Nov 1, 2009


This is Noah taking time from his lunch to try and contact Liza who won the Giveaway! How did Noah get her number? Lisa?

It is time to Give Thanks!

Thank you Bunny!

The prize!

Hi: I am still trying to play catch up from my crazy week. I don't want to forget that I received a wonderful award from my dear friend Bunny last week. Bunny gave a a Kreativ Blogger Award. This award has all the questions inquiring minds want to know. The seven puzzling things about Martha. Here goes: 1. I am afraid of ants. (I know, you don't have to say anything!) 2. I have more projects than time. 3. I have finally made a appointment to see my doctor. (I think my blood sugar is up and I am afraid.) 4. I love to sing. 5. I sing horribly. 6. I believe everyone (stupid, I know). 7. I have real problems saying "No".

Part of the rules for this award, are to pass this award to seven people. Since, I do not know how to do that yet. This is a problem. My friend Sares put the award on the post! I am so lucky to know her. Thank you Bunny, I did the best I could with the little knowledge I have. Please visit Bunny at She is the best. I will learn how to do this and I promise I will go award crazy!

During these crazing few days, another wonderful thing happened to me. I won a prize from Heidi at She has a wonderful blog that I have been following for a while now and I won a necklace. I am so excited. I can't wait to see it. I will show it to you when I get it. Heidi is the sweetest lady you could ever meet. Visit her please, you will make a friend, I promise.

Last but not least, the give away. Noah has picked! You will notice in the picture he is trying to call Lisa! How did he get her number? Hum! The winner is Lisa from If you have never visited her, she is a must to add to your list of what to do, when you have a minute or two. A wonderful lady. Lisa, please email me with your address. Your gift will be on it's way!

Wow! How fun to be a part of Blogland! Thanks for all the comments. I will have another give away soon!


GwendolynKay said...

Congratulations on the award! And on winning Heidi's necklace. Take care of yourself.

Bettyann said...

Congrats on winning the necklace..please go get your blood-work done...I worked with people who did not take care of their health!!!..take care..

Bunnym said...

Martha my dear...I wanna see the necklace when you get it. Start eating cottage bring downs the sugar ( a Dr. told my friend that) and I know it's hard to say no, I should know I used to be the queen of Yes, but you have to once in a while...for your peace of mind...No more lecturing....just love!!


Abatevintage said...

Oh Congrats Lisa how wonderful.

Shes such a lovely woman.

Noah looks darling, he looks like he is having a blast with the giveaway ;0)

I hope this day is finding you well.


Unknown said...

Congrats on your award Martha!!! I too am afraid of ants, which my family thinks is ridiculous...we recently had a small invasion of them thanks to my toddler leaving a piece of a luna bar stashed behind the tv - yuck!

:) T

Claudia said...

Congrats all around! To you and to Lisa!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Martha,

Congratulations on your Award and winning a necklace and for Lisa being the lucky winner of your Giveaway.
I enjoyed learning more about you.
After watching a Documentary the other night about Ants, I am scared of them now too.
The Army Ants, were frightening and so dangerous.

Happy week

Tara said...

Lisa will LOVE these beauties! I do believe she is a serial collector too, but don't tell her I ratted her out! I was so happy to hear you won Heidi's necklace, I just knew you would be thrilled. Congrats on your award and I hope you have a loveleigh night!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

You have the sweetest and cutest assistant ever!!!!! Congrats on your win. You certainly deserve it. I also love to sing -- some think I'm good and some, not so much. HA! I've learned that NO is a wonderful word and I use it so as not to overextend myself. I hope you are able to keep your blood sugar under control. Look forward to seeing the necklace and knowing that you are well after you visit the doctor. Blessings to you, :) Tammy PS. Love the Give Thanks banner

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