Jul 2, 2009


Our family has had a very busy few days. My husband celebrated a birthday and was surprised by his brother Mike and Kathy, his wife. They came all the way down from Oregon. Nice surprise for Kelly, he needed a happy moment. We went to lunch and had fun visiting. My Noah was also over with his dad, Kevin. They are both so handsome, don't you think? Remember the crowns I talked about? Well, I am starting to make my first ones. So far it has been great fun. Everyone has laughed about the crowns, but when I showed them what I was doing, all of a sudden, they NEEDED one! Who had the last laugh? This is a really need in our lives and I am going to help fill the need. Maybe this is my calling! I am showing the picture of one I am working on. I also have some garden pictures, for your viewing pleasure, and a few of my favorites things! Have a great 4th!