Apr 30, 2010


Hi Ladies: It is Pink Saturday! My favorite day of the week. Although Tea Cup Tuesday is getting real close. Can you believe all the ladies that joined us for the party? We know a good party when we see one! I even learned about white tea. The education that you are giving us about your cups is fantastic. Keep up the good work and invite your friends. Think of it tea cups and more tea cups! Yeah!

I do want to share a little more about my continuing trauma with the stolen identity. I have to be honest with you, I cried most of the day yesterday and part of today. I found out that the bank considers each stolen check a different case. I thought they would all be bunched together as one. But NO, that would be too easy! We can't have that! So I have began the long process of opening individual cases. So far I am at 42. I took a rest today and cried I felt better, don't know why, I felt better, I just did. Today, I went to see my Mama. She somehow made me feel better about it to. She just hugged me for a real long time. I needed my Mama. I did not feel quite so alone.

In the middle of my melt down yesterday, as I was learning that part of my Social Security Check was taken, I received a card from Sares from http://loveleightreasures.blogspot.com/. Sares wrote me the kindest note and that made me cry. I had been feeling like gum at the bottom of someone's shoe and the card came. Is that God or what? Today I received three calls for friends who said they had been praying for me all day on Thursday and just want to check on me. My Pastor even called to check on me today, just out of the blue? Or maybe that was a God thing? I think that has lifted my spirits tonight. People who just follow the leading of the Lord. You may never know what a call or a card can do to lift someone up, until you need one. Please visit Sares, she is so kind. She was one of my first followers, tell her Martha loves her! If anyone has any idea of what to do to stop this, please let me know. It is such a scary feeling to think that someone can just pretend to be you and take everything you have. So much for my pity party. I am done!

We must move on, after all it is Pink Saturday and all is well with the world! I am excited to see what you will be sharing. I am sharing some plates I have hung on the walls. I don't know why I don't show you them more often, I have one or two
(100)! I also found this big beautiful vase recently, it reminds me of my sweet sister-in-law. I have not seen her lately and miss her. So she might just get it in a gift soon. I love the big roses, they are hand painted.

Have a wonderful Pink Saturday. That's an order! Remember you are special in the eyes of the Lord and oh, yes, in my eyes too! Blessings, Martha


Elaine said...

It's a shame you are having such hear ache over this identify theft..it just isn;r fair.
Here is a little video on identify theft you might find of interest.

Carolyn said...

Hi Martha!

My heart breaks for you as you are going through this scary trial! Cling to your faith and know that God is still on His throne! He can change the heart of a king & the course of a river! I will be praying this thief loses the information or has a change of heart...whatever it may be; but that this mess is brought to an end.

BTW you have beautiful pieces and I LOVE the vase! So pretty!

Regina said...

Happy Pink Saturday Martha dearest.
Those are very lovely!
All my thoughts and prayers.

xo Regina

Jill said...

Hi Martha, so sorry to hear of your troubles, hope it all gets sorted soon.

Love the pictures

Hugs RosieP x

Susan said...

Dear Martha....Unbelieveable that this nightmare is continuing. How very tragic. Please, God, let this end SOON.

Your items today are so lovely, Martha. I especially love that flower-covered vase. Just beautiful!

Take care, dear friend, and I will continue to add my prayers all those being offered up for you. Take care, Martha. Love, Susan

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I can't beleive all the trouble that you are going to have to go through. My heart aches for you and i pray for you everyday!
When I scrolled down through your photos, I gasped, then oohed and then awed!! ALL so very pretty!!
I am enjoying the Tea book that i won in your giveaway and every time I look at it, I think of you sweet friend!

Lisa said...

Love your pinks! Oh sweetie!! Big hugs to you! Just pray, we will pray with you and it will work out. I am sorry it will be long and hard and tiresome. I think it's great how crying helps. When my Casey dog died I cried and got tons of love from my blog friends AND the next day got two packages of love from blog friends. No way to have been done with them knowing I was in pain. Yes Martha God takes care of us! :)♥
Hugs and prayers on this Happy Pink Saturday!

Bunnym said...

My heart is breaking dear Martha. Hopefully you have a good supportive family to help you out. Hopefully you'll find some peace and comfort this weekend....

love ya,

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope your Pink Saturday is going better! Happy Pink Saturday. My heart just sunk when I read about the identity theft. I'm glad your mama was there to hug you and your friends and pastor too. I can't imagine what you're going through. I've heard commercials where they talk about the complexity of it, but not necessarily the details. That's scary. I just pray that the Lord lifts your spirits and bandages the pain ... giving you courage and determination for the process and that you and your finances recover. In all our things, it's hard to learn to praise Him in the midst of trials. Some are easier to do so and some are not. Aren't you glad you have the LORD to go through this with? How awful it would feel otherwise. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Take care! Jenn PS - lovely pinks ... and I especially like the black rimmed plate. Jenn

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

That 3rd pic of the roses plate and the pink pearls is just awesome!! So sorry things are still so rough for you. I'll say a little prayer right now for you, sweet friend! Try to have a nice weekend!!


Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Madeline's Memory said...

Oh Martha, I am so sorry to hear of your struggle. I have known so many people who have had this same thing happen to them.
My favorite saying is that God does not give you any more than what he knows you can handle....this is very tough sometimes, but your faith will help you get through this.
As for the bank, well....they are usually little to NO help at all. Your friends are right here to help lift you when you are feeling low.
Your dishes and teacups are just beautiful.
God bless and keep faith.
Enjoy, Dana

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Martha,

I feel for you dear one, that is so horrid, what has happened to you. Sending a big hug and I really hope that you can get this sorted so you can forget all about this. So sorry for you.
Love all your pretty plates Martha and the new look to your blog.

Happy weekend, dear friend

Kissed by an Angel said...

Such pretty pink things!!!

Awishdream said...

Hi Martha,
Your blog is so Gorgeous! and I love your Tea Cups!
Lots of yummy pretties!!

Melanie :)

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Hi Martha, I hope this stolen identity case will solve soon.. I am sad to know what had happen and looks like it will take for ages to solve.. so am praying hard that the issues solve asap. Happy PS!

Unknown said...

I had no idea, Martha, that each check would be a separate case. What a shame you are going thru this, but I/we are all here for you ... & praying for an easy resolution for you.

Sares, she sure is a fabulous gal ... couldn't love her more! She just lifts ones spirits.

Have a great week ~
Hugs in love, Marydon

Tara said...

Martha I am so glad the card came when you needed it most. I have been thinking about you every day. It sounds like there is no end to the nightmare. Hang in there Martha and I enjoyed seeing more of your gorgeous pink pretties!

Terri said...

Hello Martha,
I am so sorry to hear that the identity trouble is not over yet. I do hope for you that it is over soon. One thing we know for sure is nothing stays the same, so it is bound to change no matter what : )
Change is inevitable. That can be a good thing. For me too!
I am keeping my chin up (a neck brace helps!) and looking for the joy. You are a joy to me Martha! And I give thanks for your friendship!
Hugs of LOVE to you,

joey Ledlie said...

Dear Martha, how terrible. Some people have no shame.
I do love your beautiful vase, your SIL will adore it.. big hugs, Joey

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Martha,
What lovely pinks! Sorry, I'm very late visiting for Pink Saturday but I'm glad I got to take a peek at these treasures. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week.


CIELO said...

Oh Martha you have the prettiest teacups! Thanks for advertising our Victorian Tea Party here, and I'm so hoping you could participate!

Have a great day...