Jan 20, 2011


Hello Ladies: Hope this finds you well! I just needed to share with you what I did this Thursday. First of all, I don't know if I ever told you this about myself, but I tend to be on the fearful side. (Maybe, I have watched to many "Criminal Minds" shows.) I stay on my side of the city, don't like to go where I am not familiar, really not great at being out by myself at night. Just not someone you would call brave. (I am great with a group!) So what I was about to do, was way out of my comfort zone.

About a week or two, I received an email from a lady who had read my blog. She shared how my blog had touched her heart. (You know when someone has written you and you can just hear the tears?) That is what I felt, as I read her email. I felt compelled to meet this woman. I wanted to at least to give her a hug. I learned she lived just minutes away from me. What are the chances of that? So I wrote her back and I ASKED HER, if we could meet for lunch. Normally, I would never do that. However, I just felt such a need to get to know her. Please don't get me wrong, there are ladies, like (Bunny) for example, I can't wait to have lunch with one day. Although we have never met, these are ladies I have a history with. We have shared our hearts over months, as you know, you can make life long friends through your blog.

The lady I just invited to lunch, didn't even have her own blog. So I could not get to know her first. (No Peeping Blog, for me!) I am convinced, it was a God thing. (Only God could make me do something this brave!)

We meet at a restaurent! When I saw her arrive, I knew it was her. She came with her little girl, who is beautiful. She was just what I expected. A young lady full of hurt and full of joy all at the same time. We shared our lives, hurts and loves. I shared the power of forgiveness with her. Something I am not sure she was ready to hear, but our time together was good. We ended up at her home, if you could believe that!? I know that God has something more for us. I just need to be open. Lunch was truly a pleasure for me.

I did not tell my children what I was going to do today. I was sure they would have talked me out of it. I simply told my two dearest sisters in the Lord. I knew they would know what to do.

I am sharing this because, one, God needed to set me free of this fear and two, I believe God wants to set my new friend free. The third reason is give someone else the courage to do the same. I hope that if anyone is considering doing the same thing, you would consider the brave thing! We of course all need to use wisdom, but you know when it is God talking to you!

Since, I was running amuck all day, I am showing you some re-runs of my home. Hope you don't mind. I did manage to stop at the thrift stone and purchase 6 beautiful tea cups for $2.99. I show them to you on Tea Cup Tuesday. I just needed to share my day with you. Only, one more week for my give away. Please look at the post dated December 31st for all the details. Love you lots, Martha


Gypsea Nurse said...

Martha~ your blog touches me in many ways... One.. what I do for a living.. is WAY out of your comfort zone... (forensics..psych..etc..) But what you did today.. is what us nurses have to do when we meet that rape pt. in the ER. or the Psychotic murderer in the day room.. you throw your hands up to God and let him do the rest. Somewhere you knew.. it was a calling.. a reason.. you served a purpose.. and a beautiful one as well... you are a saint my friend.... and i'm glad you stepped out of your comfort zone...this once....Now... let's go back to the comfort zone shall we? hehehehe..
You are a wonderful woman.
God Bless~

Anonymous said...

Beautiful treasure!!!
Kisses and nice weekend.

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Hi Martha,
I agree, it was certainly a need to do this. We all have to much fear to be just friendly to unkown persons. But also, there is a need to protect yourself, sometimes. Hard to decide what is to do. So I am happy to read, that it was a nice meeting full of joy for both of you. You are a very nice woman, Martha!
I want to tell you also, that I share on my blog an easy way to translate comments, written in a foreign language or even in a unkown font, like Chinese. Have a look if you are interested: http://silber-rosen.blogspot.com/2011/01/merkwurdige-kommentare-strange-comments.html
Greetings, Johanna

Anonymous said...

Dearest Martha,
your post moved
me to tears...
i am so glad
that you heard
God's voice
telling you that
He wanted you to
do this, and that
He would keep you
safe...this was
certainly a blessing
to you and to your
new friend...
and your pictures are
lovely as usual today.
when i first saw them
i guessed you were
doing 'winter whites'
Blessings to you.

Here On Crow Creek said...

Hi Martha! Its so nice to meet a sister in christ! Thank you for following me and now I YOU:) God bless you and I look forward to getting to know ya better.

Anonymous said...

You did good, Martha...I truly know how difficult that was for you to do. You have a dear and loving soul.

Thank you for sharing that sweet story, and the lovlies in your home.

Have a restful weekend,

p3chandan said...

That was very brave of you to meet a total stranger. But I guess your warm and caring heart got the better of you and God is always looking up after you. Such a touching post to share with us. May God bless you always.Take care Martha.

Terri said...

Oh Martha! You must feel so good about listening and following through to meet this young lady. It sounds like you were a blessing to each other. What a delight to read about your meeting.
Your home looks lovely all in white. You have shown us so many stunning pieces! Wow! And new cups for 2.99!!! You really do have some spectacular luck!

Linda Jennings said...

How kind of you to meet this young lady and to bring joy to her heart through your Christian love and hospitality.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What a wonderful day you've described! I'm sure she was just as blessed as you were!

BTW, I sure love all the pics in your post today. Especially that sweet little rose purse in the last picture!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Susan said...

Dear Martha....You are such a sweet, genuine person. No wonder that girl wanted to have lunch with you. And if I lived over on your side of the country, I'd want to go to lunch with you, too! In the meantime, loved looking at your pictures. Can't believe you got all SIX cups for $2.99? Wowsers. Susan

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Wow, Martha, so brave and so caring! What a wonderful thing you did and yes, I am SURE it was a God thing! It is great to hear good news instead of the other kind of news in this world. Thanks so much for inspiring us!

You have quite an awesome collection. I wish I could go to your thrift store. :0)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Bella Rosa Antiques

Claudia said...

Martha, you should be so proud of yourself. What a big step for you. I'm sure you were meant to spend time with this woman and that you have both been blessed by your meeting.


Debra@CommonGround said...

When we step out in faith, God meets us there, and gives direction. What a wonderful opportunity and experience to meet and share your heart. That happened to me a couple of weeks ago and it was a life changer! Thanks so much for sharing on VIF!

Sandy said...

Sometimes we need that little nudge from the Lord to get us out of our comfort zone and into His plan for us. Like you said, we need to use wisdom and know when He is speaking to our hearts and nudging us forward. I am sure you have connected with this young woman for a reason far more purposeful than lunch. Bravo to you for having an obedient heart.

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Hi there~ What a neat post- it sounds like you did something wonderful for your blog friend that you met and for you! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

Bettyann said...

Maartha, so glad that you stepped out of your comfort zone..take care and be the brave lion again..

Kathleen said...

Beautiful story! Glad it was such a rewarding experience, God bless you!

skinzer said...

martha i love second hand shops and such the cup and saucers you have found are beautiful

Unknown said...

What an inspiring story. Stepping out of our comfort zone is no easy feat, yet it can be so enriching. It is often by giving to others that we give to ourselves too!

Denise said...

Dear Martha,I just stopped by to say hello,because I haven't come by your blog in awhile.What an exciting post.I'm like you when it comes to being brave and bold.Thats just the way I have been all my life,so I could relate to everything you said.It does take the Lord for us to do something like that.Wow,Thats really something.

Tracy F. said...

I love your heart-shaped wreath! So pretty!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I was so touched by this post. Sometimes we just have to give in and trust the Lord and our instincts. I'm so happy you found a new friend. You probably knew in your heart that this was the right thing to do. Love the pictures of the treasures in your home.