pick a name for the Give away. All you have to do is leave a comment!

Sep 22, 2009


That is how I feel tonight! It is almost midnight, tomorrow is my birthday, and I feel like I could sleep the day away. Noah has been so sick this week. He went to the doctor and had to have his blood drawn. It took 5 times before they could do it! Needless to say, both Mom and Noah were crying. I watched him everyday because, Mom could not miss work. He was so sad, and he did not want to eat. I hate it when the babies are sick. He was so needy, all he wanted me to do was hold him. He fever was high, you know all the stress that comes with a sick baby. So tonight I can't sleep. May just have to take something to make me rest. Since, I had not talk to you ladies in a few days, I thought I would write and let you know what is going on! Hopefully, I will get my act together and get back to the business of posting and having great fun with you! He is a picture of Noah in his Halloween costume. Can you guess what he is going to be? Blessings to you! Martha

Sep 19, 2009


I hope every one had a great Pink Saturday. I did not get to be a part of it this time. I watched Noah today, he keeps me very busy. My son, Kyle, started his Fire Explorer Program today. He was so happy, he has been working at this for so long, so it was a good day. After having lunch with my daughter and Noah, I found one estate sale. I had to stop, no matter how tried you are, you always have to stop, it's a rule.

Did I tell you I collect Portrait Cups? I had several, however, due to the recent accident, (my husband moved the hutch full of green items), I lost several cups. As luck would have it, I found a stunning one at the estate sale today. Very beautiful and it is from Prussia! For those of you that collect, you know that's a winner. Took a picture for you to see.

I also managed to purchase my daughters and Maya's Christmas gift today. I found tickets to Disney's, "Mary Poppins", fourth row, center, yeah. I am going too, of course. I can't wait to see Maya's face. She is a big fan. So, the girls are done, now I have to shop for the boys, not so easy! I try to have all my Christmas gifts purchased by the end of October. I like to enjoy the holidays and that takes away a lot of stress having the gift buying done.

Don't forget to leave a comment, Noah picks the winner at the end of the month. He promises not to look!

Blessing, Martha

Sep 17, 2009


This is my second Heirloom Party. I learned from the first one, in order to prevent complete hysteria, I need to do only one person, otherwise, my friends, it is not pretty. Marie at is hosting this party. Please visit her, she is a sweetheart!

I want you to meet Twila, my Mother-in-Love! That's what she would always call herself. She would introduce me as Martha, her Daughter-In-Love. Twila has gone home to be with Jesus, but her presence is all around me. She was the one who taught me to love the garden. She could grow anything from a seed. She loved to cook. We were always asked what we wanted her to cook for us. She would do it and do it great. There was always something on the table that was made for each individual. I don't know how she did. We would sit and talk after dinner for hours. She always had an ear to hear. If her son, did anything to upset me, he got it from her! She took care of me. Twila made you feel loved!

This little tea pot was given to me by her several years ago. I treasure it. Through the years, she gave me any things. This tea pot always speaks to me about her love for me. We shared the love of the garden, tea, food and the love of her son. I can only hope that I am half the Mother-In-Love that she was to me. I am missing her this week. I have a birthday on Wednesday, the week before, she would plan exactly what she was going to do. Every dish was always my favorite.

Well, I made it through with out crying, not bad. Don't forget about the give away at the end of the month. Noah has been checking those names! LOL!

Sep 16, 2009


This tray is handpainted!

Gold handles, don't you just love them?

These are vintage salts, made from vaseline glass! They are beautiful!

These pups will be a gift to a person who has a large collections of pups!

This cocker reminded me of my dog "Elvis", who died a couple of years back. I still miss him!

This is a vintage cut glass cake plate. This one will be a gift!

Handpainted, this plate will also be added to someone's gift bag!

I don't know if I ever told you, but I just love gold handles. They just make me smile, big! Today, I wanted to get a good chicken taco for lunch. So, I traveled to my favorite taco place, that just happens to be next to my favorite thrift store. Everyone has to have a favorite thrift store, it is just a rule. Well, as luck would have it, I found this stunning, beautiful, gorgeous, (Can you tell I liked it?) hand painted gold tray. The tray has a rose lace around it. The best part, wait for it. . .it cost $4.00. Be still my heart! I just ran home to take a picture of it, to show you and so I could put it out! Can you believe it?

While I was there, I did pick up one or two other things. The tray was the most expensive. In my defense, (Why I need to defend myself, I am not sure?) some of these items will be for Christmas gifts. I have family and friends that just love vintage items. They get so excited when I gift them. I can buy more things, because they did not cost me much. They get a great gift, and most important, I have the pleasure of giving it away! You have to try it ladies, giving is the best!

Anyway, my heart is beginning to calm down. I just want to remind you of the give away at the end of the month. All you have to do is leave a comment. Each time you do, your name goes into the bowl, ready for Noah to pick!

Thank you for understanding this crazing woman (or at least pretending too)!

Blessings, Martha

The give away!

Sep 14, 2009


This is the top of two milk glass lamps I purchased this weekend.

You know I have a thing for jewelry!

I collect sugar and creamers. (You need them for the tea sets!)

This is a Hull! I collect Hull!

I did tell you I collect vintage paper weights?

This is Fostoria with the glass spoon! I collect Fostoria.

Did I tell you I collect glass baskets?

Of course, the ladies, you have to have ladies!

I think I told you I collect Fenton!

These are a few of the angels I collect!

Do you promise not to tell (Beatle song)? I am going to tell you a secret. I have been told by many people that I have a beautiful home, filled with wonderful treasures. Here is the secret, except for mattress, appliances and clothing, everything I own has been purchased from estate sales, garage sales and thrift stores, everything! You can have beautiful things, at a very low price, if you are just patient and are willing to do the hunting. These days, I hunt for the thrill of it and the fellowship. I really do not need anything many more. This weekend I spent the day estate shopping with my neighbor and her sister. We had a blast. I am always careful to give things away freely. I know what I own are gifts from God. Ladies, my entire home is furnished with antiques, all at garage sale prices. The fun is in the hunt. Buy what you love, remember everything in it's own time and your home will be filled with treasures. I know times are hard right now. This is a way you can be a good steward of God's money and you reap the blessings. Something to thing about. Here are this week's treasures!
Secret number two: Since, I am into true confessions today, when you get tried of something or want to trade up. Sell, sell, sell ladies! I pay for all my Christmas through Ebay every year. I simply, trade things up. It is easy to do and if you need help, email me. Ebay I can do easy!
Blessings my friends, Martha