Apr 12, 2010


Hello Ladies: It is once again Tea Cup Tuesday, yeah! I love looking at all your cups. I think so far the ones I could like to collect the most are, the Shelley Cups. I am going to keep an eye out for them. However, each week you surprise me with new beauties! I can't wait to see what you are going to do this week.

As for me, I will be sharing 4 different cups. The first is an all gold cup, Bavaria, Germany. Everything is gold, including the saucer. I have had it for a long time, so who knows where it came from, but I think it is so pretty. The next one is a Castleton China, called "Sunnyvale". It is a demitasse and has a pedestal bottom. I have quite a few of the Castleton China cups, each one is so different and pretty. You will get to see them all soon. The next one is a bowl cup, by my favorite marker, Haviland Limoges, France. It is so beautiful, with small dainty roses. I forgot how much I liked this one. (I know, they are just cups! Get a clue, Martha!) Sharing tea cups makes me want to go to Ebay, if you know what I mean. The last cup is a Lefton, hand painted pedestal cup in pale yellow. It is also one of my favorites. I said that already didn't I? The roses are stunning on this cup. Cups are my favorites collectible!! What is that old saying? " I never met a cup I didn't like! LOL! Therapy, I know! They are so fun to look at! Don't forget to visit Terri at http://artfulaffirmations.blogspot.com/. Terri is the brains of this outfit!

All you have to do to play, is fill in the box and Mr. Linky does the rest! Thank you so much for joining the fun!

Once again, I want to add my list of prayer requests. Please let me know, if you need to be added to the list.

Carrie - http://oakrisecottage.blogspot.com/
Terri - http://artfulaffirmations.blogspot.com/
Vanessa - Noah's Mom
Jules & Alex - http://shabby-jules.blogspot.com/

God bless you for your faithfulness and prayers! Blessings, Martha


Terri said...

Let me be the first to say that your post is beautiful! I love how you have showcased a pin with the cups. All of your cups are gorgeous. You are quite the collector!
I hope you have a lovely Tuesday.
Hugs to you,

Vicki said...

Hi, Martha,
Your blog looks so pretty! I love how you have it decorated. Your cups are very pretty, each one unique and different. I am glad to be participating with you this week. Thank you for hosting. Blessings to you! Vicki

GwendolynKay said...

Your cups are lovely. I have never seen gold ones before. I want you to know I am praying for your requests.
Blessings always!

Susan said...

Dear Martha: Oh, your cups are gorgeous. I loved the yellow background one and the gold the best. Very lovely! Oh Martha, this is so much fun. Thank you and Terri for hosting and for allowing me to participate. I love looking at all the cups of other bloggers. It's really so delightful. Take care. Sincerely, Susan

Anonymous said...

Hi Martha, I want to thank you for the beautiful comments you always leave me...your tea cups are so pretty, once again I can't pick a favorite! have a great day sweet friend...Hugs, Jennifer

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Martha,

I think you have the prettiest cups I have seen, they are all so very beautiful.
My thoughts and prayers are with your request list. Have been thinking of Vanessa.


Eileen said...

Martha ~
What beautiful tea cups! They are all so lovely and delicate. Thanks for sharing.

Bunnym said...

I have a fondness for all things Bavarian..you'll see. Thank you for hosting this Martha my dear...This is gonna be fun!


recklessbliss said...

I love tea cups too, they make me feel like such a lady. When I was a little girl I had a real hard time going to school and leaving my mom everyday so when I got home we would have tea with the good china to give me something to look forward to during class. Such good memories. I would love for you to check out my blog if you get a chance. God bless!

Victoria said...

Hi Martha...oh my gosh ..every time I come here I fall in love with more of your gorgeous cups!!And I am so charmed by your beautiful jewlery and brooches..how dazzling and magical!! Lovely photos...so fun! It is hard to pick a favorite cup..they are all so beautiful!Have a magcial happy day!
THankyou for your kind beautiful words always!

Anonymous said...

ooooooooooohhh the gold one is sparkle bliss! how amazing is that one!

I have a gold set from my mother...3 cups and a cream, sugar and espresso pot...it reminds me of that!

so beautiful....ebay, here I come! lol

ciao bella
creative carmelina was here!

Paula said...

Dear Martha,
All of your teacups are beautiful!!! I got so tickled at what you wrote! I love to collect them too, and use them daily! Thank you for sharing the prayer requests! Have a lovely day! Love, Paula

Kissed by an Angel said...

Hi Martha, I love all the cups that you showed us today!! Thank you!

