Jul 15, 2009


Hi Ladies! Just had to tell you about my last two day. While the handyman was here, he broke a couple of pipes, which means no water, which means, visiting my dear neighbors to use the little girls room. This old gal has a little blatter, which means, lots of visits to neighbors. It was a fun day. Now, I also need to have some tile replaced in the master bath. A handyman accident! But, on the good side. We are not leaking. It will take me a full day just to clean up after our handyman. Life is good. I just knew I was going to run out of house work, and here he provided lots for me!

While I was praying my Blatter did not bust, I started to rearrange part of my living room. Remember I had it red, white and blue? Well, today I decided I was feeling mellow yellow! I am almost done. Maybe tomorrow. I have some picture of phase1 and always redo it after I am done, for the final phase 2. Weird, I know!

This is not Grandma Bragging Day, Monday, but I did get Noah an extra day so I just had to include some pictures. He ordered an orange at the restaurant today. I told you, he was a genius! He also cryed because he did not want to leave Grandma's house today. I am changing the Will!


Tara said...

I like all the cream and yellow accents. They look very pretty. I can't wait to see the finished room. Have a beautiful day!

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Love vintage rhinestones! Thanks for stopping by to see my bird pillows, Martha! Hope to meet you this Saturday at the French Flea!

Bunnym said...

Hello Martha,

Just cruising around friends blogs and stumbled upon yours. I love the term "serial collector"..that made me laugh. I too live in California and it's getting hot, hot, hot, but i wouldn't live anywhere else. I will pop in from time to time and check out your beautiful pics. I can't believe I found someone who changes color schemes as I do...

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