Sep 9, 2009


My husband does not mind using pink towels, laying under pink floral quilts or having jewelry attached to everything he sees. Give him chickens and it creeps him out! What I am showing you is a very small collection of chickens I own. I love the cute little way they look. In order to honor the man, I keep my chickens in the kitchen and only have a small amount. He does not complain about anything else, so I need to make him happy. He is o.k. with just a little bit. I have Fenton chickens, and old vintage ones. I can only have a little out at a time. So the ones I have pictured are what is out now. When I switch my kitchen around again, I will show you more. Do any of you have husbands with weird little things they don't like?

I am trying to post every other day. I use the other day to read everything you have to say. I just can't keep up with everything you are doing unless I do that! I don't want to miss a thing. Did you see that Gone with the Wind Party? It was so cute. If you get a chance, go see Sares in her beautiful blue gown. She is at She looks so much like Scarlett, you would think they were twins, no kidding!

Don't forget my give away at the end of the month. All you have to do is make a comment and Noah will pick his favorite out of a bowl. He cannot read yet so don't worry, he will be fair! At least his is not saying he can read! LOL!


Diers Eve said...

Ha, ha, ha. My boyfriend hates mayonaise and romantic movies, he, he, he.

Have a great day,

Unknown said...

Hmmm, I'm a weird little thing, so.... No only joking, my husband lkies me really! Loved your post! I always post on a Friday, and I love reading everybody's blog posts, and that take some time, but I love hearing what everyone is doing. Suzie. xxx

Vicki said...

Hi, Martha,
Love all your chickens. I do have a few little chicks here and there in my home. No, I don't have a hubby so I can decorate any way I like. I am sure you are thankful he doesn't mind your other pretties. Have a beautiful day! Vicki

Tara said...

That's too funny about the chickens! You should sneak one in somewhere he won't be expecting it on Halloween and see if he says anything! That's a good idea to post every other day. I might have to try that. Thanks for your compliments on my gown. I had a dee-vine time at the ball!

I had a little chat with Noah and he and I have an understanding!!!

Bunnym said...

Martha My Dear....I too love chickens. My girlfriend actually has a real stuffed one on top of her kitchen My husband won't eat anything white. No, mayo, cream, cream cheese, sour cream,jack cheese, white bread, name it he won't eat it...only vanilla ice cream, his favorite...go figure!

Come and visit me...I recieved an award...that's a kick in the


Rebecca Nelson said...

Chickens? He doesn't like Chickens? Does he eat them?

Sounds like my Daddy! He didn't like Chickens either. Wouldn't eat them either!

:) Sweet Post!

Love to you~Rebecca

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Martha,

Loved seeing your collection of chickens.
That is so sweet your husband not liking them and I am sure that you could have them hiding a little. Good though he likes your pinks and florals.
I love chickens and roosters and have a few around the house that I will have to show.


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I have one of the glass chickens with lid, has a candle inside. My husband doesn't care how I decorate. In fact, he loves showing our place off to people. I have so much out, that sometimes I don't put away all the Christmas decorations because they just blend in with all the other decorative items. No one would even notice chickens. :)

Pinkie Denise said...

My grandma loved to collect chickens, yours are so fun too Pinkie

Lisa said...

So sorry he doesn't get it! As I look at all your covered dish chickens I am looking at one of my own that is happy on my computer table! How can you not have chickens?
Hugs, Lisa

Dawn said...

Too funny, and funny answers! My hubby can't think of anything but let me tell ya! He has had a few creeped out shutters, I just can't think of them right now. Laughing too hard I guess, thanks for the giggles!

GwendolynKay said...


Unknown said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Suzie. xxx

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