Jul 10, 2009


Today, I was given a lovely blog award by Sares at Loveleigh Treasures. She has always been so gracious to me and now she gives me this award. I am so happy. Thank you, thank you. I am to give out awards of my own now. I have to figure out how to do that. Maybe tomorrow, today I will just enjoy my gift!

I took some pictures of treasures I found recently. The white Limoges plates, a total of 12. I know, didn't I just buy a new set of plates? It is true, but I did not have all white, a girl needs all white. It was a need! Vintage paperweight buttons, aren't they beautiful?

I also took some pictures of some Mary Engelbreit tea cups ornaments I have. I have a small collection of her things, I will show them to you some day. I don't want you to think I am over the top!

I was outside, and taking a few pictures of my yard, when I noticed the sunset. My husband, wrote a song called "Sunrise, Sunset Artist", years ago. It is my favorite song he wrote and tonight, it just reminded me of it. Pink clouds, beautiful colors. I took a picture of a rose, at it's sunset, also beautiful! God is so good!


Tara said...

Your very welcome for the award! You have quite the collection of things going on here. First of all, I understand your NEED! When a girl needs to have something, she needs to HAVE it! The flowers and sunset are beautiful, the other things in your yard look neat too. You must have a beautiful outdoor area. Marbles always remind me of my Grandma. She used to have an old candy tin full of them we would take out and play with when we went to visit. Have yourself a loveleigh weekend Martha!

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