Jul 13, 2009


Monday is Grandma brag day! So not wanting to let any Grandma's down, I have a couple of pictures of Noah and my son, Kyle. Just for your information, not to brag or anything, Noah asked for grapes today! Yes, he can say grapes! He must get that smart brain from his Grandma's DNA.

I also worked more on the kitchen and have added some new pictures for you to see. Still have not found a place for the plates. This is bad ladies! Tomorrow I have a handyman coming, so I am sure I will have a mess however, it is always nice when they are done. He is doing odds and ends around here. You know that stuff that just gets put off until you are ready to blow! I am sorry, I am sure I am the only one that does that! Listed more things on Ebay today. I doing so good! No new items came in today. I think I am just delivered! (I hope not!)


Rebecca Nelson said...

Dear Martha...

You have a SWEET BLOG my friend! I'm thinking...I becha live close to where I grew up....Hacienda Heights...do you? I from Southern Cali and I miss it so much!

I also LOVE English Gardens but it is hard to grown one here in Oklahoma!

Just wanted to stop and say hello...I'll be back!

xoRebecca PS: I love Jesus, too! :)

Tara said...

I love that little jar in the corner with the red checked bow! Noah MUST be a genius!

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Martha! Thanks for coming by to see me. Your two young men are very adorable. The photo of your grandson with the watering can is precious indeed!

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