Mar 26, 2013


Hello Dear Friends: Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 159! Hoping you are all doing wonderful and almost ready for Easter, as we enter Holy Week. As I told you last week, my week was very busy, but it all worked out very well. Class was a lot of fun, had about 30 ladies all making tassels so different.

I do have a picture of my give away this week. I am adding a tea cup to it, since we are all about tea cups and bling. Remember all you have to do is leave a comment on here, or Facebook. Let me know if you want to be a part of the give away. Also, please let me know if you want me to show you how to make them.

My first tea cup today is a very old Lefton. I love the pedestal base and the 40's looking flower design. I am hoping to put it on my website this week, a hard one to give up. I made a decision to thin out my tea cups. I think it is the hardest thing I have done in a while. I just have so much of everything, have to do something. Don't want you to think I am a "Hoarder." :)

The next cup is by Porcelain Treasures. It is a new cup given to me by my Mama. Aren't the feet cute?

My last cup simply reads "Made in England." It is very old and the cup is a fine china. Love the colors of the Roses.

Don't forget to visit Terri. That wonderful lady has been carrying this whole tea party for me when I just could not. I will never be able to thank her enough for her kindness to me. Please pray for my Sophia, she is very ill, makes me so sad. It is a virus, so we have to wait it out. Wishing you a blessed Easter. Hugs, Martha

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Mar 19, 2013


Hello Ladies: Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 158! Hope you are doing well. I am running late, something that has become a bad habit. I could look for someone to blame, but why? I am trying to get ready for Easter and the families parties. I am also in charge a of large craft day for my church this weekend. With a little luck I will do a tutorial later on for you. We are making tassels out of vintage salt and pepper shakers. I am planning to make that as my give away for the 800 plus followers, winner. I will start taking names this week with this post. All you have to do is follow me on here or on my Facebook. Just let me know you want to play, enter as often as you would like. I will run it until April 2nd. I will have a picture of it next week for you. Trust me they are so cute! I am trying to get Easter Baskets together for my grandchildren, I love doing that. We are gathering at my sister's home, her house is the largest and it has a big pool. I can't wait until you post some of your Easter Basket ideas. I want to do something different for the Grand kids. I know I can count on you for different and wonderful ideas.

This week I am sharing my St. Patrick's Day Cups. (Better late than never.) I hope you enjoy them. I am starting however with this wonderful old, Belleek Tea Pot. I have had this for years, it has that wonderful old mark. Look at the handle, it is just stunning.

Cup number 2 is this Shelly. I don't own a lot of Shelly, simply because of the cost, not because I don't love them all. This cup is very fine porcelain. It feels like you could crush it with your hands if you hold it too tight. It is an old cup, so that is part of the beauty of this wonderful china.

The last cup I am sharing is this Royal Rover. It is very pretty, for some reason, every time I see it, I think of a Royal Albert. My husband and son both have Irish blood in there veins, so does that make this Mexican an honorary Irish? :) Ok, any reason to party.

I am going to be teaching for the next couple of months for our ladies group. Topic? How to keep an organized home. Not easy for a Serial Collector, maybe the pastor wife is trying to tell me something! Have a wonderful week. Say a little prayer for me. Thank you for your support and care. You are so good to me! Blessings, Martha

Here is the Linky for this week. As usual, Terri has her act very together and I hear we are going to see some new cups. I can't wait to visit!

Mar 12, 2013


Hello ladies: Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No.157! So glad you could stop by, even after last week's post. I have to say, you were all too much. I could feel the love from my blogger friends and I am so glad I shared. I started a list of prayer requests just for you. So many of you shared what you were going through and I was just amazed at the strength that is out there. You truly are amazing women. Life for me has continued to be trying, husband was moved to another hospital because of phenomena and a dear friend of over 30 years went to be with the Lord on Saturday. Somehow, we are managing to continue living our lives, trusting the Lord for His good things. I have some new pictures of my Princess Maya, we spent Saturday together. She is going to be 10 in a few days. I think her smile can light up an entire room. Already she knows what her style is and what she likes. It is like talking to a small adult. The first picture is of my daughter Monique, my Mother, Maya, Noah and Me. The pictures were taken in the dark on my phone. I am so sorry they are dark.

