Sep 26, 2009


I was going through my Pink Saturday comments today, when I came across a blog that made me stop, cold in my shoes. I met a lady name Melanie at As I read her blog, tears ran down my face, as I remembered a time when, my husband was diagnosed with 4Th stage cancer. We were told to get our life in order because he had less than 18 months to live. That was ten years ago and a bone marrow transplant later.

As hard as that is for a grow man to deal with, Melanie, has a young son, that is also in 4th Stage. They are smack in the middle of the process and waiting on God for His promise. I just could not go to bed tonight, without asking you to include Melanie and Andrew in your prayers. He is just a boy, with his whole life ahead of him. Please take the time to pray for him regularly. I know God answers prayers. He has and did for me. You can read all about her and your family at her blog. I do not know this family, but I know the heart, I know the pain. Thank you in advance for taking the time to bear one an other's burden.

On a lighter note, I am finally, going to put up my Halloween things. Here are a few pictures of what has come out of the first bin. Did I tell you I collect tole trays? The candle holder is a handpainted Limoges. I think it is so pretty.

Blessings to you my dear friends, Martha

I also, just met Heidi at She has asked for prayer for her cousin, Amy. Heidi is also someone I just meet who is also trusting in Jesus for an answer. I believe, that God is calling us to prayer ladies! He will see us all through! When we share our burdens, they do not seem as heavy. Blessings, Martha


Anonymous said...

Praying for Melanie and Andrew tonight, Martha. So glad your husband made it thru!

Abatevintage said...

Martha, I am so glad you had a chance to stop by Melanie's blog, she is truly a wonderful woman, and with my cousin dying of cancer it was hard for me not to ask for her to get prayers. You are a wonderful woman. Sleep well sweety, her prayers will not go unsanswered, God will interveen.

Blessings to you,

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Martha!
I am so thrilled to come here and find that you have found my beautiful daughter(Heidi)'s blog too. She is so special and her Christianity just shines about her. She will touch your life in so many ways. She has been touching mine for 31 years. She is the wind beneath my wings.

I so love this post today. Thank you for sharing my beautiful friend. Country hugs, Sherry

Anonymous said...

Good Morning beautiful blog,thank you for asking about glasses they are made by Fire King.HPS!

LuLu Kellogg said...

What a lovely post Martha....I am off to visit these other Blogs.

I love your tole tray. I collect them too!


GwendolynKay said...

I also stopped by her blog. So sad, but her strength in her faith is encouraging. MY father died 4 years ago from cancer..........
He had 16 tumors in his brain. One of these days I should post his story. He fought till the end. I miss him so much.

Unknown said...

I will pray for them. Suzie. x

Tara said...

I'm so glad you still have your husband by your side. As bad as that is, it must be 100 times worse to have a child that's terribly ill. It has to be devastating. I'll send up a prayer for them.

I also can't wait to see what other goodies come out of hiding for Fall/Halloween!

Bunnym said...

I don't know what I would do w/o my hubby by my side...he is my rock! YOU, my dear Martha, are an extraordinary person. I know why you were put here on spread your joy and compassion for other people...Oh Yeah! and to shop too!


Lisa said...

Oh I will add these lovely people to my prayer list! It is very nice of you to help out with passing it on! I'm glad you are getting ready for Halloween. There isn't very long to decorate for it. Then only a month for turkeys!
Thanks again for the prayer requests!
Hugs and prayers, Lisa

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Martha,

What a lovely post and I will add these beautiful people to my prayers.
I love your handpainted Limoges.


My Vintage Treasures said...

Martha, you are such an amazing person. My thoughts and prayers will be with Melanie and Andrew :)

My Vintage Treasures said...

and by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Mine is on Tuesday!!!

Dawn said...

Hi Martha,
Your items are very beautiful.
I've followed Amy's story for a while now and will add Andrew to my thoughts.

GwendolynKay said...

Hi Martha,
You inquired about my pink plate, was it a Limoges? I looked on the back and it is. What does that mean? It did say made in France also.

Regina said...

Hello Martha I thought I was here already.
I always remember Amy and Melanie's son in prayers.
Blessing to you always.