Jul 23, 2009


It seems like this week just flew by. We were just told this week that, we are on water rations. Only allowed to water 3 days a week. I have every energy efficient machine man makes and now I still have to ration. I have an English garden and a lawn. So, needless to say, I have been busy moving every plant I can into the shade. I am also looking into a new tree for the front lawn to help with shade. Major stress for a gardener. Did I tell you it has been hot? I have so much trouble in the heat. As it is I have my own personal summers, and now the heat! Bad combination.

My son Kyle and his life long friend, Kd, went to the beach today and her mom and I had a fun time shopping and crafting. I found a lot of fun things at the thrift store. I will take pictures tomorrow for you to see. We both worked on different projects in the craft room. I made another crown, what do you think?

Since I have not shown you a new picture of my Noah, here it is. He feeds his Monkey as he eats too! So cute! Did I tell you I collect buttons? The ones in this bowl are all glass. By the way, good news, it looks like Ebay has picked up so I can sell more things to get more things!? I need help!