Jul 6, 2009


Hoping everyone had a great holiday weekend, ours was very full. My friend Deby and I went to visit "Very Vintage" in Agoura Hills, CA. You can visit Cindy at www.CutePinkStuff.com. to read about her shop. It is well worth the trip, if you are out this way. Had a special time with my Grand daughter, Maya. I don't get to see her much so, needless to say, I was in heaven. It was good to see my daughter Monique, Maya's mom. Of course, Noah was there, with his mom, Vanessa. It was nice to have all my children in one place. That does not happen very much, and I miss it. I took some pictures for your to see. I also added pictures of more of my plates. I have to confess, I really have to work at finding wall space for all my plates and pictures. Not good! I only have about half up on the walls or displayed. There is just not enough room. I have to trade them out every month. I sometimes forget what I have and I surprise myself when I see one I totally forgot I had. Who says getting old is not fun? On a whole different note, I am working on my second crown. Loved making the first one, can't wait to see what happens with the second one. Like I said it was pretty easy. If you would like to know how to make them, email me. They are so much fun to make and the world does not have enough crowns, especially pink ones!


Tara said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your girls, and little Noah! I think it's great you have so many plates you have to change them out. It's much easier on the back than rearranging the furniture to get a new look!

Tara said...

Martha, I have a little gift for you over at my blog. Pop over to come and collect it!

Anonymous said...

How funny, yes, aging can be one big surprise after another! I forget half the things I've tucked away too.