Feb 25, 2014


Hello ladies and welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 206! I am late! I first want to apologize for last week.  I had linky problems, as you noticed. You could not leave a comment and I could not link back to visit your posts.  It was a huge pain.  I finally just remove the link altogether. If I have the same problems this week, I will go back to the old link without pictures and you may just have to visit both Terri and I to add to your link.  Hopefully, I can get it fix and that won't happen.  I don't like to give you extra work.  I know your time is precious. 

Now, the reason why I am late.  I was at Disneyland with my all my children and my grandchildren.  This is a picture of the three grown children altogether.  They are hard to keep still enough to photograph so this is special to me.  We plan to celebrate several birthdays all together. It is so much fun to go there with your Grandchildren. Nothing make this Mama as happy as having all my children around me.  The feeling is amazing.    If you are ever lucky enough to go to Disneyland with your Grandchildren, don't miss it.  It is worth every penny for the memories. 

 I am also in the process of planning a large wedding shower for the middle of next month.  It is going to be a tea for about 60 ladies.  I will share it all with you.  I will be starting the invitations this week. Stilling working on the Disney Frozen costumes for my granddaughters. (Yes, I will show you pictures!)  My home is still under construction to repair termite damage.  They are working on my back deck and storage area, of course it is going to rain tomorrow.  It never rains in California!  So, the answer to this long drought, is to have your precious holiday items exposed to the weather and it will rain.  Why didn't I think about this before?

I am sharing two amazing cups this week.  The first is this Haviland Limoges cup.  It is a large cup, maybe it was to be used for coffee?  I just love it.  Look at all the detail. Amazing, that is all I have to say about that!

Cup No. two was a gift from my best friend's mother.  It is a Lefton.  Just look at the pedestal base.  I have several Lefton's and each one is so special and different.  

Well, have a wonderful week.  I promise to visit all this week to make up for last week. Hugs to you all, Martha

Feb 17, 2014


Hello Ladies!  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 205! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day and are enjoying a long weekend.  I know for my friends in the East the weather has not been good.  Los Angeles is having perfect weather, however, no rain. Finally done with all the treating of the terminates here.  Now on to fix some of the structural  damage they created.  One good thing that has happened with this bug thing is I get to repaint my home.  It was due any way, I would have rather waited for my timing but, oh well! Picking house colors this week, as well as helping any plants that need extra love outside due to treatment.  

I have been listing things like crazing on my website, Pretty Vintage Things.  Just want to remind you that blog followers get a discount. 

I am sharing some of my favorite pink tea cups today.  This first one is from Austria.  The pattern name is Juliette!  It is very Art Deco in design.  Love the roses.  If you look closely at all three tea cups today, the roses are the same shape.  The last two are Limoges. 

This next cup is a Theodore Limoges.   Always beautiful, always one of my favorites.

This last cup is a Haviland Limoges. It looks like a present it is so stunning.  

Both Princess Maya and Sophia want "Elsa" costumes from Frozen.  So I will be busy sewing them up this coming week for them.  I don't like to sew anymore, but for the Grandchildren, I'll do it!

Here is a picture of Princess Maya with Thor.

The last picture is Noah teaching Sophia to tie her shoes.  He took a class a couple of months ago and passed.

Looking forward to seeing all your wonderful tea cups. Sending hugs your way!



Feb 10, 2014


Hello Ladies and welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 204!  We have been getting such wonderful responses to this party recently.  Terri and I really appreciate it.   Have you been busy being creative?  I purchase some stamps to learn how to stamp on spoons and forks.  It seems like this is a fun craft.  It is a lot more pricey than I had anticipated, hopefully, I can do this. Seems like many of us have been stuck at home due to weather problems.  There is something about getting ready for Spring that makes me feel creative.  Our weather has been great.  We had one day of rain in Los Angeles and everyone became unglued.  We forget how to drive and got depressed. Maybe God made Los Angeles for those who just cannot deal with dark skies.  So He gives us a few earthquakes instead.  

My week was filled with events with Grandchildren.  Couldn't get away from seeing the Lego Movie.  They loved it.  Noah, lost his tooth.  It had been hanging by a small piece of skin for quite a while, but he would not let anyone touch it.  It finally fell off while he was brushing his teeth.  He was happy and teary at the same time.  I wonder what it feels like to have a piece of your body fall off and everyone cheer?  I certainly can't remember.  I am trying hard to keep all my body parts working and in tack!

Have some fun tea cups to share with you this week.  The first is this black and gold Mitterteich, from Bavaria, Germany.  Look at the crown shape pedestal base.  It looks like it was cut with craft scissors.

The next cup is a Clarence, Made in England.  Love the shape of this cup, with the black clovers. 

The last cup is from New England Toile.  It matches the tea pot on the top of this post. There is something so pretty about black and white.  Don't you agree? Terri made that tag for me, I love it!

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine's Day!  I know that not everyone can spend the day with someone special.  If you have to spend it alone, remember, you are never alone really, Jesus loves you! 

Sending double hugs, Martha

Feb 3, 2014


Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 203!  February, the month of Love!  I started today to change my home over to February colors.  It is always so much fun to decorate for February.  I still am not getting the right lighting to take pictures with all the changes I have made.  As you can see the pictures are a bit dark,  it also doesn't help that it is clouding outside too.  Good news, Sophia is doing so much better. Thank you for your prayers. It rained yesterday for about 20 minutes in the Foothills.  My plants were so happy.  Maybe we got a quarter inch, maybe? Better than nothing, which is the norm for us. 

I spent the day with Termite Inspectors.  Thought it might be a good idea to have it done before you see me on the  evening news.  "Woman found on bed, no walls, Termites had eaten all the walls, news at eleven!"  It would not be pretty, so it got scheduled for next week.  No tenting, because of Grandchildren and dogs, so things should be easier than normal.  

I am sharing some fun cups today.  The first one is this Royal Albert, "SeƱorita."  Love the black lace with the red rose.  Can a tea cup look sexy?

This next cup is also the same color, black with a red rose and with hand painted, gold details.  It is a Royal Stafford from England.  It is just stunning and perfect for use in the month of February.

The last cup is also black and red.  It is a Foley from England.  Pattern name is "Florence."   I did not realize I had such a large collection of black and white tea cups.  I will share more of them next week.

Here is a picture of Sophia calling her Daddy on the phone, while Noah is having a "Star Bucks" break (apple juice). Do notice Sophia's heals!   Terri and I were so happy at the large group that joined us last week.  Hope we have another fun party again this week.   Here is the link!

Sending hugs, Martha