I am sharing this wonderful cup by Leneige. This antique shape demitasse cup and saucer is European, but that is all I know about it. It is very fine porcelain. It features beautiful violets, my flower of the month. Did I ever tell you I collect violets? Violets on everything, plates, jars, cups and vases. I just love the way they look at Easter. I have been trying to thin things out this past year, but as I have begun getting ready for Easter the violet items multiplied as did the bunnies. There are bunnies everywhere.

The next cup is a Royal Albert. It is very simple, yet so very stunning, as only a Royal Albert can be!

This last cup is a O & E G Oscar & Edger Gutherz & MZ Moritz Zdekauer, Royal Austria China Tea Cup and Saucer. It has this gorgeous green and rose garland design. I am selling it on my website for my friend. I just had to pretend it was mine for a moment. It just screams Easter!

If you want me to pray for any request, I will add it to my list. You can email me at or if you feel comfortable, leave it on a comments. I just noticed, I have reach 800 followers, since I always have a give away to celebrate a 100 new followers, look next week for a new giveaway. I will make it special for you. Don't forget to visit Terri, she always has beautiful cups to share. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

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Mar 4, 2013


Hello Ladies: Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 156! Well, "Lucy, I think you have some explaining to do!" I know you have noticed that I have been off and on since Christmas with my blog. I do want to apologize to you for that. The truth is my husband has been gravely ill since Christmas Eve. There are days when I am not sure he is going to make it or not. Before I say anything else, I do believe that God is in control of his life and that He is not done with him yet. Last week, however, it was just more than I could take emotionally and I had a slight melt down. He has stopped eating and it just seemed hopeless. I barely had the strength to email Terri. She has been such a real friend to me and has encouraged me through this whole thing. I never meant for this blog to be a place to share sad things. I have always wanted this to be a place where I can share my lovely family, beauty, crafts and of course tea cups. Sometimes life just happens and it is more than we can handle without God. Many of you have asked how I am doing and I know are praying for me. I thought honesty was the best thing right now, even though it is so sad. I have been feeling better since this weekend, trying to take things one day at a time as God commands.

This weekend was Noah's birthday! He had a wonderful time. There were so many people and children at this party, I am not sure how my daughter managed it, but she did. It was a "Star Wars" birthday. She made Princess Layia head pieces for all the girls and light sabers for the boys. Noah is lucky enough to not only have a Grandma, but a Great-Grandma at his party. My children were lucky enough to be raised along side their Grandparents and it is wonderful to see that Noah too has that privilege. I can't imagine what my life would be like not seeing my Grandchildren, everyday they say or do something wonderful. I feel so blessed to be a part of their lives. At this party place, there was a large throne chair, as you can see, Noah just loved it. I hope you can see the birthday cake it was so cute.

Ok, enough of family, on to the tea cups. You ladies have been sharing your Easter Tea Cups already and I have been behind, (that else is new). This first cup is one of my all time favorites. It is a can shaped, unsigned beauty. Look at the handle on this cup, it is the Christian Fish. The cup is very fine and is hand gilded. It is just beautiful.

The next cup is a Royal Albert. Love the shape and the look of this cup. You can always tell the quality of a Royal Albert.

My last cup for the week is has a similar design as the Royal Albert without the quality. It is very pretty just the same. It too is unsigned, however, if I had to guess I would say it is Made in Japan. Thank you for your faithfulness to this party, even when I have not been so faithful. Don't forget to visit Terri, she always has some amazing tea cups to share. You know what to do with Mr. Linky. I have also listed some tea parties I will be joining this week. Blessings, Martha