Oct 28, 2013


Hello Ladies!

Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 189! 
Can you believe next week is November? 
What is happening to our lives?

Believe it or not, I am half way through my Christmas shopping.
When I use to be together, years ago, I would have it all done in October. 
The last few years, it has been the week before Christmas before I got started.
I promised myself not this year. 
Not sure if I will make my goal, but I am going to try to finish in November. 

I like to have the month of December for just enjoying the holidays. 
My husband was very ill last year and the holidays were a blur. 
Wish me luck.  My home is beginning to look normal. 

As you can see, I put those plates up, they are no longer on the floor.
Chandeliers are still not up, curtains not up either, however,
I can see so much progress.  
I can walk through all my rooms now, yeah! 
I added more pictures to the one wall.  

I can find my tea cups, in the appropriate colors. I have a very large area of items I am going to be listing on Pretty Vintage Things. I am so proud of myself.

 I am starting my crafting again on Tuesday
and the laundry almost looks normal.

I am sharing this hand-painted Nippon tea cup trio today. 
It is so beautiful. 
The details on this set is amazing.
It has this great gold gilding all over it. 
It is one of my favorite cups.

Cup No. 2 is a Royal Albert. 
I just love this beautiful tea cup,
again the gold gilt makes it so beautiful. 

Do you notice the brooches on each tea cup?  

They are all Art Nouveau pieces.

I was lucky enough this week to come across 3 very beautiful
Art Nouveau pieces of costume jewelry. 
I just had to share them with you.
They are stunning.

As you know, I have a thing for vintage jewelry. 

I have been having trouble with the linky these last few weeks.  

You can always go to Terri's if one does not show up this week. 
We are trying to fix problem.  Blogger, just seems to eat my linky's.
Terri and I talked about how much we enjoy visiting each of you each week. 
We always look forward to what you are sharing. 

Can't leave without showing you my favorite Grandchildren. 


Oct 21, 2013


Hello my friends, welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 188! It appears that I just may be back among the living this week.  My living room, dining room is almost done.  All that is left is the chandeliers (still) and the jewelry.  I can walk into the rooms and not bump into anything.  All the major pieces are in place, yeah!  I am beginning to add pictures and plates.  My favorite part of this whole mess is the decorating and I will be doing that all this week. 

During this very hard time for me, I have made some very serious changes in my life. (I know, here she goes again.)  As I have been working at trying to find new places for my many collections, I am once again thinning things out.  I have to, I can't leave this work to my children.  The three of them are so different.  My first daughter, wants me to keep a price on everything so she could have one large estate sale.  My second  daughter wants to keep everything because they were her Mother's and my son, well, he would just order a dumpster. Bless his little heart!

So, I have a very large collection of boxes ready for my website, Pretty Vintage Things. I hope by next week to start listing, just in time for Christmas shopping.  If you could only see me, I would put a item in the box marked "to sell" then take it back out.  I am a mess. I am happy to report 99% of the time, they stayed in the box! (Victory in Jesus!)

My first tea cup today is this lovely Aynsley, my all time favorite tea cup.  I just love the gold inside the cup and well as the vivid colors.

This last cup is a Paragon.  I think they make amazing looking tea cups.  This is a very simple cup in a lovely light brown color.  I paired it with a very vintage seed pearl necklace.  Not sure why I like this necklace so much, maybe it is just the simplicity of it.  What do you think?

I will be having some give-aways during the next few weeks.  I regret to say, this is only for followers in the US.  It is just too expensive for me to ship internationally.  This Johnson Bros. cup is up for give away. The first one to ask for it will get to be the proud owner.  Either, comment or email me, I am good with both. 

My Grandson, Noah, won student of the month.  Here he is with the principal of the school.  The best thing was the award came with a free Ice Cream Sunday.  My Princess Maya,  did her first cheerleading this weekend and Sophia started ballet classes. As you can see they have kepted their Grandma busy. I also designed some costumes, The Fifth Dimension, to be exact and they won!  I don't even know how many of you would even remember this group from the 70's.

Here is the linky for this week.  I am having some trouble with it each week and Terri has to come in and fix it for me, as if she did not have enough to do. I am going to try it without listing the parties I am joining.  I was told that might be the problem.  For all you parties ladies, just know I will be there!  Have a great week.

Blessings, Martha

Oct 15, 2013


Hello Ladies:  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 187!  So sorry about last week, I know I just bailed, but my life has been just crazy.   My house is getting better, but understand, I have been at this a few weeks.  I force myself not to go completely on tilt.  I have to tell myself, it is getting better.  It still needs the chandeliers installed, pictures hung, items put back in their new place and of course,  more dusting, but it is getting better.  I feel so selfish, because in the large scheme of things, this is really nothing.  It is really NOTHING!  I remember when my husband started the remodel in our kitchen, a few years back.  I felt catatonic, the mess was so bad, so in retrospect, I have been doing well.  It is getting better.  Have I convinced you yet? 

The most wonderful thing happen this weekend. Sophia celebrated her second birthday.

It was a Princess Party.

All the little girls were dressed in their favorite Princess dress and the boys were Knights and Kings.  Sophia wore a Snow White costume and when it came time to blew out her candles, she changed into another Princess Dress.  She looked so cute and just took it all in.  Princess Maya looked wonderful in her princess dress, while Noah was the Knight in shining armor!

This week, I am sharing my tea cup cabinet.  It is almost filled, and back to normal.  You can see many of the cups I have shared throughout the years.  I promised to picture a special tea cup next week. 

I want to thank you so much for following my blog and being so faithful to Terri's and my tea cup party.  I do so enjoy and appreciate each and everyone of you.  Each week it seems, we see a tea cup, we have never seen before.  Have a wonderful week.  I look forward to seeing what you have to share this week.  Here is the linky and just some of the parties I will join this week.  Remember this - things are getting better! :) Linky will be late this week, please some back later. Thanks, Martha

Hugs, Martha

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