Sep 29, 2014


Hello Ladies!  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 240! Did you notice I was missing last week?  I can't even begin to tell you all the things that have happen to our family recently.  The only way I can explain it is a spiritual attack.  Thank God for His mercies; I know He will get us through each one.  I am sorry I did not even give you a heads ups.  My only excuse is to say "lights were on, but one one was home."  I was on tilt.  I would appreciate your prayers for the men in our family.  My precious Son in Law is having back surgery today.  This is just one of the many physical health problems that has attacked the men in our family.  

So, what do you do when you are stressed beyond imagination? I use to go shopping, but since I have changed my wicked ways, I continue to clean out and decorate. All of a sudden, changing things around has become the most important thing at various moments in my day.  Something happens, that I can't do anything about,  I pray and put up plates or make a wreath!  Normal, right? I have discovered that my favorite style is "French Country"  a little weird for a Mexican.  I just love it. 

Have some cute cups to share with you today.  All of them are demitasse today.  The first is this Nasco, Made in Japan, demitasse cup with a bird on the handle. This is a perfect cup for Fall.

My next cup is also "Made in Japan."  It is a cute little stripped cup.  

The last cup this week is a Made in USA, by Castleton China. Very delicate with a beautiful design. 

My grandchildren have been so delightful this week. Children have a way of putting everything into perspective.  

Thank you for your faithfulness to this little party.  Please continue to pray for Terri, she is slowly improving.  Sending hugs your way!


Sep 15, 2014


Hello Ladies and welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 239!  Hope your week was good.  As for mine, I spent the week worrying about everything. In fact, if you would have sent me an email, I would have worried for you and saved you some time. I worried about my children, grandchildren, husband, sisters, the weather, the world news, my grass, you name it and it was covered this week from every angle.   I can't stand that about myself. I think I have gotten better as the years have passed, but really Martha?  I even worried about a Bible Study on Daniel I am doing right now, really? Sometimes, I wonder how God can put up with me.  I know He does, because of His Grace, but really?  When will I learn?  Everything turned out fine.  Doesn't it always?  God is good to me. Thank you ladies for coming back each week. I know I am a piece of work, but you are good to me too!

Well, one good thing that happen this week was, I stayed home.  Because of that, no new things came home.  Nothing went out either.  It was a draw.  I also have a very clean house, however, I was not in the mood for any company.  Doesn't that figure?  I think I have had a rough few weeks, I need to just get pass it.  Most of my Fall decor is up, so that was good.  

So today, no new cups, you are going to see oldies but goodies. Starting with this Limoges tea cup.  It is not the normal Limoges with all the detail, very simple,  but lovely just the same. 

The next cup is this hand painted Angel Square Cup by Lois White.  It was a gift years ago, when I  worked as  a school principal.  It has the cute little spoon to match.  

The last cup, is one I do not recognize the signature.  However, if you notice this hand painted cup's design goes all the way around the cup.  It is very lovely.  

My Princess Maya recently earned her Bronze Award, while Noah and Sophia were happy just wearing their crowns. 

Hope you have a wonderful week.  Terri had a very good week and looks like she is improving slowly, praise the Lord!  Please continue to pray for Terri and me.  There is a scripture that reads: Martha, Martha you are anxious and worried about so many things...
The next part of that scripture reads:  Mary has chosen the right thing. . .  Luke 10:41.
Want to know something funny?  My middle name is Mary!  Go figure!

Sending Hugs your way!

Sep 8, 2014


Hello dear friends, welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 238! Lots to share today. I want to start with a confession. I did not do well this week, as far as my quest for taking things out of my home. Nothing was taken out and a few more things were added. I was doing so well, too. It was my first big hiccup in the plan. I will show you what I purchased, but first I have to show you this wonderful gift from my Son-in-Law, Kevin. He made this amazing shelf for me to store the Grandchildren's toys. They have their own spot in the living room and in the bedroom. The bedroom was over flowing so he made this for me. It made me cry, when I read the back. That message will be there forever! I love him so much!

On my many travels this week, among the things I found, was this beautiful tea cup by Regency. It has this very interesting handle. I don't think I have seen one like this before. I have been trying not to buy tea cups any more unless they are amazing. I thought this was on the amazing side.

My next cup is a Paragon. Relax, I had this one. In fact, I totally forgot about it. (One of the reasons I do not want to buy more,) It has beautiful colors. Perfect for this time of year.

The next tea cup is the cup I am giving away! We have a winner! Kitty, from Kitty's Kozy Kitchen. Anytime I visit her blog, she has such great goodies that I get so hungry. So Kitty, send me an email with your address and I will ship your cup out this week. Congratulations!

Now for a few of my new found treasures. This vase came from a thrift store. If anyone knows who made this vase, please let me know. It is signed by hand, AAG 82. It is very old, but I do not recognize the signature. The style looks like a Tiffany. It was only $40. I never pay that much for anything. I am a "under $10" lady. Please email me if you think you know. Thank you!

A hand painted Nippon Vase was also part of the treasures I picked up. It is so stunning. I did not take good pictures of this one.

A few hand painted plates for my Laundry Room which I am going to paint a very light blue.

Starting to feel a little guilty so I will only show you one more thing, maybe two. This beautiful pink depression glass set and this Fenton Bowl. I will show you more next week. I have to behave myself. They were so cheap, I couldn't stop myself. I need prayer, I know.

Changing the subject and talking about prayer, my son is doing so much better. Praise the Lord and thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for Terri and her son. She had a hard week. Tea Cup Tuesday is so different without her. I miss her. Thanks for not judging me!

Hugs, Martha

Sep 2, 2014


Hello Ladies and welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 237!  Hope your week was good.  I am glad to report that my son, appears to be on slowly on the mend, thank God. I also want to thank you for all your prayers for our family. My beautiful, daughter, Vanessa, celebrated a birthday this week.  She is such a treasure, I thank God for her daily.  Grandchildren had a great week of school. No one reported any mishaps, that always does a Grandma's heart good. 

Still been busy with the house "clean up."  I am almost done with the kitchen and will be heading into the Master Bath next. On the way, I have been changing to Fall Decor.  Feel real good about this "new" me.  If you visit my home, only I can tell how much I have removed.  This week I only took one load to the thrift store, should have done more.  I found so many new things in my kitchen I just forgot about. It was like shopping, only at home.  Only one item I came back with me this week. It was this great antique French Iron Basket from the thrift store. Of course, I did fill it with vintage lace that I found that day too!  (I don't count lace.)  You can never have enough vintage lace.  Really, that is a unwritten law, isn't? Love the Country French look, who knew a Mexican could have that kind of taste? So, out came all the Hens for the kitchen.  It puts big smile on my face when I walk in there. It was time for a change.

This week I am sharing this beautiful Chintz, Paragon.  One of my all time favorite cups and you can see why. 

Cup No. 2 is Hammersley.  This one is covered in Buttercups. They make such amazing cups.

The last cup is again a Paragon.  Love the vivid colored Mums that decorate this great cup.  

I want to remind you that this is the last week for you to enter my give-away.  I will have Sophia pick a winner for next week.  All you have to do is be a follow and leave a comment here and/or on Facebook.  Each comment gives you another chance at this fun cup. 

Please continue to pray for our friend Terri and her son, as well as my family.  It will be greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful September and good luck on the give away!

Sending hugs your way!  Martha