Nov 4, 2009


After reading many of your blogs, I have decided to start decorating for Christmas, little by little. It does seem so much easier and much more fun to look at than Turkeys! So, today I moved the furniture that I always move during Christmas. I was lucky because my son was home and he was able to move the heavy pieces for me. I usually get so impatient I just do it myself and then pay for it for a couple of days.

You are going to think I am crazy, but I have decides to put my tree up next week. OK, laugh! This is the deal, if I am already going to put up Christmas items, my favorite thing is the tree.

This year, because of Noah, I am going to do a tree of all Eeyore's! I know he will love it and will be able to enjoy it longer. How can I not give Noah a little extra Christmas cheer? Just look at that face! I have no idea how this Eeyore Tree is going to look. I usually have a tree full of antique glass decorations, so this is going to be a big change. I know I am going to hear it from my family, but I have decided, I am not going to let them laugh me out of my decision.

Thanksgiving will be a bit weird, but I am OK with that! This is my followers fault, you talked me into it! So here goes! I took a couple of pictures of just a few Christmas items that I put up today! I love every room to have Christmas cheer, so I will be busy! Merry Christmas?!

My friend, Sares, at, is having a party. Please checkout her blog for more information. It is all about names. A Rose by any other name! It sounds like fun, so join in if you can!

Blessings, Martha


Georgia said...

Thank you for visiting my blog....glad you like it! Your little Noah is a real sweetie!!! I love your blog music and have been listening to it since I was here earlier today!! Lovely sounds to work by....thank you.
See you again real soon!
Grandma G's

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Love the painted plates. So beautiful! Good luck with the decorating. The way the days are going, December will be here before we know it. Noah is always a cutie pie! I am sure he will be in awe of the Eeyore tree. I always do our regular tree in the living room with a mish-mash of decorations and then a smaller tree for the kids either in the tv room and their room. I can' hear any music from PlayList (Boo!) something to do with licensing restrictions over here. Wishing you a day of blessings dear Martha. :) Tammy

Tara said...

Hi Martha! I already took down my Halloween/fall things too. For some reason I just felt the need. Thoughts of moving furniture have been plaguing me too! I think the Eeyore tree sounds fun. You could always do two trees, get a little one for Noah. I always have a separate one in my bedroom too, I'm thinking of doing it pink this year. Thank you for for posting my party and spreading the word!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Martha,
Little Noah is so adorable! He's going to love the tree! Everyone seems to be getting into Christmas early this year which is fine with me. I find November can be such a drab month, especially here where I live {East coast Canada}. Your plates are so pretty. Have a wonderful day.


Bunnym said...

Martha my dear, Noah is so sweet...your right, look at that face. Christmas already,sheesh, I'm just trying to make it through Have a wonderful day and relax a little.


karen said...

yay Go for it hunni I would have my tree up now if I didn't think hubby would shoot me lol.

Claudia said...

I think that Noah will be so happy that your tree is up early! It sounds like such fun!

Lisa said...

Have a great time with your tree! You know I think it's too soon but I am also the type to get a wild hair and JUST DO IT! SO go for it girl!!! My sweet prizes arrived today! I just love them all!! THANKS! to you and your sweet Noah!
Hugs, Lisa

Elaine said...

So are going to put up Christmas decorations after all. I do love the season but things have changed so much since my husband died. Yes, Gwen is my daughter and my niece Tammy,whom I think of as a daughter is T's Daily Treasures.

They both keep encouraging me to keep posting. I'm still have lots of bugs to work out on what goes where and how to change the backgrounds,etc.
Thanks for visiting. I love Eeyore...he is my favorite. Your grandson is a cutie

Hugs Elaine