Jul 27, 2009


Wow, I almost wish the party would not end, didn't you? So many beautiful, creative spaces! The things I saw, the places I went to! Amazing! It is hard to get back to normal, but we must. So, in desire to get back to normal, I went to the thrift store today. The truth is, I never go on Mondays, but I met my sister, mother and her children for lunch today. It was right next door to the thrift store, so, it would have been a sin not to go. Had lots of fun with my baby sister, Melinda, Ross and Rachel and my Mama. I just love to spend time with them. It was Melinda's birthday and she wanted a the Thriller CD. She was so happy to get it, they drove away with it playing full blast in their car! She is so much fun. I picked up a thing or three at the thrift store. I will take pictures later, maybe tomorrow. I did want to show you some of my perfume bottles. Did I tell you I collect perfume bottles?

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Tara said...

I strolled through the party and was amazed at some of the spaces. Such beauty and creativity! Looks like you had a fun shopping trip with the family. The perfume bottles are gorgeous!I like the first one, it reminds me of one my Mom used to have, before it got broke! Have a terrific Tuesday Martha.