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Oh Martha! Your teacup selections are as always so exquisite! The gold one is especially elegant and can you imagine a table set for a party with these! And your passion shines when you write about teacups too :-))
Enjoy a terrific teacup tuesday!

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Thank for stopping by today with your sweet comment.
Your tea cup collection is lovely! Thank you for sharing them with us!
Warmest Blessings,

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

God Bless you Martha! You always have the loveliest things to share! Such beauties you have shown us here. The broaches as so pretty as well. I just love all your tea cups! I did a little post today -- but I don't have the kind of teacups you do. :) Wishing you all the best and sending prayers and blessings your way. Tammy

Lisa said...

Lovely as ever!! Thanks for sharing new great ones this week!
Hugs, Lisa

Kelly said...

Pretty cups again! The gold one is beautiful!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Martha~What a wonderful teacup collection. Each uniquely beautiful. The gold cup style was one I've never seen before...very regal.
What caught my eye was the added sparkle of the vintage brooches paired with each tea cup were stunning. I would love to see that collection too.
I hope you can stroll by for a visit, your company will be nice.

Sweet wishes,

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Martha,
You have the sweetest teacups! The gold one is unique and I love the two handled one! I like the brooches you add for the little bit of bling too! I hope you will stop by for tea at my blog as well. Have a wonderful week, my dear friend.


Anonymous said...

Oh Martha that was so very sweet of you to come by and leave me such a nice comment!

i love tea cup tuesdays....and I'll do my best to join in again...

love ya!
ciao bella
creative carmelina

I'm loving this music I'm totally dancing away here on my chair with my shoulders! I don't want to leave until the song is done!
So does that mean I should just keep typing here, or browse around some more!?


maybe I should start a third blog called
Crazy Carmelina!

Terri Gordon said...

Oh Martha, you have the most beautiful teacups, I love to visit and see all your beautiful things. I love the double handle teacups, it is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for visiting my blog and always leaving such wonderful comments. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

nancy said...

What pretty teacups. I am sick and didn't get an opportunity to play along. Have a good week. Nancy

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What a fantastic array of tea cups you have shared with us today!! I love them all but I really love the first one!! Those gorgeous colors in it are just calling out to me!! Take a peek at my Blue Monday post, I mentioned your name!

Libbie said...

Hey there...I was just in the mood to blog hop & I am so glad I did! What beautiful cups!!! I really enjoyed them...& my visit today! Hope you have a good one!

Terri Smith said...

Oh Martha, what beautiful treasures! As I viewed these precious pretties, my mind was racing. Could actually visualize turning a couple into paintings. Thanks so much for sharing these lovely pieces.

Blessings, Love and Wednesday Sunshine, Terri

Unknown said...

Love your header, Martha ... one of my 3 favorite flowers.

Your teacups are beautiful, the jewelry to die for ... lovely presentation of both.

Prayers lifting for those in need ...
Have a lovely weekend.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Your collection of teacups is amazing!! How is Vanessa doing? Hope you are feeling well now, too!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Unknown said...

Very pretty! I also loved all of your yellow in Saturday's post. So Spring-like!

Unknown said...

Beautiful tea cups! I so love pretty cups and saucers! suzie xxx

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Hi Martha ~ Nice to Meet You.....
Thanks for stopping by, commenting & Following along ~ I Love Your Blog, can see I will be awhile, looking at all the wonderful Posts~
I Really Love the Tea Cup Collection & The Beautiful Brooches ~ Fabulous!
Have a Wonderful Weekend.....

Sarah said...

Martha, thank you for stopping by HFTS. Welcome as a new follower! Now I've found you too. I seem to have more teapots than teacups here, but love seeing the ones you have to share. The Limoges soup is my favorite. Love those delicate handles and the beautiful gold garland detail. Your photos are lovely. I'll be back often

Deborah Ann said...

Wow, you have some real treasures! Love your colorful, happy blog!

Heavenly Humor

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Great photos and blog! I love your teacups. You have a beautiful collection. I have a few and just may have to join in one of these days. I love pink as well, but must say lavender/purple has always been my favorite. By the way, I designed your ivory plate stand when I worked as a product designer - excited to see it used in such an elegant way! Connie

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Your teapcups and pins are just FABULOUS! So pretty. I'm going to try and join in for TEACUP TUESDAY! Whoo hoo! (If I don't get too distracted by my 19 month old this week.)

Thanks for stopping by!
Bella Rosa Antiques

Anonymous said...

Identity theft is horrible, it happened to me and it took years to straighten out. I hope you are able to get this taken care of quickly. On a much lighter note your tea cups are so beautiful! I hope you a great week!

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